finally.  months ago my sister in law sent me some fabric to make
a curtain for her bathroom.  she sent me some photos for 
inspiration but pretty much left the design up to me.

i took months because...well i wanted to have the design figured out 
before i cut into the fabric...and i am so glad i waited. 

i love it!  so much so that i now want to make brighter tones of course, 
for my kitchen window.  all i needed from her was how wide she
needed it and her fabric choices.  the result is adjustable...made stable
by some dowel rods inserted into pockets along the front. 

check being intimidated by curtains off of my list. :)
and, as more wreath in the shop...this one
with a sweet little bird nesting in it.  :)

I am overwhelmed by the number of you lovelies who 
want to send me a yard...i tried to email who i could, but for 
some of you i couldn't find an email...if you didn't hear
from me, could you send me an email? 

thanks and happy weekend!


in case you haven't seen...
...there is another wreath in the shop!
this one is aqua with a sweet little deer embellishment.
and to answer some questions:
for the blog book:
i used "standard portrait" and did not print the comments.
i did have to go in and check to be sure that all the photos
were positioned correctly and that there were no heads
cut off. the style i used was vivid.
i just ordered my vol. 2 and it was 160 pages and cost about $43.
it will have a yellow cover. :)

and as for the Julia project. yes! if you send me a yard i WILL
send you the finished project. BUT you can't choose the
project BUT you can send me a list of the top five you would
like me to use your yard on.

sound fair?

thanks for all of your wonderful feedback and comments
on both of the previous posts.

i LOVE to hear from you all and do my best to visit
every blogger that stops by.

your comment make my day!

my julia project.

While we were in Baltimore, hiding under the blankets after the boys went
to sleep on the second night, Doug and I watched Julie and Julia on our laptop.
Since then my little brain has been reeling about how
I could do my own Julia project somehow...
and Doug would never go for a year of French cooking.
So instead I bought this book...One Yard Wonders.
It contains 106 projects that use a yard of fabric or less.
My hope is to sew my way through this book, make at least one of each
and sell it to cover the cost of the project.
If it is something that I love...I'll have to try
to find a way to make the design my own.
What do you think? Will you be a supporter?
Know anyone who wants to donate some yardage? :)
Here is one of the first on the list...oven mitts and potholders.
These could be REALLY cute with the right fabrics.
But I think these will be the very first...wouldn't these
be great for this spring and summer?
Pop them in a purse or diaper bag and you
have a clean place to eat or picnic.

So whatcha think? Will you be here to cheer me on...good or bad?


vol. 1-blog printing.

for almost a year now i have been researching ways to get my blog printed.
a huge reason that continue to blog is to document the lives of my kids...
not just on the special days but on the day to day.
to me, it will be so cool for my kids to get to read these
entries when THEY are 30.
i am not a scrapbooker, nor a diligent journaler...this blog has
been the best way for me to document all the things i want to remember.
many of the ways that i had found were either unnecessarily
difficult, too expensive or did not work with blogger.
i can't tell you the number of hours that i spent
researching and trying to find the best way to do it...
in a way that would be nice, durable and affordable.
and then i was sent to Blurb.
from step one it was easy...worked with my MAC and blogger.
included color photos and looked like a REAL book.
the pages are glossy and thick.
you can even add a photo to the cover.
this is my first volume. it is 275 pages and cost me approx $60.
at first that number may seem high, but believe me that is a great deal.
other places, this exact book could run me more the $200 and up.
and if you think about it...this is like our scrapbook...
and imagine the cost for all the supplies i would spend on that?

because my blog is so wordy and has so many photos,
i plan on doing a new volume every six month/two per year.

so if you are looking to print your blog,
i did the research for you and
Blurb may be the best bet for you.

we lived to tell about it.

we lived, we lived!
here is a photo from the set up where i wrote this post.
aaron ended up taking a two hour nap...which
meant a two hour recuperation time for me.
the trip to the aquarium went pretty well considering that
both boys ended up with symptoms of sickness...
Moses loved seeing the sharks and enjoyed
pointing out all of the characters from Nemo.
the next night, while much improved, was still mostly bad.
aaron's fever spiked pretty high and he cried off
and on through the night...though mercifully moses
slept through it all...even ANOTHER late night call to our hotel room.

in the end though,
the hassle and nightmarish nights were worth
it for the few precious hours we got to see
our family.
i came away from this weekend with two blaring thoughts:
1) i am SO thankful that my boys can each have their own rooms. i don't know how we would do if i had to worry about them waking each other up every night...though i assume they would eventually get used to it...i am thankful that for now, at this age, we don't have to worry about it.

2) i have NO IDEA how anyone can survive having a family know, where everyone in the family sleeps in the same bed. i need my sleep and space...on the second night we brought aaron into the bed with us in order to get the few minutes of sleep that we could. he was SO wiggly and squirming and SO demanding of space for a guy so little. more than once i woke up to a kick in the ribs or a tiny bum in my face.
since we are still getting our act together, there will be no 20 minute crafter post.
so sorry...we will resume next tuesday. :)

convo FAIL.

A couple of weeks or so ago WE were bathing the boys.
Something I never have to do thanks to my awesome husband.
Somehow it seemed like a good time to talk to Moses
about privacy and how no one is ever allowed to touch his boy parts
and what he is to do if someone does.
For the sake of this story you have to know that Moses
refers to his boy part as his "nool"...a derivative of noodle.
Don't ask.

I felt like we had as thorough of a discussion as you can with a
three year old. This kind of discussion
is important to me and I wanted to be sure he understood.

So I said "Moses, what did mommy just tell you?"

He stands up, puts his hands on his hips, shoulders back and
states..."EVERYONE can touch my nool!"



would it amuse you to know that as i write this i am hiding in between queen beds on our hotel room while aaron is on the other side napping in a pack and play that i am thankful to have brought? I'll take a photo for you when aaron wakes up.

the first part of our trip has been possibly one of the worst segments of my adult life.

it started when we checked in and was told that they do not have cribs "and i don't know who would have told you that ma'am, we cater to business folks". Thankfully, I had listened to my mommy gut and brought the pack and play anyway.

in the last 24 hours or so the following has occurred:
crying, screaming, screaming because of nightmares, crying from being awoken by screaming due to nightmares, coughing, puking because of said coughing, fever, a 2am call to our hotel room, no sleep, abdominal pains, the worst case of motion sickness i have ever had, no sleep, no sleep. not to mention the joys that come from having weaned aaron earlier in the week...nursing moms you KNOW what i mean.

not to mention that baltimore is way more ghetto than i remembered. and we went to THE most ghetto target in the world...complete with TWO armed guards and doug be solicited for drugs WHILE holding our three year old. awesome awesome time.

i am praying real hard and am trying to be determined to have a good TIME. i am desperate for moses to LOVE the aquarium!

so if you read this PRAY!!!!!

please and thank you!


this is how we start each day.
this kid is a hard core cuddler.
15- 20 minutes every morning...
...and at the end of each nap...
...and here and there when he needs it.

when he needs a cuddle you stop what
you're doing and give that baby his cuddle.



Be sure to check out Oh My! today for a post from yours truly! :)


I've added some mix tape iron on's to the shop!

keeping his cool.

moses is 3 1/2 but has to wear a 5t pants and a boys xs shirts.
sadly (for me) the boys xs shirts are meant for boys much older
than 3 1/2. for the most part all I have been able to find, or at least the
bulk of what I have found are either anime (hideous),
tacky characters or have some sassy saying on them.
I want CUTE three year old clothes...LITTLE boys stuff...
firetrucks and guitars and baseball.
my first shopping experience for these new sizes
had me walking out of the store with nothing.
I nearly cried.
Then I found some great ringers at Old Navy for a few bucks each.
And decided I would make my three year old, three year old
type a big boys size.
Both are done with the simple applique technique.

the mix tape one I actually just cut out of the
fabric and arranged in a way that made me happy.
anytime I find a great boys fabric I grab some...
...they just don't seem to come around as much
as all the cute stuff for girls.

problem solved.
I spent less, made original AND my three year old
gets to dress like he is three.


good news bad news.

good news-there will still be a shop update today!
bad news- i did not get the wreaths done.
good news-when i DO get the wreaths done there will be
two of them...a medium and a small!
good news-these cute new towels WILL be in the update!
good news-i had enough leftover lovey materials to make a couple for the shop!
bad news-i have A LOT to get done before we can
head to Baltimore tomorrow!
good news-all these cute new belts will be there!

bad news-i didn't get done nearly as much as i wanted to this week...i must
have confused my schedule with someone else's.

shop update will be around 8pm or so Virginia time!
See you there!

he's funny.

So long as Moses has known about sharks we have told him that
they say "doo doot, doo doot" know, like the music in Jaws.

That's cute right?

Add to that, the fact that Moses is being raised in the south...
and you get "deww dewt, deww dewt".
Which is what it sounds like when Moses makes the shark noise.

Whenever I hear him do it I add in my own "ya'll" and imagine a shark with
teeth like Mater from Cars.

Dew dewt, ya'll.
So at MOPS last week a friend was sharing how her 18month old knows
his alphabet...or can at least identify all his letters when he see's a photo of them.

Someone else at the table said "Well, you and your husband are both lawyers so it would make sense that reading is high on your kid's ability list"

Another friend was saying that her child was really into science stuff...the planets and what not.
And someone said "Well that DOES make sense with the degree that you have".

All I could say was "Well, what does it say about me if Moses can beat box and break dance?"

I raise cool kids?

After that discussion I bought Moses the post it note flash cards in the photo above.
I laughed out loud at the first four I pulled off. In that order.
I left them there are a good reminder.

Please, woman, think right!


20 minute crafter. chalkboard mugs.

Hello happy crafters. :)
Today's 20 minute crafter is Fawnda from
Fireflies and Jellybeans

She is here to show us how to make some adorable mugs...I saw these
and my first thought was how perfect these would be for teacher gifts!
Because summer will be here soon, right?
And technically this a total of 20 minutes of crafting
and not 20 minutes all at once. :)

I am so excited to share this project here on a Little Bit Funky!
This is one of my favorite blogs and Crystal has amazing projects and posts!
These CUTE chalkboard mugs will be perfect for any party! AND they are SUPER easy to make!

Here is what you will need:

Mugs (either new or ones you already have!)
Painter's tape
Sand paper (Optional)
Primer (not pictured)
Chalkboard paint (you can get this at most hardware, or craft stores)

1. Tape off your mug where you want your chalkboard rectangle to be.

2. Prime you mug in the area you taped off. Let primer dry according to the label.

3. After the primer is dry, paint on your first layer of chalkboard paint.
Let dry according to label.

**Some primers suggesting sanding inbetween layers**

4. Paint on your second coat of chalk board paint.
Let dry and cure according to the label.

5. Remove the painter's tape.

6. Rub some chulk all over the area you painted and wipe off to set the chalkboard paint up.
Invite your friend over for some nice warm drinks!

Or you can write the name of the drink on the mug...

Or write your blog name!
Thanks Crystal for having me today on:
**Note: these mugs are now HAND wash only***


Here's a look at my week.
I'll be closing the shop to make up a bunch of
new things for the shop.
Towels with aqua trim!
Finishing up some red and aqua pillows. :)
And more.
I am hoping for a very productive week.
Including some fun posts.

Happy Monday!


Feel free to grab this image...I'll be printing and framing it myself.
Hanging it somewhere I can see it all the time.
This is who I want to be.

Happy Sunday.

hoho has a cupcake.

he loved every moment.
complete opposite of when we let Moses
have his first one.
Aaron went to town and ate it all.
he was so happy and pleased with himself.

Moses poked his first cupcake with a finger then
completely ignored it.

It was a great birthday.
We called the pizza taxi cab, as Moses calls it.
Moses sang happy "burp" day to Aaron.
We were together just the four of us.
And SO happy.
We introduce Aaron to bubbles and
completely blew his mind.
I made Aaron a cute birthday hat that he didn't
want to wear.
Then Moses gave Aaron a gift that he chose for him (a play register).
Then Moses took it over.
And stinkface made an appearance.

It was a great first birthday.

i've had a break through!

And I haven't felt this good in a long, long time.

Finally a light bulb! Praise God for sure!

However...I just can't share it here.
If you want to read about my "ah-ha!" moment...just email me.

If you have ever dealt with an alcoholic or emotional manipulator
this just may be a jewel of help or hope for you!



look what I am making for you...
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