hoho has a cupcake.

he loved every moment.
complete opposite of when we let Moses
have his first one.
Aaron went to town and ate it all.
he was so happy and pleased with himself.

Moses poked his first cupcake with a finger then
completely ignored it.

It was a great birthday.
We called the pizza taxi cab, as Moses calls it.
Moses sang happy "burp" day to Aaron.
We were together just the four of us.
And SO happy.
We introduce Aaron to bubbles and
completely blew his mind.
I made Aaron a cute birthday hat that he didn't
want to wear.
Then Moses gave Aaron a gift that he chose for him (a play register).
Then Moses took it over.
And stinkface made an appearance.

It was a great first birthday.

i've had a break through!

And I haven't felt this good in a long, long time.

Finally a light bulb! Praise God for sure!

However...I just can't share it here.
If you want to read about my "ah-ha!" moment...just email me.

If you have ever dealt with an alcoholic or emotional manipulator
this just may be a jewel of help or hope for you!



look what I am making for you...

HAPPY friday.

some things that are giving me a little pick me up.
aaron devouring his first cupcake. photos to come.
new business cards. from moo prints.
one of my favorite go to recipes...I make them into
bars and add chocolate chips.
more cuteness in the background.
happiness in a wallet.

i have several posts written in my head that
are begging to get out.
still trying to get back on my feet.

thanks for your patience...
...I hope to be back to my happy,
perky, real self soon.


happy birthday hoho!

We've been busy celebrating our sweet little Aaron's birthday!

I can't think about his birthday without thinking about
those first moments where he didn't cry
after he was born...it was the quietest loud
room I have ever been in.

For nearly a minute we didn't know to
laugh or cry...
finally hearing him cry was the best sound I have ever heard.

His personality continues to mirror that day...quiet until he needs to be heard.
He is our cuddle bug...lover of all things soft, adores his daddy and
thinks his brother is awesome and funny.
He eats everything in sight and his favorite joke
is when you pretend his feet are stinky. :)

He is a blessing to our lives and I truly can't imagine
our lives without him.

I can't wait to see all the reasons
why God let us keep him and I am
SO SO thankful that He did.

Happy Birthday to my baby boy!

come on over.

Come see my new beauty!!!!!
I am SO SO thrilled!!
Bailey did an AMAZING job!
If you are visiting via google reader
you HAVE to come on over and see!
Be sure to click on the "design by" button
over on the right to get in line for
your own awesome redo...
...amazing, affordable beauty!

I have to run...I'll gush more later!


up for grabs.

While pondering whether or not to keep or sell
this beauty my husband chimed in "sell it".

I am pretty sure that is his kind way of saying
"I'd like to see it live elsewhere".

And since I am currently without a
craft room, which is where it would live,
I have listed it in the shop.

There will probably never be another.


20 minute crafter. how to make a simple applique.

Ready for another one?
Am I adding too much to your to-do list?
And I apologize that it is just me again this week...I
have just not had enough time to research new crafters.
Today we will learn to make a Crystal applique.
I call it that because I have no idea if this is
how normal people do it...this is what I
came up with. :)
You will need:
Wonder Under
First, print out your template onto card stock.
This is American Typewrite in 850 font.
Second, cut it out.
Third, trace your letter onto Wonder Under-the smooth side.
Be sure to trace it backwards.
Fourth, iron your wonder under onto the wrong side of your fabric.
Fifth, cut it out. :)
Sixth, peel backing and iron onto your item of
choice then run a zig zag stitch around the edges.

Done and done. Now you can make anything cute.


feeling blah.

had to take a mini break.

forced to make some painful decisions about long time issues.
trying to focus on the positive things in my life.
two wonderful boys.
a fabulous husband.
a God who knows when I don't have a clue.

enjoying my boys.
planning our vacation to Boca Raton.
celebrating Aaron's birth this week.
great chats with my in-laws.

resting in the knowledge that God loves
everyone far more than I can.
that He knows the plan.
and letting Him be the savior.
and taking deep breaths. again and again.

hoping to get on my feet again soon.


actual conversation.

me: hey moses...did you put the paint in your mouth?
moses: nope.
me: are you sure?
moses: yep, i'm sure.

when art doesn't imitate life. or a confession.

I've had a couple of "splurges" lately. Here is one. Lovely, bright, patterned, colorful, attention grabbing fabric. No fabric is too colorful...no pattern too wild. I love it all. So many combos and pretty colors and lovely inspiration. This is Crystal part one.
Here is splurge number two.
A fresh new set of essentials.
Solid color cotton shirts (scoop or v-neck), cardigan, tank tops.
To wear with my curvy jeans from the Gap.

Curvy jeans, tank, vneck or scoop top and a cardi/hoodie jacket.
I rarely sway from this combo.
(Julie I laughed out loud when I read this EXACT list on your blog!)

I rarely wear patterns...unless they are on a tank top or socks.
I have issues with wearing a shirt with words across the chest.
The sewing machine shirt has been the exception.
I ALWAYS wear a tank.

I shop at Gap, Old Navy and Target.

A & Fitch overwhelms me with smell, sound and nearly nude models.
Aeropostle...I refuse to be a XL when I am a M everywhere else.
Anthropologie...Um...I can buy a WHOLE wardrobe at Old Navy for the cost of ONE outfit from here. But I DO love their clearance home goods section.

If I am feeling a bit sassy I will wear a chunky necklace or bracelet.
If I want to branch out...I wear argyle.

I don't like to draw attention to myself.
I don't like buying clothes that will be out of style in a matter of months.

What do you think? Is it weird that there is such a contrast?
Anyone out there relate?


20 minute crafter. what muffin top? (belt tutorial)

ready for another round of quickie crafting?
how about a SUPER cute belt!?
not only is this a quick craft BUT it is also great camo...
people will say cute belt and won't think twice about your little ol' muffin top. :)
The great part is that you can make as many cute
belts as you want...one for every single
outfit if you really want. You can get the materials
needed in any color and combo you could think of.
Here is what you need:
1in wide webbing (I found mine in the ribbon section at Joanns)
length of the webbing should be your waist size plus 10 in inches or so.
2 d-rings or rectangular ones like I have (I found these in the purse handle section
fabric of choice
sewing machine (or MAYBE iron on adhesive?)
having a cutting mat and guide (shown in photo) will help a lot
First, wrap the webbing around your waist where you wear your belt.
Add about 8-10 inches to that and cut and seal the ends with a lighter.
Like if your waist is 28 cut 38 inches of webbing.
Second, thread the webbing through your
d-rings and sew the end down as shown.
I went over it several times to ensure strength.
Third, cut your fabric 2 1/4 wide by your waist measurement PLUS one inch.
In my 28 inch example I would cut the fabric 2 1/4 by 29 inches.
You could make a patchy belt..that would be cute. :)
Fourth, fold in half and iron with 1/4 guide...then turn it right side out.
Fifth, once you have turned your little
fabric tube right side out...iron it with
the seam in the middle of the back
...as shown...tuck in the ends a half inch or so as well.
Sixth, center your fabric onto your webbing...pin if you would like...be sure to cover your previous stitching with your fabric AND allow room for your sewing foot to get in there.
Sew all around the sides...using 1/4 guide.
Then go flaunt your new sass and leave them saying...what muffin top?
Leave questions in the comments and I will answer them there. :)


cry. laugh. cry. laugh.

Let me begin this with a fact.
Doug and I are not Valentines Day people.
It mostly comes and goes with little fanfare and that
is OK with the both of us. When I DO do something,
it is usually food related. Cutesy food. Red or pink. Hearts.
You know.
Above is the cake I was planning to make. How cute right?
HERE is the tutorial...the photo is from there too.
My first mistake was using cake mix. Bad. Bad idea.
This cake needs from-scratch cake.
If for nothing else but the sturdiness it provides.
A red flag popped up when I took the cakes out of the pans.
They stuck. Uh-oh. But I pushed through.
Determined to get my cute red heart cake.
I got both parts carved and filled. I was doing good and full of hope.
Then I had to "flip" the top onto the bottom.
UH-OH. The. entire. thing. crumbled.
I think...surely I have enough frosting to fix this.
I want my cute cake dang it.
I ran out of white frosting.
And I would be darned if I would spend another dime on this stupid cute cake.
So I tried and tried and cried some more.
Added some chocolate frosting that I had on hand.
And ended up with the worlds ugliest cake.
I cried. laughed. cried. laughed.
Meet the worlds ugliest, dumbest, most ridiculous cake.
Ever. I don't know if I have ever sucked so bad at something.

I am so bad that I even adopted my own doppelganger.
Meet her.
Her name is Dot.
Just look at that face...doesn't it just scream professional!
That look in her eye is determination and skill.
I was dumb enough to hope that maybe,
just maybe, there would still be a cute
little heart on the inside.
But also...I was a little scared that the smoke monster would escape when I cut into it.
Surprise! There was not a heart in there.
Just some dilapidated sad. Bummer.
At least there was no smoke monster.
stupid cake.

Just so you don't leave here thinking I have NO skill.
I can still sew. i think sew. i know so.
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