boys currently.

 (this photo is moses pretending to be mark on yo gabba gabba)

Random things about the boys this past week...worthy of recording. 
No crafter post today...I will show you why tomorrow. :)

A note to friends: if you come to my house let it be known that you should bring your own tissues.  Aaron's favorite activity is to pull them all out, one by one, fake cough into them and put them back.

Earlier this week, as Moses was upstairs getting ready and undressed for his bath, he came to the top of the stairs and threw down a blank t-shirt to me...the one he had worn that day.  I noticed, came to the bottom of the stairs and he says "Hey mom, can you put something on this for me? I'll take a shark, thanks."  and walks back to his bath.  What have I done? 

This week Aaron has started making a kissing noise.  Only it doesn't come right before he kisses's more like, he starts to make it, announcing that he is giving them away and whoever gets to him first gets to have one.

Moses is starting pre-school this fall, a result of one generous uncle B who offered to send him. :) If you ask Moses why he wants to go to school he will tell you "to get Valentines".

This week Aaron had three teeth break through the gums within 24 hours of each other.  Ouch and aaahhhh all at the same time. :)

Proof that Moses is surely Doug's child: brushing his teeth is ticklish to him, he can hardly take it some days, you can tickle him from across the room by talking about it in just the right way and cutting the hair on his neck is one of my more challenging moments due to involuntary shoulder shrugging caused by being ticklish.  Doug is extremely ticklish.

Generally, when Aaron is doing something naughty, he makes this funny sound with his mouth by rubbing his tongue between his gums.  It sounds like deedle-deedle-deedle-deedle....sometimes he does quickly...sometimes slowly.  Either way it is nice of him to give us a "tell".

This week I overheard Moses singing "yes, nor, yes, nor, yes yes nor, yes, nor, yes nor, yes yes nooor".  Nor = Lord.



I'm not even sure how to start this many things running through my head a million miles an hour.  I just finished this book...I started it when Aaron was born and JUST got to a point in my life where I could wake up an hour before the kids do to get some reading done that doesn't involve rhyming or the alphabet.  This book...will mess you up.  In the best way possible...but will mess you up.  

What got me wanting to read it was this excerpt that Sara posted:

I used to believe that in this world there are two kinds of people: natural worriers and naturally joyful people. I couldn't really help it that I was the worrying kind. I'm a problem solver, so I have to focus on things that need fixing. God can see that my intensity and anxiety are ministry related. I worry because I take His work seriously.


But then there's that perplexing command: "Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!" (Phil. 4:4). You'll notice that it doesn't end with ". . . unless you're doing something extremely important." No, it's a command for all of us, and it follows with the charge, "Do not be anxious about anything" (v. 6).

That came as a pretty staggering realization. But what I realized next was even more staggering.

When I am consumed by my problems - stressed out about my life, my family, and my job - I actually convey the belief that I think the circumstances are more important than God's command to always rejoice. In other words, that I have a "right" to disobey God because of the magnitude of my responsibilities.

Worry implies that we don't quite trust that God is big enough, powerful enough, or loving enough to take care of what's happening in our lives.

Stress says that the things we are involved in are important enough to merit our impatience, our lack o fgrace toward others, or our tight grip of control.

Basically these two behaviors communicate that it's okay to sin and not trust God because the stuff in my life is somehow exceptional. Both worry and stress reek of arrogance . . .

Why are we so quick to forget God? Who do we think we are? 
It goes on to mess you up even more.  It challenges you to live your faith. LIVE it.  Not be touched on Sunday and go about your week.  To make yourself uncomfortable and truly give your life over to put yourself in positions where God HAS to come through or you are in big trouble.  

Sounds like a fun read right?

I'm starting it over.  It terrifies me but I have to read it again.  I ended the book with this thought: "Ok Lord, now what?  What do you want me to do?  How can I live my life more in a way that makes you happy and that helps YOU shine and not me?"  

It has changed how I look at my list of "needs" of "wants" my complaints, etc. 
It has me thinking "Would you talk to Jesus like that?" before a word comes out of my mouth. 

 It has me humbled and waiting. 

Read it if you want to get messed up. :)


On another but similar kind of note.  I managed to get to our new church yesterday with just the kids and me.  Doug has to work every other Sunday.  I know that many folks thought I was doing wrong by our family by not going to church while Aaron was still napping mornings...but the last two Sunday services have encouraged me that we did the right thing. 

If you missed the kids have never been babies who could miss a nap.  They are either in bed within five minutes of their due nap time or they are screaming their heads off.  We made a choice that we would not try to go to church until Aaron gave up his morning nap and we knew we could go peacefully.  Some folks even told us we would do irreparable damage to our boys for missing this time in church.  I obviously disagreed. :) 

If we had chosen to go...I feel like we would be worn out right now.  Dreading Sunday mornings and the days that followed...because we knew that Aaron would scream the whole time, be thrown off of schedule and we would spend days fixing it...just in time to start over.   And that dread would spill over into other areas of our life...and onto Moses too.

Instead...the last two Sundays have been SO sweet.  BOTH boys just go into their rooms peacefully, quietly, happily and even eagerly.  And I have cried through the first half of both worship services...overwhelmed by the presence of God and His touch on our lives.  And before we leave the parking lot Moses is checking to make sure that we are coming back the next week. 
That doesn't sound like irreparable damage to me. :) And instead of dread spilling is joy, peace and happiness. :)

   So that is my crazy messed up head at the moment.  :)

I am off to finish a quilt for my favorite niece. :) And I am currently taking orders for the next hoho monster batch (just email me!)...thanks to all who bought up all of the last ones within MOMENTS!  You guys rock!

sir climbs it all.

This is a regular occurrence during the day here...I will be sewing...and Aaron climbs up into the chair behind me...sometimes he is content to stand behind me and pat my hair...sometimes he pulls on my shoulder until I turn around to hold him.  Either way is sweet and I will miss it when he stops.

he's naughty.

You may think he is all cuteness and baby.
But this kid is a thinker.
And he is always thinking about climbing.
This is a favorite peak.
As is this one. 
 This piece of furniture had to be removed completely.
(note the face in this photo)
 You've seen his love of the dryer.
 If you leave ANY of the dining room chairs out even a tiny bit this is what happens.
 He also loves the desk.
Everything is a step stool.  Everything.  Lately, I have caught him carrying around a wipes case to use as a stool.  Like good parents, we remove the things he climbs on...but that only makes him set his sites higher.  So...

This is our new standard uniform for him.

mom stuff.

First of all...I had to document this know, so it will be included in a future edition of my blog books. 
We were playing around in the tennis courts at a nearby playground when one of the poor little guys legs gave out on him...he immediately got the largest gooseegg that I have ever seen on someones head.  It stuck out a good 3/4-1in instantly.  This kid is one tough little man...he was done crying about it before we could get back to the car...and resumed his normal self.  

My heart, I am sure, may never be the same.  

And the rest of just to share.  A couple of my sneaky little mom tricks.  

Both of my boys eat a great healthy breakfast and lunch.  Neither has ever been big on dinner. 
Our general policy eat what you are served at dinner...or you don't eat.  But I refuse to make them eat...I just think that sets them up for bad eating habits in life...but I will include at least one thing with dinner that I know they like.  
Moses knows the deal and he knows that if he doesn't eat what we serve for dinner then he gets nothing else for the rest of the day...and only water to drink...cause this boy could live on milk. 

If they don't eat dinner...I don't worry because I know that what they HAVE eaten that day is healthy and good for them...we try hard not to keep junk in the house (except for the secret mommy/daddy chocolate stash) and we never really eat fast food besides Chick-fil-a or Chipoltle. 

Aaron...well he is still trying to figure out what he does like and what he doesn't like...a favorite one day is hated the next.  But he will always eat yogurt or oatmeal.  And like Moses, everything he DOES eat is I don't worry about dinner so much if he doesn't want it. 
But I DO sometimes worry about whether they get enough veggies...especially on the picky days. I have tried to "hide" veggies in other foods...and that never works.  Only recently did we start to let Moses have juice on a regular basis...after doing some research I found these:
Which he loves...has a serving of veggies (which he will only sometimes eat on his own) and a serving of fruit (which he loves in any form) and is low in sugar (which makes me happy).

For Aaron I have found these:
Which is really the same as the juice...but in a yogurt form. A fruit, a veggie and a yogurt.  And this is organic...which makes me happy too. :)

So those are a couple of my case you didn't know and could use them for yourself. 

Any good "sneaky mom tricks" to share?

julia project num. 4

Looooved this one.  I definitely will be doing this one again sometime.  
I think this project was called "mitered square blanket".  
I tried to choose a fabric that I thought would be a little more forgiving cause I just knew that I would never be able to line up the lines just right.  That is just not me and I knew it. :) I DID iron iron...a lot.  A lot a lot.  And it wasn't hard...just a lot of work.  Lots of steps and lots and ironing. And technically it used more than a yard...almost two.

But I love the result...and the fabric I used.  Wouldn't this be a cute April baby gift?  You know...with the rain drop pattern and the whole "April showers" thing. :)  The other side is a cozy, sunshiney yellow flannel.  It will be (or is already) in the shop. :) 


20 minute crafter. how to make a blog header. :)

I have recently received several emails about how to make a blog header...before my sweet blog make-over I used to make new headers all the I just make a new one every so often for my poorly neglected photography blog.  So while it make take you a bit more than twenty minutes the first will get the hang of it and be able to whip up a new one any time you want. :)
You can click on each image to make it bigger. 
First you have to choose a photo...and upload it to picnik.  You can get good use out of the free version.
I usually resize my photos down to 75% to make them quicker to work do this under "edit".
Have fun and mess around with your photo...add text and fun effects to your hearts desire.  When you are it to your desktop.
 Go back to your blog and get to this screen and tab by going under settings.
Click on edit where you blog title is...a little editing window should pop up. 
Click on:
"shrink to fit"
"instead of title"
Get the image that you just made by clicking on "browse"...find it and upload it. 
This is what success looks like. :)  You can preview it to make sure it looks good.
Depending on the size of the photo the thin frame that surrounds your header may be off...the easiest way to fix this is to do the following...
Go under layout: fonts and colors: and change the frame to match the this case I made it white.
 Ta-da!  Personalized cuteness for your blog.  This took me just a few minutes. :)
I will TRY to answer questions in the comments section...but keep in mind I only know what Google has taught me. :)

Easter this year.

Just some of my favorites from Easter this year.  
We: visited a new church that we LOVED, had friends over, had two Easter egg hunts, caught up on laundry, gave Moses a hair cut, took the weekend off from Etsy, cut the lawn for the first time, hung out, did nothing in particular and enjoyed the weekend. :)

I feel refreshed and energized this morning...even been able to get up before the boys (like I used to pre-Aaron) to have my quiet time...starts the day off SO much better. :)

Here is hoping for a beautiful week...I am off to start on the next batch of hoho monsters.


because of Easter.

The following quote has been on instant replay in my head this week...reminding me that I AM good enough as I am...not with improvements...or lighter...or smarter...or having memorized more of the Bible.  He loves me just like I all my failing and faults.  He loves me as I strive to do better and fail and fail again.  

"He wants you. In his arms. 
By his side. Surrendered and free in His presence.
Not because you deserve it or have earned it or are perfect.
Because of Easter.
That’s it."
(quote taken from Stuff Christians Like...go HERE for the rest of the awesome article).

Have a beautiful, blessed, wonderful and sweet Easter. 
He loves you just as you are.  Right now.  

(and enjoy a little peek at my current project, too!)

because i have to try it all.

simple and lovely.  my favorite kind of jewelry. 
i hope to add some to the shop...

cute huh?

step one: learn how to take good photos of little bitty things. 


the story.

So Aaron and I were at Joann's a few days ago...I turned to look at something, as he was sitting in the cart seat...and suddenly he starts to squeal and laugh and giggle.  I turn around to see him holding and cuddling a bolt of super soft, cuddly and squishy minky.  I bought a yard because it made him so happy...if nothing else I thought I would make him a pillow.  
This one is for hoho.  It will be for his Easter basket.  And I LOVE it. 
It was so fun to make...and I had extra SO...of course I had to make more...right?
I made all sizes...and they are all wonky and wonderful.  A very loose pattern.
I call them...happy hoho monsters.  Because my hoho (aaron) is a happy little monster.
I am working on adding them to the shop today...the largest and smallest are spoken for but please ask me if you would like another...I would LOVE to make more and I would LOVE for them to be popular enough to keep in the shop. 
They are cuddly and sweet...and each on has a little pocket for holding treasures.  
I also think that they may stand as a good reminder that you don't have to be perfect to be lovable and wonderful. :)

So what do you think?  Are they lovely...or should I pretend like this post never happened?

20 minute crafter. easy Easter cuteness.

this edition should be called 10 minutes to awesome. 
need some easy and simple cute for Easter?

I found the idea HERE.  And here is how you do it. :)
You need:
a mason jar
chocolate Easter bunny
edible Easter grass
Easter candy in egg shape
I got everything at Target
add your grass to the jar...this stuff is much tougher than i thought it would want to make a little nest for your Easter bunny.   Nestle your little bunny down in can pull off the foil wrapper if you like the naked chocolate bunny look.
add some of your egg candies...cuteness...add as much or as little as you like.  make yourself happy.
see? cute, right?
cut a circle of fabric to fit under the lip of the mason that what you even call that?
add some ribbon...super fast Easter cuteness. 

have fun. :)

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