getting my bum in gear.

I admit.  I am having a hard time recovering from vacation...I am slooooooowly getting my bum in gear again...I have a HUGE pile of "have-to's" to do before I can get to my "want-to's".  I am taking today as a fresh start....and am really going to push myself OUT of vacation mode and into getting stuff done mode!

Let's start with the winner of the Pleated Poppy is YOU!!!   
Send me a little email if that is your blog link up there...and we will get you to your prize. 

Check that off the list. :) 

Also, I have the Nothing But Net fabric in hand!!! I hope to start cutting it up by the end of the week...more on that and the ever lovely sponsor soon!

AND the batting AND shipping now has a sponsor too!!! WOO HOO!! :)

Check that off!

In between doing the custom order "have to's" I am working on some new bags (aka want-to's).
I also have a ton of other new things I want to do....

Sort of check that off the list...

Now this was not on my list...but apparently on his.
Check "wear underwear on your head during nap time off of your list".


Now I am off to check "second cup off coffee" and "tend to a diaper rash" off of my list.

What are checking off your list today?

an all in one {vacation} post.

hang in there for one long post...just figured I would get it all out there. :)

we are blessed that Doug's grandparents own a condo in Boca Raton that they live in during the winter.  even more blessed that our in-laws could be there so that Doug and I could experience vacation and not just childcare in another state. :) 

we got to the airport with TONS of time to spare.  
good thing because Aaron kicked off our trip by throwing up in the back of the car. 
and for some reason moms are cursed with the instinct of throwing their hands out to CATCH we had a lot of cleaning up to do.  and praying.

with that past us the worst was over.  the boys loved the airport. 
aaron slept for 1 1/2 hours of a 2 and 1/2hour flight.  
sweet.  three of my limbs slept too.

upon arriving in florida aaron commenced eating every fifteen minutes.  that is not an exaggeration, just ask doug or my mother in law.  no sooner did we feed him did we hear "nom?" which is his word for eat. :)  Moses was the same way the last time we went. 
we swam every single day.  it was wonderful.  Moses is a champ...completely fearless.
one of my favorite parts of Florida is the grass...this grass was just mowed...and Aaron is knee deep.
Moses, of course, was in love with the palm trees.  He hugged more of them than I can count.  Everywhere we went we heard "There's a palm tree!".   
Hoho wasn't much of a swimmer.  He didn't mind to get in the just interfered with his eating schedule.  I could get him to stay in longer if I fed him blueberries while floating in his ring. :)
This is the view from the condo...that is the ocean out there.  On ONE walk and within 30 minutes Doug and I saw two 5-6ft nurse sharks, one moray eel and two barracuda.  Pretty much ensured that I will never swim in the ocean again.
LOVE these little boys.
Both boys loved getting some good grandparent time.  Doug's parents are the best and the boys just eat them up.  Doug and I got to spend time alone EVERY day thanks to his parents. :)

 We went to this awesome park one day.  Aaron decided this was the best time to poop.  And I failed to bring a diaper bag.  The park was close...but far enough away that I couldn't just run back to the condo to get a I scoured the park for another baby...hoping to beg a diaper and some wipes from some mom who might take pity on me.  I was just about to give up when I spotted a little girl who looked just young enough to be in diapers...and spotted her mom...who offered me a princess pull-up and some handi wipes (which I rinsed out thoroughly).  Lucky for me Aaron does not discriminate and the day was saved by Ariel, Cinderella and Belle. :)
We went on dates.  And celebrated his birthday.  He is the best.  I love him.
  Moses took to his grandparents right away and had no problem going off on adventures with them.  Doug's grandparents are all from the condo is a photo of a large group of their friends who get together every year...picture a photo of 50-60 Norwegians sitting together.  One day Moses looks at the photo and asks "Are these all the people that love Moses?". :)  
Which is made even more precious by the fact that every night when we pray with him we end with "Thank you for all the people that Moses loves, and all the people that love Moses".  
At least now he has a visual. :)
After nearly recovering from our previous shark sighting...we decided to be brave and try to snorkel.  I worked up every ounce of courage I could...and convinced myself that it was no big deal.  We were knee deep with our masks and whatnot...ready to jump in and go for it...and what do we see? ANOTHER shark...close enough to step on.  I ran screaming from the water exited calmly and decided to take that as a sign from God that I was not to snorkel that day.
Did I mention that I loved the grass?
Florida agreed with Aaron's hair...ensuring that it will be even longer before I am willing to cut it.
Moses was in boy heaven...he rode a plane, train and a bus.  Saw tons of animals...played in sand, ran, played and had a blast.
We went to the West Palm Zoo...which may be one of my favorite zoo's ever.  Moses, again, loved it.
The boys were boys...eating up all the attention and fun.
I walked by the ocean every single day...never. ever. get tired of that.
Along the inlet was a favorite place to walk...most days it was like looking into a huge could see all sorts of bright fish...yellow, red, turquoise, etc.  Of course...Moses loved it. :)
We had a great time...we relaxed.  We spent time together.  We caught up with ourselves. 
I read a real book in five days...that didn't rhyme or have pictures.  I caught up in my One Year Bible.  

Then we came home...plane ride was OK...bus to the lot was OK...then it started to pour rain...buckets and the boys and I huddled in a leaky bus stop while Doug went to get the car.  Which didn't start.  Because during the crazy of cleaning up the vomit from the beginning of the trip...someone with little fingers turned on the interior light...draining the battery.  Thankfully, Dulles has a free jump service...and the car started right up.  Then a trip that took us two hours to...took us 4 1/2 hours from...but other than that....

The best part of this wonderful vacation ending...was knowing that I had a pretty lovely life to come home to. :) ...and there is always next year. :)  


this just in {us}

we're back....could you tell we were gone? 
sorry for not letting you in on the secret...but it feels weird to me to announce to the world that my house would be vacant for nine days.

so give me just a bit to readjust to life brain is overflowing with ideas and want-to's. 

plus i am sure you are dying for lots of my boring vacation photos, right? 


{some} quality control

You should know that all happy hoho monster minky is quality tested by the original hoho himself. 

The testing process involves a lot of thumb sucking, patting, rolling, giggling, squealing and loads of baby happiness.  He takes his job very seriously.  If you are allergic to should not buy a hoho monster because there is baby love all over. :)


happy birthday {to my honey}

today is my honeys birthday!!! 

Happy Birthday to a man who is:
a great father
an amazing husband
a diligent provider
a lover of Jesus
a best friend.

In our wedding vows I said that he was not only the man of my dreams...but more than that, the man of God's dreams for me.  And he shows me that more and more every single day.  I could not ask for a better husband to me or father for my boys.  He is the BEST.

Happy birthday honey!! I can't wait to know you when you are 90! :)

{possibly} the cutest thing ever.

I can show you this...only because the recipient is well on her way to her vacation destination.
And I may be a tiny bit biased...but this may be one of the cutest things I have ever made.
This is based on my last Julia project pattern
With a little bit funky added to it. :)
I'm seriously thinking of adding them to my shop.
This one is for a grandma...with all the kiddies on it...but I could also do a mothers version.  The photos are FABRIC!! NOT an iron on. :)
Pure cuteness, right?
I just love the pleated ruffle...the flowers...all of it. :)
love. love. love. 

I'm also thinking I may add some non-photo bags to the shop too. :)
Whatcha think?

nothing but net quilt {and a visit}

thank you SO much for your response to my nothing but net quilt raffle idea!! :)

it thrills me to pieces to have you all behind me and supporting this idea!
I am super excited to share with you that ALL of the fabric has been donated!!!
All of it...I can't believe it.  God is SO AWESOME! :)
I hope to be able to get to work on the quilt in couple of weeks...I will show you all of the fabrics as soon as I get them!!

And...for those of you who offered to donate some fabrics...I am still praying and brainstorming about just HOW to utilize your wonderful and unexpected generous donations.
I have not emailed any of you yet because before I knew original contributor offered to supply it ALL! 

So some ideas I am toying around do a another quilt some time in the fall? 
To make pillows and offer them up after the quilt raffle (this would require some pillow insert donations as well)?

Anyone out there have any ideas?  I am open to your suggestions and I would LOVE to give anyone who wants an opportunity to contribute to do so.

As for the quilt...the only things I need at this point...will be batting and shipping costs to the winner. :)

I can't wait to get started!!!

This weekend we had a visit from Doug's brother and his wife.  Moses was beyond thrilled. 
Both Moses and Uncle Eric enjoyed some scooter time.

Aaron soaked up some Aunt Jen time...and Aunt Jen took the boys on countless trips around the block.
The boys slept great that night...and Moses said that his favorite part of the day was simply "Uncle Eric".  
They say that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach...I think the way to a woman's heart is to love on her kids.  There is little that brings me greater joy. 


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