nothing but net {head start}

Alright's a look see at the first eight squares of the Nothing But Net quilt here...if you are new{er} here you can catch up by reading about my BIG dreams.
The gist is this...I am making an awesome quilt...made from fabrics and materials donated by awesome people...we're going to raffle it a net get an entry.  As many entries as you can get your hands on. :)
My goal is 500 nets.  Eeek! Did I just type that so that 1000's of people can read it?

But it's going to be a beautiful 500 should be easy right? 
All things are possible with God, right!!! (yes, that is not a question)
Did you know?
  • Every 30 seconds a child dies from malaria in Africa.
  • Children and pregnant women are most susceptible to malaria.
  • An insecticide-treated bed net can protect a family of four for up to four to five years.
Malaria is one of the most serious global health issues. Approximately 500 million people each year are infected, and more than one million of those die. Malaria is particularly devastating in Africa where the disease is a leading killer of children, accounting for twenty percent of all childhood deaths. 

Every 30 seconds a child in Africa dies from a malaria infection.
A child just like yours or mine.  A child that is loved by their mother like WE LOVE OUR CHILDREN!!!

We, you and I, can do SOMETHING about that.  WE can show them one net at a time that God loves them...that people in another country CARE about them. 

As I make each square I pray over it..."Lord, let this square help show your love to someone in Africa...keep their babies and families safe.   Be bigger that we can ever hope for."
I'm so excited...are you?

You can click on the photo above to start buying nets.  Each $10 net purchase is an entry into the raffle for the quilt.  The winner will be chosen, at random, by an unbiased person.  The more nets you buy...the greater your chances of winning a quilt...and...

That leads me to my next thought. I'm thinking that there should be 2nd and 3rd if you have a shop...make a craft...wanna send a gift card...then email me.  :) I want this to be awesome...and I need YOU!

So feel free to go start buying on the photo above or over on the right.  Each net purchase from here on out counts as an entry.   The quilt or other awesomeness could be yours. :)

Yay God! :)

peek 1 and peek 2.

number four is up for grabs ($18 plus shipping)...number three is already gone.
and I finally have some zippered bags that are shop worthy...
 (8in by 5in and $18-free shipping)
I have others in the works...but if you want to claim this one...
...or number four above...just send me a email. :)

Come back tomorrow for a peek at our Nothing but Net quilt and how you can start buying entries to win it!! :)

20 minute crafter. july 4th t-shirt.

Need a cute tee for your cutie for the Fourth of July? 
Got ten minutes?
You need:
A blank t-shirt this one is from Old Navy
A scrap of fabric in patriotic colors
A scrap of wonder under the same size
An outline of the USA (I googled "outline of usa" found one and printed it on cardstock).
Iron the wonder under to the wrong side of your fabric...trace your USA onto the wonder under...backwards...remember that part. :)
Cut it out...
Remove paper it on your shirt...iron in place.
Sew around the edges.  Done.
I used red thread...cute...Americana...but not cheesy.

You can do this.  Go make cute for your cuties. :)

eat. sleep. or sew?

it's 1:17 here in Virginia.  And all I have ingested is a cup of coffee.  
We got up early...I got some work done...we went to run errands...I found this polka dot fabric...
 breakfast...then lunch just didn't happen. 

Want to know how I lost all my baby weight and then some?
Because it's hard to sew and eat at the same time.  That's it.  I choose sewing.
It's little...but perfect for a baby girl and her her lovey.
Plus if I had made it bigger...with the materials that I would have been ridiculous pricey.
They are all designer fabrics...and pom-pom trim.  And the back is a yummy chenille.  
It would be perfect to keep and love and use...and pass down.
It's about 22in by 24in...and will be listed for $50.
I'll pay for shipping if you claim it before I list it in the shop...but for now...
I should go eat before I start hallucinating. :)

round here.

because I want a nice recap post of this week.
our week started with a visit from my sister in law and her husband.  doug and his sister have a good relationship...for birthdays they tend to send each other odd ball cards and such...the more obscure and unrelated to the holiday the better...since she was going to be here for her birthday we decided she needed to have these mashed potato and gravy cupcakes...all made from sweet things...need a how to?
I bought each boy a bubble blower this awesome way to spend 2.99.
I love this photo...Moses is growing so fast.  It's hard to remember sometimes that he is just three.
And Aaron calls Moses "mimi"...goes well with hoho don't you think?
speaking of hoho...this is what he will do if you ask him where his nose is. 
Aaron had his well baby visit this week...97th % for height.  He has this huge little tummy and these little chicken legs.  He has the only mullet that I have ever loved. :) 
Moses and I made side walk chalk paint this week.  1/4c cornstarch, 1/4c water and a few drops of food coloring.  He loves it and it washes right off with the hose. 
While painting this guy wiggled over.  I thought Moses was going to keel over when he thought he actually touched it.  

A week or two ago we are sitting down to dinner...and Moses says, as serious as ever "Let us pray...". 
Like a little man...he is one funny kid.  I love him...he is so awesome.
Both boys are already on round TWO of summer shoes.
Doug is making good progress on the guitar.  I am so proud of him.  Next week he starts a series of interviews to get him to the next level of his career...will you pray for him if you think of him.  He is a good man and a hard worker...and we are ready to see what is next in this life. :)
A happy new pillow is in the shop...
This weekend I hope to...share with you the first four squares of the Nothing but Net quilt (maybe more by the time I show you!)...and do another why bother blogging segment...and yard sale...and sew...and relax.

Thanks for all your feedback on the last post...lots of great ideas there...and if you sent me an email recently...I am getting there...please be patient with me. :)

Happy almost weekend.

inspire me.

finally inspired to make some new towels for the shop...i could eat these up, i love them so much!
charming, whimsical and one of my favorite color pairs...i have some other words in mind but i was wondering...what words would you like to see on a cute bath or kitchen hand towel?

20 minute crafter. dressed up beach towel.

Need a cute summery gift?
I think this towel is cute enough to stand on its own...or pair it up with some cute flip-flops...or a sand pail with fun summer accessories.
Here is what you need:
A beach towel (this one is from Target for $6)
One strip of fabric that is 1 1/2in by the # of inches your towel is wide + one.
One strip of fabric that is 9in by the #of inches that your towel is wide + one.
First, fold in and sew down a 1/2in seam (on the 1 1/2in and 9in sides). 

Fold strips of fabrics length wise...line up the lengthwise raw edges and sew them together using a 1/4in seam.  You can iron...if you must.
This is another you can see what I am talking about a little better. :)
This is what you will end up with...
Line your fabric strips up with the end of your towel...use the hem on the end of the towel to line it want to have the small fabric strip sandwiched in between the big on and the down using a 1/4 in seam.
Another angle of the same step...
Then flip the fabric strips down...crease with fingers and sew down...using about 1/4in seam.
Another view...
And just one all the way across.  And you're done!
Your towel will officially be the first one stolen from the poolside.


why {bother} blogging. part 1.

It's always (internally)funny...and awkward and weird for me when having a blog comes up in a conversation with "real" in people I see in the flesh.  

After I explain what my blog is about...and the connections and friends that I have made because of it or why I love it and do it...or sometimes what a blog IS...I get several reactions...either I am weird for having friends on the "internet" or they think that it's nice to have a place where I can write "whatever I want" or they don't get it or they sheepishly admit that actually read my blog...and sometimes they tell me they love it.

I love blogging.  And I feel like a nerd typing that.  And I want to tell you why I love it...but first...

Let's address a thought that drives me the most crazy.  This is NOT a place that I can write "whatever I want".  Yes, I can choose topics and photos and I can choose whatever creative direction that I want to go...I cannot DO whatever I want. 

What I that this blog has always got to be a reflection of my character and heart and who I REALLY am.  Not just what I want you or others to believe about me.  I share from my heart and learning and life.  Good or bad.  This blog is a reflection of the life of Christ in me...and I try hard to ensure that what I share makes you more curious or drawn to Christ and not led away.  I try to be a real, transparent, sinful and repentant Christian HERE and in REAL life.    

If you have been here know me...once we met "in real life" and broke the ice and really got into our coffee and dessert you would find out that I am the same here as I am in the flesh.  There is no seam.

Do you know how this is possible?  Say hello to my accountability team...aka people who KNOW me in the flesh AND read my blog.  Who have been to my house...and know my phone number.  And who I am pretty sure would call me out...or cause me to be called out if I acted a fool here.  

Firstly there is my husband...who lets me know it if I so much as fail to give him credit on a photo he took.  There are my in laws...and not just random 3rd or 4th cousins (though there are a few of those too) but more like my mother in law, who I talk to nearly daily, my father in law, brother in laws, sister in laws...and in laws of in laws too.  And I see them all pretty regularly, I can't just hope they will forget by Christmas.  There is also my best friend in California...and my friends here in Charlottesville...MOPS girls and I am pretty sure my next door neighbor too.  There are people I go to church with...and people who Doug works with.     

I can't just write "whatever I want".  I have to be thoughtful and sensitive and loving and kind and real.  I have to know what I mean...and mean what I say.  I'm not saying that my accountability team is there to limit what I can say...or that I am writing to please them...but in the end I want to be proud and unashamed of every word.  I have to be able to back up what I say with how I am feeling or why I wrote it.  It really makes me think...or research...or slow down.  I don't want them to be ashamed to claim me. :) 
What I am that I can't go off on a rant...or fly off the handle or do or say anything that I would be ashamed of.  Because the people I love and respect the most read this...and one day my boys and their kids will read it too.  

Make sense?  What keeps you accountable on your blog?

      why {bother} be continued.

what i'm reading...

Several of you lovelies have asked what I am reading...well here is my summer reading list...

Starting from the top is 
This is the book I am currently reading.  And honestly I am forcing myself to finish.  I don't get what all the craze over this book comes from...but maybe it will show up in the last couple of chapters?

Then there is one of my Bibles...
I read this one every morning before the boys are up...quiet time with coffee. :)
I like it because every day gives you a chunk of Old Testament, a chunk of New Testament, some Psalms and some Proverbs. 

Then some skirts I am working on.

Under those skirts is 
I love his blog.  It is a rare post that doesn't make me laugh out loud.  Though I am not technically reading this book at the moment I do sneak a chapter here and there because I can't wait to read it.
Under that is
This is Doug's book.  But I want to read it because he did. :)

Then is a box of vintage thread. 

Then is 
I love Francine Rivers writing.  I just finished reading her new one Her Mother's Hope.
And I can't wait for the sequel to come out in the Fall.  The Son's of Encouragement series are the only books of hers that I have not read. 

Sent to me by a blog reader who loved it so much that she bought me my own copy.  I can't wait to read a book that someone loves that much. :)

Under that
Another Doug book that I want to read because he did.

And then
My first Beth Moore book.  She scares me. A little.  But I am looking forward to it.

My mother in law passed it along to me...and we usually like most of the same I added it to the list. :)

Because I like the patterns.

A Doug book that I have no intention of opening.  He is doing a great job of teaching himself guitar...I'm so proud of him. And the boys love it...Aaron will walk to where it is hanging on the wall and point to it to tell Doug to play.  :)

And a CARS magazine.  That belongs to Moses. 


the second one...

i finally have the second one in the series done...cuteness...if you want it reserved for you be the first to email me...otherwise it goes in the shop in the next couple of days. : )
($15 plus shipping and hangs with a sweet yellow ribbon)


first he's sour...

first he's sour...
then he's sweet.
first he is sour.
so sour, in fact...
...that I had to remove all of my dining room chairs because it was either that or push chairs in all. day. long.  because now, it's not enough to keep them pushed in to keep him from climbing on the table.  nope, NOW he knows how to pull that chair out first.  then climb on the table.

he has had a fever for the last 48 finally broke this morning...and he spent all day making up for all the naughty he missed out on while being pitiful.

have you ever seen the sour patch kids commercials?  first he is sour, then he is sweet.  that is hoho.  
he is the naughtiest baby I have ever known...and also one of the sweetest. 

he uses his cute to make naughty.  

he will lure you in with a kiss...then steal your food.  he's the best fake crier.  he knows how to get his way...not that is works, but he knows how to try.
lucky for him he is mostly sweet...or at least enough so to make up for the naughty.

fyi-if you ask me a question in the sure there is an email addressed attached to your comment somehow so I can get back to you. :)
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