if i had to be a cookie...

and being chocolate chip was taken...
...i would be these...
sunshine in cookie form.
and we NEED sunshine here.
there is about a foot of snow outside...NEW snow...and it is still falling!
these were SUPER simple to make.
you use a food processor!
they are tasty too...like a slightly strawberry flavored shortbread...
you can find the recipe HERE.

enjoy the cookie sunshine!

20 minute crafter. cute photo gift for 50cents!

Today's 20 Minute Crafter is Julie from Joy's Hope.

Say Hello to Julie!
Her craft is super cute and easy...I made a few...just haven't had time to photograph them...so pretend you saw mine and that they were super cute...okay?

Would you believe me if I told you that you could make A.Maz.Ing gifts for less than 50 cents each? (By the way... why don't keyboards have cent signs?)

Seriously, 50 cents.

Take that crappy economy!

Here's what you need to make eighteen gifts.
Why eighteen? Why not eighteen?

A six foot long 1x6 pine board from Lowes or Home Depot cut into 4 inch pieces.
(Bat your eyelashes at the nice lumber man. He just might cut it for you.)
Black paint
Mod Podge
Wire edge ribbon
Foam brush
Staple gun
Cute xeroxed pic of your family, preferably taken by DrewB.


After you or nice lumber man cut your wood, paint each piece and sides black.


Trim your picture. The board is actually a bit less than 6 inches wide. False advertising.
Put a thin even coat of Mod Podge on the board.
Lay your picture on top and smooth out all creases and bubbles.


Cut a 10 inch piece of ribbon.
Admire the cuteness.


Staple the ribbon to the back.
If you want to be fancy, cut a piece of felt the same size and glue it on to hide the mess.
If you are lazy (like me) just write 2009 on it and call it good enough.


Hang the cuteness.
How easy was that?
Give one or a few to your in-laws, your grandparents, the mailman, whoever.
You made eighteen.
No need to be choosy.

Have fun with these. They are my new obsession.

Peace out girl scouts!


Wouldn't they make Valentines? Or birthday gifts for Grandmas?
Mine aren't quite to the photographing stage. :)


20 minute crafter. valentines day cards.

Welcome to the newest feature of the Little Bit Funky Blog!

I HOPE to feature a new, fun crafter every week...and not only that...each crafter will be showing YOU that you DO have time for creating beautiful things.
Each Tuesday will feature a fun new craft tutorial that takes about twenty minutes or so.

Are you ready?
Well this week you're stuck with me...
wanna make some cute Valentines cards for minimal cost?
Here's what you need:
paint color chips
invitation sized envelopes (or whatever you have)
sewing machine (or needle and thread)

First, trim your cardstock in half so you have two 4 1/4 by 11in pieces.
If you have standard invite sized envelopes this will give you
TWO cards from each piece of cardstock.
If you have a different sized envelope you can adjust cardstock size as needed.
Fold in half.
Using your sewing machine and contrasting colored thread...
...stitch a heart shape on your paint chip.
(you CAN do this by hand but it will take longer than 20 minutes).
The paint chips that I had (from Lowe's) were the perfect size without trimming but you may need to trim yours. If you would like...you can lightly trace the heart shape on first.
Stitch over and over for a sweet effect.
Switch stitch types if you're feeling crazy.
Glue your heart paint chip onto your folded cardstock and add some cute buttons.
A cute Valentine for pennies!

Someone made an anonymous comment about my use of paint chips and how they felt wrong about my using them for craft purposes, even if they are free.
If you have been following this blog for very long you would know two things...
1) I shop at Lowe's A LOT.
2) I buy a lot of paint from them. I do not feel bad about taking several paint chips in various colors when I am trying to find the right color or shade. What I would feel bad about is just throwing them away when I have made a paint decision.

monarch butterfly cupcakes.

I'm so excited to show you these.
I made them for a friends baby shower.
And you know what?
They were easy.
Time consuming, but easy.
I had the perfect stand for displaying them, too.
You can find the how to in Hello, Cupcake.
Don't be intimidated.
You can do these.
I have never worked with food stuff in this way but was happily surprised at the ease of it all.
My only tip...be sure your kids are asleep for the night. Not just in bed.
Just saying. You are working with melted chocolate here.
No time for going up and down the stairs to get your 3 year old back in bed.
You should have a baby...and buy me a plane ticket...and I will come make some for you.
I'm thinking if I make enough...maybe spring will come sooner?
Happy Friday, peeps.
What are you up to?

how to make a photo ledge.

Ok, you guys.
Are you ready for my ghetto fabulous "how to make a photo ledge"?
I am far from a carpenter...but I love how they turned out.
And it sure beats paying $40 for ONE of these bad boys.
Ready? Go.
Here is the lumber.
1- 1in by 4in by 8ft.
2- 1in by 2in by 8ft.
3- 8ft piece of crown molding that I liked the look of.
You can get simple or ornate...stick to around 3-4in in width.
4- piece of molding the is 1/4in by 1in by 8ft.
This piece will go on the edge of photo ledge to keep the photos from sliding off...so you can get other variations if you see something you like.

You CAN get it cut at Lowe's...I think the first cut is even free.
I bought all of them the same length for less cutting and less work.

I took each 8ft piece and cut it down to 4ft pieces...because I wanted two 4ft shelves.
You could buy 10ft pieces too...or cut them down to whatever size you would like to have.

You will also need:
wood screws 1 1/2in long
brads (tiny nails)

I started by pre-drilling my holes...
make an L out of the 4in and 2in piece of wood...like above.
I drilled holes on each corner...then every foot or so.
Screw together.
Then...I nailed on the crown molding...nailing near the edges.
You could also add in some wood glue if you wanted.

Then I nailed on the 1/4in piece.
Then painted.
Attach heavy duty photo hangers on the back.
I would do one on each end and on in the middle.
And hang.
I bought all my supplies at Lowe's.

The whole process took very little time.
I plan on making more. :)
Enjoy free range photo arranging...without all the holes in your wall.
Have a question?
Please start a discussion over at the blog frog community on the right. :)

word up.

January is like a holiday to me.
The whole month.
It's like one giant excuse to clean, purge, repaint, organize and refresh...
...every single surface, nook and cranny in my house.
Lovely, love it.
This year my word to live by is simplify.
Basically an organizers dream word.
It has already brought beautiful messes to my house.
Like...organizing all of my fabrics into colors.
Just look at all the coordinated color goodness.
Then each basket got labeled with a paint chip sample...LOVE!
The paint chips were picked up as I bought sample paint colors to repaint the living room and dining room. So far...the middle swatch(called "crystal aqua"!) and leaving it the same color are winning...what do you think? Either way the walls are in dire need of a fresh coat of the most boy durable paint I can find.
I'm also vowing to be better about NOT beings so late with my birthday gifts and greetings.
Since Aaron was born you were lucky if your birthday card or gift arrived to you in the same month as your birthday...and anniversaries? Fuggetabout.
So this year...on December 31st...my MACbook and I had a date.
We went through and put in each and every birthday and set an email reminder to go out 15 days before each birthday.
Then I bought this pretty calendar from HERE to keep track of all the appointments.
She has another lovely shop HERE.
The sweet owner has given me permission to give away one copy of the calendar to one of you...
...so if you would like one just leave a comment and I'll choose one of you later this week.

I just love a new year and a new start...I've got a good feeling about 2010. :)
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