{some} quality control

You should know that all happy hoho monster minky is quality tested by the original hoho himself. 

The testing process involves a lot of thumb sucking, patting, rolling, giggling, squealing and loads of baby happiness.  He takes his job very seriously.  If you are allergic to babies...you should not buy a hoho monster because there is baby love all over. :)


happy birthday {to my honey}

today is my honeys birthday!!! 

Happy Birthday to a man who is:
a great father
an amazing husband
a diligent provider
a lover of Jesus
a best friend.

In our wedding vows I said that he was not only the man of my dreams...but more than that, the man of God's dreams for me.  And he shows me that more and more every single day.  I could not ask for a better husband to me or father for my boys.  He is the BEST.

Happy birthday honey!! I can't wait to know you when you are 90! :)

{possibly} the cutest thing ever.

I can show you this...only because the recipient is well on her way to her vacation destination.
And I may be a tiny bit biased...but this may be one of the cutest things I have ever made.
This is based on my last Julia project pattern
With a little bit funky added to it. :)
I'm seriously thinking of adding them to my shop.
This one is for a grandma...with all the kiddies on it...but I could also do a mothers version.  The photos are FABRIC!! NOT an iron on. :)
Pure cuteness, right?
I just love the pleated ruffle...the flowers...all of it. :)
love. love. love. 

I'm also thinking I may add some non-photo bags to the shop too. :)
Whatcha think?

nothing but net quilt {and a visit}

thank you SO much for your response to my nothing but net quilt raffle idea!! :)

it thrills me to pieces to have you all behind me and supporting this idea!
I am super excited to share with you that ALL of the fabric has been donated!!!
All of it...I can't believe it.  God is SO AWESOME! :)
I hope to be able to get to work on the quilt in couple of weeks...I will show you all of the fabrics as soon as I get them!!

And...for those of you who offered to donate some fabrics...I am still praying and brainstorming about just HOW to utilize your wonderful and unexpected generous donations.
I have not emailed any of you yet because before I knew it...my original contributor offered to supply it ALL! 

So some ideas I am toying around with...to do a another quilt some time in the fall? 
To make pillows and offer them up after the quilt raffle (this would require some pillow insert donations as well)?

Anyone out there have any ideas?  I am open to your suggestions and I would LOVE to give anyone who wants an opportunity to contribute to do so.

As for the quilt...the only things I need at this point...will be batting and shipping costs to the winner. :)

I can't wait to get started!!!

This weekend we had a visit from Doug's brother and his wife.  Moses was beyond thrilled. 
Both Moses and Uncle Eric enjoyed some scooter time.

Aaron soaked up some Aunt Jen time...and Aunt Jen took the boys on countless trips around the block.
The boys slept great that night...and Moses said that his favorite part of the day was simply "Uncle Eric".  
They say that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach...I think the way to a woman's heart is to love on her kids.  There is little that brings me greater joy. 


julia project num. 5

Hooray for another Julia project! :) This one is for Jennie W. 

The grocery tote.  And I LOVE it.  
I am already making another...but I can't show you that just yet.
But this one...took just an HOUR!  
And I think it is cute enough...and sturdy enough for more than just groceries.
I would totally use it for a purse.
And not wanting to waste a scrap...I made a little poppy to pretty it up just a little. 
Just a little flower that I am trying to work the bugs out of...you like?
This just might be my new go to purse pattern.

To see my other Julia projects and learn just what the Julia project is...click HERE.

Hope you love it Jennie. :)

me and my {big} dreams

This post may be my most vulnerable yet. 
Because when it is all said and done...this post could leave me looking foolish and silly. 

But I don't think that is where it will end. 
I have been praying for a long time about how to use my blog and talents in a way that is bigger than me...in a way that will allow God to show up and through and over my blog.

What is the point of having God given talents if they are not used for God given glory?
So I prayed.  And prayed.  And prayed.  
And slowly pieces have fallen together.
First the charity...Nothing But Nets. 
Can you imagine not being able to keep disease carrying bugs off of YOUR baby?

Then what to do...what to do...pray, pray, pray. 
 Then one of my favorite customers sent me a link to THIS PATTERN. 

Yes, that will do. 
Then it all started to come together...
...my plan...
To make a quilt. 
Out of entirely donated fabrics and materials.
(Because I really want God to show up here too...how easy would it be to buy it all myself and say "look what I bought!"...but I want to be able to praise God saying "Look what HE provided!".

So once that quilt is made...(with fabric donations that have already started!!!!!)...I plan to hold a raffle...you can buy a net for $10...each net is an entry...each net is a family safe from malaria, one of the largest killers of children in Africa...and you can enter as many times as you please! 
I am praying for big things...will you pray with me? 
I am praying for God to do bigger things than I can hope for. 
Than I can imagine. 
I want you to help me spread the word about the raffle...when the time comes...will you help me?

I am praying for big things.  Big big things.
This pillow is just my practice for the pattern...this will be in the shop momentarily.

I plan to give you peeks along the way...to share the fabrics as they come...to show you my squares as I make them...to let you be part of the process.  

I am putting this out there...so I can't back out.  
So I don't doubt in the dark what I know God has said in the light. 

And there has already been dark...before the first fabric donation came in I had just enough time to doubt...am I supposed to do this...should I....is this dumb or worthless?

And then I got an email from my first donor. 
Big. fat. happy tears.  
It was like an email from God saying...yes, dummy, you ARE supposed to be doing this. :) 

So will you get excited with me...and pray and share and buy a net and save some lives? 

please.  and thank you.  I know you and your awesome selves will come through.


20 minute crafter. { x3}

Hi friends.  I hope you can forgive today's craft...technically it is not a twenty minute craft...but I DID do it in an hour...so...well that would have been the time that I would have used to do the 20 minute crafter post...but well...I wanted to do these instead. :) Ok?  So hopefully you are still inspired to craft...even if you only have a little bit of time to do so...
Don't you love my new sunshiney curtains?
I started with these...on clearance from Target.  Ok...but not all all funky...and a little too short for my liking.  
 So I cut off the tab tops...this made it easy to keep the line straight. :)
Then...taking three different fabrics that made me happy...I cut them all the same length...but cut them different widths.  Sewed the different widths together...sewed them onto the curtain...and sewed the tab tops back on...and here we go. :) Here is a before and after. :)
  Now we will have sunshine when there is no sun. :)
I LOVE them.  I am thinking all the curtains in my house need a makeover now.
Cause what part of my house couldn't use some artificial {fabric} sunshine?

Hope you were still inspired...even if it took 20 minutes times three. :) 


random things {to share}

The last of the hoho's are in the shop! :) There are just a couple left...and that will be all for a few weeks. :)
and speaking of hoho's...I have been meaning to show you how crazy fast Aaron healed from that nasty goose egg he got some time back.  I took the photo on the right exactly ONE week later!!  It is crazy how fast his little body healed right up...the lump and abrasion were both 100% GONE!  Now all you can see is a pink circle where the cut was...God made bodies amazingly awesome!

AND he has also recovered fully from his fever...today his appetite was back to normal by dinner...thanks for the prayers and well wishes! He is back to his spunky, climbing little self.

(moses is responsible for this scene...i just love when you get a little glimpse in their brains)

I am ALMOST caught up with emails...and about a third of the way through all the links on the previous posts.  :) 

I am also trying to decide which Julia project to do next. :)

And I am also in the beginning stages of doing something BIG. :) Or rather, having the honor of letting God do something big through me.  I'll just leave it at that...more to come. :)

And...after my editor approved it...my pattern is in the shop! :) It's a pdf and I will get it to you in a jiffy once you purchase...it a an EASY beginner project. :) If you can sew a straight line you CAN do this!

The other day Moses informed us that "There is music playing in my head".  This explains a lot about Moses...now, just how do we get it out?

Told you this was random...

Happy day to you!

here's the story {morning glory}

Tomorrow I will have 18 unclaimed Happy Hoho Mosters in the shop.  I'm looking at 8pm or so to start listing.  Did you know that if you are a fan of Little Bit Funky on Facebook that you will always know the shop news first? Over there...on the closest column to the right.

MY hoho has not been well the last couple of days.  There was very little sleep to be had by me last night...and LOTS of coffee today.  The only time that things get done is when he is napping...cause he is pitiful...high fever but still wanting to go...but really needing his cuddle time.
So if I owe you an email or an order...please hang in there...I will get to you. :) Cuddles come first.

This batch of hoho's will be the last I will do until mid to late May.  I will also be really restricting my custom orders for the month of May as well.  There is lots I want to do...personal projects, family times and have you been to my shop to hear the crickets chirp? It is EMmmpty.  I HAVE to get some of these project ideas out of my head and into fabric. :)  So hopefully you will see some NEW things soon.

And in the works...hopefully within the week...I will have a pattern for sale for my Happy Scrappy Skirts!  This is my first pattern, I am super excited about it...and it will be an easy project for you! :)

Ok.  Here's the fun part. :) I have added a Mr. Linky below (I hope)...I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if you would link up.  For no other reason than I want to visit you! :)  Link to your blog or your favorite post or your favorite project...get me hooked on your blog! :) I prom promise to visit AND say hello! :)

Yes, I mean you there.  If you are reading this...I am talking to you.

So here ya go...I can't wait to come visit:

sassafras lasagna

mmmmm....this was a tasty meal.  I got the idea from my sweet friend over at The Goat and the Kid.  But she called it Raviolo Lasagna.  I had to rename it because of the ridiculous amount of sass it brought out of my husband while I prepared it and then while eating it...and then again when I told him we would be having leftovers.

And because I promised him I would...here is his sass documented.  I should add that he is the youngest of four kids...and I am the oldest of three...these roles definitely play out in our marriage. :)

As I am making it, he comes into the kitchen and I hear

"Spinach!?!", as he spies that I am adding spinach to the dish.  
Then he adds "I was just looking at the recipe and 
thought 'Good thing she knows not to put spinach in there'."

 To which I say..."Whatever, you won't be able to taste it". 


Then later on, as we are eating it, I ask him what he thinks.  He says "I can't taste the spinach.  My mom told me I wouldn't and I believed her". 


Then the next day we are driving home and he asks me what we are having for dinner.  I say "Leftovers, they aren't going to magically disappear".  To which he says "Sure they could, it's called the trash can".  


Following that conversation he says "You aren't going to document this are you?"  "Of course, I say...I'm locking it away in the vault".  To which he made some snarky comment about how my brain is no vault...whether I have a key or not.  Which is true.  But that is besides the point. 

So this is my sassy husband.  We tend to go round and round like this all day.  It is all in good fun and we really are best friends.  But I did feel the need to call him out AND rename this yummy dish to Sassafras Lasagna.  Be sure to check the comments for "The Doug"...that would be my sassy husband and I am sure he will have something to add to the conversation. :)   

And be sure to make this.  It IS tasty and we didn't throw away any leftovers. 

You need:
1/4 lb. ground sausage (I used a lb!!!! I like sausage)
1 24 oz. jar of pasta sauce (I actually used 1 1/2)
1 6 oz. pkg. of frozen chopped spinach thawed
1/2 cup pesto
1 25 oz. pkg. frozen cheese filled ravioli (don't defrost!)
1 cup shredded Italian cheese blend

1. Preheat oven to 375 and cook sausage/beef over medium heat skillet. Stir pasta sauce into meat.
2. Combine spinach with pesto in a bowl.
3. Spoon 1/3 of meat mixture (about 1/2 cup) into lightly greased 11x7 baking dish. Top with half of spinach mixture. Arrange half of ravioli in a single layer over spinach mixture. Repeat layers once. Top with remaining meat mixture.  Sprinkle with shredded cheese.
4. Bake at 375 for 30 minutes.  
Enjoy...we will be making this again. :)
AND I plan to have a Linky party this weekend...maybe starting on Friday and I will want YOU to link to it...assuming you have a blog.  For no other reason than I want to come visit you.  So get ready for that. :) 


20 minute crafter. sweet rainbow. :)

So say you are having an airhead kind of week...and you totally forget that your son was invited to a birthday party THIS Saturday and not next.  And you don't remember it until you read your friends blog post which is all about the cute rainbow party she threw. 
Dang it brain...if only you would work with me.
So to make up for it...I thought the very least I could do was whip her up a cute little rainbow shirt...which I found cute enough to share...hope you like it too...maybe your brain will remind you ahead enough of time that you can make it to take TO the party. 

Here is what you need:
rainbow colored scraps
blank t-shirt (from Target)
wonder under (from Joanns)
cloud looking scrap...chenille or minky like material
sewing machine

Starting with your red scrap...make a square that is about the size that you would like your rainbow to be...
Using that first shape as your size guide make each layer of your "rainbow cake".  Don't try to make it perfect...just make it happy.
Then starting in the center (purple) sew around the edge of each semi-circle/oval...I thought it would be cute to alternate zig-zag and straight stitch with each layer.
When you are done...trace your shape on the wrong side of the wonder under then cut out the shape just inside the line you traced (see photo).
Iron onto the back of your rainbow...we cut the wonder under a bit smaller than the rainbow to make sure we didn't go over the sides and goop up your ironing board...which I am sure is WAY cuter than mine.  I didn't put the wonder under on the red first because you would be doing all of that stitching on top of it and that would just be a pain.  

You also need to iron a rectangle of wonder under onto a rectangle of your cloud material that is about two inches wider than the base of your rainbow...you know, for a good cloud to rainbow ratio. :)
Cut out your cloud shape...
Figure out where you want to place your rainbow and cloud...be sure to overlap the cloud on top of the rainbow.  Iron on...if your cloud material is extra thick you may need to turn your shirt inside out to ensure a good adhesion.
Stitch around the edges to adhere it to the shirt...if you start at a corner where the cloud and rainbow meet you can get around the cloud then the rainbow in one long stitch.  Then I went back in and traced the cloud in blue.  
Cuteness, right?  And you can feel a little better about missing the party...cause if you never missed it then you never would have known to make a rainbow shirt for the birthday girl. 
So there is that. 

Hope you like it...got questions? I'll answer them in the comments. :)


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