20 minute crafter. how to make a blog header. :)

I have recently received several emails about how to make a blog header...before my sweet blog make-over I used to make new headers all the time...now I just make a new one every so often for my poorly neglected photography blog.  So while it make take you a bit more than twenty minutes the first time...you will get the hang of it and be able to whip up a new one any time you want. :)
You can click on each image to make it bigger. 
First you have to choose a photo...and upload it to picnik.  You can get good use out of the free version.
I usually resize my photos down to 75% to make them quicker to work with...you do this under "edit".
Have fun and mess around with your photo...add text and fun effects to your hearts desire.  When you are done...save it to your desktop.
 Go back to your blog and get to this screen and tab by going under settings.
Click on edit where you blog title is...a little editing window should pop up. 
Click on:
"shrink to fit"
"instead of title"
Get the image that you just made by clicking on "browse"...find it and upload it. 
This is what success looks like. :)  You can preview it to make sure it looks good.
Depending on the size of the photo the thin frame that surrounds your header may be off...the easiest way to fix this is to do the following...
Go under layout: fonts and colors: and change the frame to match the background...in this case I made it white.
 Ta-da!  Personalized cuteness for your blog.  This took me just a few minutes. :)
I will TRY to answer questions in the comments section...but keep in mind I only know what Google has taught me. :)

Easter this year.

Just some of my favorites from Easter this year.  
We: visited a new church that we LOVED, had friends over, had two Easter egg hunts, caught up on laundry, gave Moses a hair cut, took the weekend off from Etsy, cut the lawn for the first time, hung out, did nothing in particular and enjoyed the weekend. :)

I feel refreshed and energized this morning...even been able to get up before the boys (like I used to pre-Aaron) to have my quiet time...starts the day off SO much better. :)

Here is hoping for a beautiful week...I am off to start on the next batch of hoho monsters.


because of Easter.

The following quote has been on instant replay in my head this week...reminding me that I AM good enough as I am...not with improvements...or lighter...or smarter...or having memorized more of the Bible.  He loves me just like I am...in all my failing and faults.  He loves me as I strive to do better and fail and fail again.  

"He wants you. In his arms. 
By his side. Surrendered and free in His presence.
Not because you deserve it or have earned it or are perfect.
Because of Easter.
That’s it."
(quote taken from Stuff Christians Like...go HERE for the rest of the awesome article).

Have a beautiful, blessed, wonderful and sweet Easter. 
He loves you just as you are.  Right now.  

(and enjoy a little peek at my current project, too!)

because i have to try it all.

simple and lovely.  my favorite kind of jewelry. 
i hope to add some to the shop...

cute huh?

step one: learn how to take good photos of little bitty things. 


the story.

So Aaron and I were at Joann's a few days ago...I turned to look at something, as he was sitting in the cart seat...and suddenly he starts to squeal and laugh and giggle.  I turn around to see him holding and cuddling a bolt of super soft, cuddly and squishy minky.  I bought a yard because it made him so happy...if nothing else I thought I would make him a pillow.  
This one is for hoho.  It will be for his Easter basket.  And I LOVE it. 
It was so fun to make...and I had extra SO...of course I had to make more...right?
I made all sizes...and they are all wonky and wonderful.  A very loose pattern.
I call them...happy hoho monsters.  Because my hoho (aaron) is a happy little monster.
I am working on adding them to the shop today...the largest and smallest are spoken for but please ask me if you would like another...I would LOVE to make more and I would LOVE for them to be popular enough to keep in the shop. 
They are cuddly and sweet...and each on has a little pocket for holding treasures.  
I also think that they may stand as a good reminder that you don't have to be perfect to be lovable and wonderful. :)

So what do you think?  Are they lovely...or should I pretend like this post never happened?

20 minute crafter. easy Easter cuteness.

this edition should be called 10 minutes to awesome. 
need some easy and simple cute for Easter?

I found the idea HERE.  And here is how you do it. :)
You need:
a mason jar
chocolate Easter bunny
edible Easter grass
Easter candy in egg shape
I got everything at Target
add your grass to the jar...this stuff is much tougher than i thought it would be...you want to make a little nest for your Easter bunny.   Nestle your little bunny down in there...you can pull off the foil wrapper if you like the naked chocolate bunny look.
add some of your egg candies...cuteness...add as much or as little as you like.  make yourself happy.
see? cute, right?
cut a circle of fabric to fit under the lip of the mason ring...is that what you even call that?
add some ribbon...super fast Easter cuteness. 

have fun. :)

peeky peek.

my current favorite thing to make...started with a baby squeal....and now I am making several...i call them...hoho monsters. :) want one?   more soon...

this march on facebook.


I totally stole this idea from Sara :) Thanks, Sara!

March 1--as far as Moses knows sharks say "doo doot"...you know, Jaws style. but when little southern Moses says it it sounds like "dew dewt (ya'll)"...he must be thinking of south carribean sharks. :)

March 2--scale says it's a black shirt kind of day.

March 2--oh LOST...I love/hate you.

March 4--apparently moses is getting married on June 6th to his sweetheart Katie Elise...at least he will have an awesome mother in law...will i still have to pay for college?

March 4--i secretly can't stop watching 16 and pregnant

March 5--is blessed to live in a home full of JOY, where we laugh everyday! Looking forward to seeing all my awesome inlaws today and tomorrow!

March 6--worst. night. ever. fever. puking. cramping. crying. snot. leaking. throbbing. screaming. nightmares. notice that sleeping was not on the list.

March 11--green grass under my feet, i miss you.

March 12--i hate daylight savings with a passion that only a mother could understand.

March 12--in a house with two kids and NO chocolate = torture of a special kind.

March 13--what's the point of giving when it's easy? the real challenge is giving when it hurts.

March 14--is contemplating getting a cat...

March 14--i have a new kitten. his name is hugo and he black and white. if you know the story behind that then you are as nerdy as me.

March 17--if you asked moses what his life lesson was yesterday, he would say "we don't ever touch the cats bum bum".

March 18--i like the "taking turns sleeping in" rule until it is doug's turn to sleep in.

March 18--i can almost hear the angels singing when my boys go down for a nap at the same time. jesus could not say "i love you" any more clearly. :)

March 19--do you think moses could get a college scholarship for worlds slowest eater?

March 21--it's officially spring vs. sewing machine.

March 22--oh darn...the most annoying toy in the house has dead batteries. too bad those batteries are "rare and hard to find". ;)

March 23--if it is not too early for my kids to have a "throw yourself on the floor hissy fit" then by golly it's not too early for me either, thankyouverymuch.

March 23--don't watch "food, inc" if you don't want to change how you eat and shop for food.

March 24--i just gave moses a set of cowboys and indians...but not without cutting off all the guns first...freak?

March 24--"A government big enough to give you everything that you want is big enough to take everything you have" Thomas Jefferson

March 25--One day, you will have what I have because you are an amazing, strong, intelligent woman, like Hillary… from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air...

March 26--pretty pleased that aaron could be convinced to take one loooong nap instead of two little one. now if only he didn't spend every waking moment climbing every single thing in the house...

March 26--if moses still likes me when he is 4 it will be a miracle. i feel like all i have done so far today is said "no", "stop doing that" and given time outs.

March 27--dear baby aaron, toilet fishing will never. ever. be a sport. please stop trying to be champ, ok? thanks. love, mom

March 27--dear dumb neighbors, exactly how many times does your dumb dog have to run away from you to poop in other peoples yards before you put that dumb beast on a leash?

March 27--i hope that gap's "curvy jeans" aren't the grown up womans equivalent to the little boys "husky"...

March 28--Rejection from society is what created The X-Men.

julia project num. 3

here is project number three. :) this one is for Niki S who sent me the lovely yard. :)

it's a double sided CD holder...I added the elastic so she could put it above her visor...or somewhere else that is handy. :)  this was SUPER easy and quick...i made it during one nap time. 

things i learned: not all stabilizers are iron on. :)

and for some reason, it didn't use nearly the whole yard...but i guess a yard is required for how they ask you to cut it.  though i feel like you could cut it in a different layout and still be fine.

Niki-i hope you love it...and that you can get good use out of it!  Thanks for playing!

Wouldn't this be a great way to give someone a set of mixed CDs that you made for them?

he's quirky.

this post could also be called: 
i can't make this stuff up
what a weirdo 
so you think your kid is strange. 

moses is an interesting kid.  
some of his current favorite things include:

band-aid papers.  as in the little tabs that come off the back of a band-aid.  given the choice between the band-aid and the papers...he would choose the papers every time.

soda lids.  give this kid a soda lid when you get a fountain soda and he is in heaven.  probably the equivalent to giving you or i a twenty.

nuts, bolts and screws.  i can't remember the last time my dryer ran a quiet cycle.

junk mail.  he hovers over the daily mail just waiting to get his fix. 

toyotas and hondas. it is not unusual to hear "toyoya" or honda yelled from the back seat on a drive.

the fifty states.
as young as 18 months doug started to quiz moses on state location on a map he has in his room.  within a few weeks he could show you where the majority of the states were located and usually who we knew that lived there. 
he still loves states.  particularly, california and florida.  so i made him a three year old geek love version for him...and included virginia and new jersey.  
i made them for him last night and then took them to his room to show him when i got him up this morning.  he looked at them...said "i can't wait to show grandma and bop-bop" (who live in new jersey)...then said to me "this was so nice of you". 

i love him...in all his quirky uniqueness.

and people often ask me why i don't sell more shirts in my shop...well the truth is i would love to...but i can never find a consistent inexpensive source for shirts...BUT many people send me blank shirts to dress up for a small price.  you can always email me if you are interested. 

thanks for all the emails and thoughts...i don't if i will be able to respond to them all...but i am so thankful for each and everyone of you lovelies who read and respond. :)

have a happy weekend!

where i have been.

Those of you who have been reading this blog long enough have probably guessed that some things have been amiss. 

Ever since our trip to Baltimore a couple of weeks back, my world has been turned completely upside down.  It has been a crazy couple of weeks...without getting into too many details...since that trip I have:

had to walk away from unhealthy family members, leaving them solely in the hands of God.  Our only relationship for now will be my prayers for them and their restoration through Christ.

Being walked away FROM by other family members because of the choice we had to make above.  Being lied about and hurt in the process.  But knowing and recognizing that the enemy works in many ways to have us doubt our choices. 

My brother went overseas to Iraq for a year.

My best friend suffered a loss so great that I can't even begin to understand the depths and seas of her grief. 

My little sister moved in with us...and then moved out again. 

We got a kitten. :)

So needless to say...all my time and energies have been put to those areas, on top of all my other mommy and wife duties. We are starting to climb out and trying to use this Spring as our moving forward point.  We are blessed far beyond what we deserve and we know that our God is good and big enough to handle whatever we have to give him. :)

And I do want to do another McCheatsalot quilt...so hopefully I can show you how to make your own.  


please excuse...

Please excuse the lack of a 20 minute crafter post. 
We have been busy catching up...
...with our old friend...
the outdoors!
We were outside more... 
...on Friday, Saturday and Sunday...
...than we were for all of December, January and February.
Some of us learned how to walk in sandals...
...and some caught up with old friends.
And some of us were beginning to think...
...that Spring would never come. 

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