20 minute crafter. felt polaroid.

Ready for some funky polaroid fun?
Today's 20 minute crafter is Katie from katie.cupcake.
I first saw this sweet little jewel when Julie forwarded me a link...
...being the mommy sieve that my brain is I promptly forgot.
Happy I stumbled upon it again and thought it would be perfect for this segment.
Katie originally made this as Christmas ornaments...
but I think they could be good for year round crafting.
I added a sweet little heart to mine making it perfect for this time of year.
supplies needed:
white felt. [the 9" x 12" rectangles from craft stores are perfect!]
sewing machine & thread
picture(s) [i used 4x6 inch pictures]

***ETA: if you're making these for small children, i recommend adding a piece of thin chipboard [like a piece cut from a cereal box] to your ornament to prevent it from getting bent as easily. just cut it the same size as your photo, glue it to the back of your photo and slip it into the Polaroid felt sleeve.]
1. cut your felt into a 9 inch by 4 1/4 inch rectangle.

2. fold in half, hamburger way. [lol] and sew a straight line 1/8 inch on two sides, creating a little pocket, with the folded edge at the bottom. [i used dark thread to show you which two sides, but you can just use white.]
3. turn it right side out, and poke out the corners
with a chopstick or the eraser side of a pencil.

4.iron on the lowest setting on your iron.
5. cut out a square on one side for your picture. mine ended up being approximately 2 3/4 inches. set aside the felt polaroid.

6. trim your photo. [mine ended up being approximately 3 3/8 inches by 4 inches, but it will vary on whether or not you have portrait or landscape photos and where your seams ended up.]

7. insert into your felt polaroid sleeve. if it doesn't fit, trim off 1/16 inch pieces until it does. set felt polaroid with picture aside.

8. trim your ribbon to the desired length. [mine ended up being about 8 1/2 inches, laid flat.]
9. start in the upper right corner, and sew a straight line down to corner, making sure to back stitch at the beginning. turn the polaroid, while the needle is still inserted into the felt and the presser foot is raised, sew along the bottom [folded] edge of the polaroid. turn again, and sew up the other side.
10. when you get to the top left corner, stop you sewing machine, and get your ribbon. cross the cut ends, so that it creates a loop for the polaroid to hang from.

11. insert your ribbon, so it is centered on the ornament. be sure to put it behind the picture, but in front of the back layer of felt on the polaroid.
12. sew across the top of the polaroid. back stitch over the ribbon to make sure it is secure. when you get back to the upper right corner, back stitch again.
13. sew a straight line across the bottom of the picture square and hole,
back stitching at the beginning and end.

14. trim strings and enjoy your polaroid ornament!
just remember, that your polaroids don't need to be perfect.
i think that's what gives them their charm, just like real polaroids. :)

blizzard #2 part one.

more snow. and not just a little.
at this point...there is a good 2-2 1/2 feet out there.
above is what you would see looking out of my front door.
For THIS blizzard we fought over took turns shoveling snow every few hours to try to stay on top of it. Sometimes, by the time we did the sidewalk and driveway there would be an inch already covering where we started.
It was a good day for hot drinks and Norwegian pancakes.
This is the recipe.
Doug says I can't share it until my mother in law
or father in law says I can.
I think he might be serious...so I'll wait until I get the go ahead.
Yes, it does say a stick of butter.
They are good.
They are not crepes.
Doug says I make them just like his grandma.
To me that is like the Emmy's of my world.
The kind of award I want to win.
It's a messy, buttery production but SO worth it.
And it is the only meal that we have to tell Moses to slow down on.
Yes, his shirt is backwards...he dresses himself.
And in case you are wondering...he is a totally different three year old.
Loving, sweet, parent pleasing...still all boy but we can handle that.
At the end of the first 24hours we even got to see some blue sky...
And I got a sweet little guy done for the shop...

AND they are calling for snow on Tuesday.

AND this morning the weather man didn't want to talk about next weekend?!
So who knows what we are in for.

To be cont...

THIS is what I mean by ugly.

...calling me praise craving, questioning my faith and
proving that they lack reading comprehension.

I have received SEVERAL comments referring to the fact that they have not seen any comments that are "ugly" as I have called them, only comments that disagree with me....and how awesomely self-centered I must be.

Just so we are clear...I did not publish the UGLY comments (except for the one above)...as I mentioned previously.
Also as mentioned previously, I am OK if you don't agree with me.

Honestly I am sick of talking about it...this is not what I want for my blog...especially since I was never trying to start a debate in the first place.

But I wanted to be sure that all you LOVELY people out there knew what I meant.

So, with that I am done.

And to the author of the above comment
Phillippians 4:13

We'll start fresh tomorrow.
And I will share with you how we put our kids to bed last night with NO power...how we have over two feet of snow outside, how they are expecting more snow on Tuesday and how they won't even talk about what is going to happen next weekend.


And, yes, this post is snarky. I apologize to those of you who remain lovely.

wow. or don't assume pt. 2.

forty plus comments?
I am speechless. If the comments that were received are an accurate representation of the folks who read this blog...then awesome! We have some like minded thinkers and though that is not a requirement to be a guest here...it is always nice to know that I am not alone.
Thanks for your support.
I had no idea that this post would receive so much attention...I was just kind of on a rant and I turned it post.

For the other 10% of you...I am a little baffled.
There was no ill intent in that post.
I said not a thing about whether my way of life was for everyone...only that it was right for me.
I wrote that list based on MY experience...I have heard all of those lines more than once and on a semi-regular basis...so YES there are people out there that think those things about stay at home moms. And while once upon a time I did take offense to the kind of comments that prompted the previous post in the first place...now I laugh them off knowing that those people don't have a clue.

And while it is my nature to be defensive...I know that in this case, I have nothing to be defensive about. I was not meaning to start a debate...only sharing the view from my side...which most of you got, related to and hopefully found a little comical...which was part of the point.

I am OK with comments that do not agree with me.

I am NOT OK with ugly anonymous comments.
If you can't sign your name on a hate filled comment, that you feel the need to leave, that has nothing to do with the post...then please keep it to yourself because I will no longer publish them.

I don't care what kind of mom you are...only that you are doing what is right and best for YOUR family. Whether that is working or staying at home, makes no difference to me...there was NO judgment in the previous post...maybe you misread some of my sarcasm...or are as defensive of your mothering choice as I am...I'm sorry if you thought that post was any sort of judgment call. I truly wish that all mothers could come together as a team instead of hen pecking each other. I am actually pretty amazed at women who can work outside the home AND take care of a home...talk about a full time job.

For those of you who were just plain ugly. Shame on you. Now you have bummed ME out.

do not assume.

I remember my first day of class in Earth science in the ninth grade.
My teacher, Mr. Harman, wrote the word "assume" on the board...and proceeded with the old lesson of why not to assume...if you don't know it...ask someone.

The point is...by assuming something you stand to make a fool of yourself.

I have, in my short life as a stay at home mother,
had many people assume some things about me.

Let me just clear some things up for those people out there who may
not know these things about a stay at home mom.
And I only bring them up here because they come up in my life from time to time...leading me to believe there is a large portion of the population that actually believe these assumptions.

1) My job as a stay at home mom will not be done when my kids are both in school...so please don't assume that it will be. I have no intention of ever getting a "real" job again.

2) Do not assume that I am a stay at home mom due to any of the following:
being lazy, being uneducated, being weak willed (ie. my husband makes me), not wanting to get a "real" job, being overprotective, being controlling or that I have no other choice.

3) Please don't assume that I am dying for the day that I can get back into the work world and get a "real" job. I am doing my "real" job.

I told my husband on our first date that I had no intention of being a career woman, and that my calling in life was to be a wife and mom.
Amazingly he took me on a second date. :)

4) Please do not assume that my college education is "going to waste" because I don't have a "real" job. My job is "real" and I use my education on a daily basis.
Imagine that.

5) Please do not assume that because I am a stay at home mom, that my schedule is any more open than yours. No, I cannot run your errands, pick up your kids, watch your kids, etc, because I don't have a "real" job and therefore must be overflowing with free time that I am desperate for you to fill.

6) Please don't assume that part of my reasoning for being a stay at home mom is because I believe that no one else can raise my children as well as I can.

Actually...this one is true.

7) Do not assume that I watch Oprah.

8) Do not assume that your job is more important than mine just because you get a paycheck.
My treasure is in Heaven.

9) Do not assume that I am "so lucky" that I get to stay home.
Luck has nothing to do with it.
We make sacrifices every day to make sure that I am able
to stay home with my kids. We had to work at it.
It is possible for anyone, I believe. When I first became
a stay at home mom my husband was making about $18,000 a year but because we cut out the wants and stuck to the needs (tithe, bills, food and diapers), we made it. Me staying home was a priority so we cut what we needed to to make sure that happened.
And there was never any kind of government assistance.
We made it work because it is important to us.
It took a lot of faith in God and prayer.

10) And lastly, don't assume that I want your pity because I "have to" stay at home with my kids. It is my choice and I LOVE it. I love it. I love it. I feel as though I am fulfilling God's greatest purpose for a woman...being a mom and caring for my family.

Any other assumptions you would care to share?


q + a

(photo by moses)
where did I get my fabulous huge clock?

Target...on clearance(75% off I think)years ago...I think they still carry a similar one.

where did you grow up?
I lived in Maryland until I was ten and Virginia ever since. home will always be Radford, VA.
who taught you to be good at all things domestic?
ummm...me...though I wouldn't say I am good at all things domestic...but everything I know...I know from google...or books...or I call my mother in law.
When you put an applique on something, what do you use as a backing to your applique?
I don't always use a backing...but when I do I use wonder under.
And no, I don't usually put a backing on the inside of a shirt applique.
I would love to know where you find the time to get your creative projects done?
I am crazy organized. Really. Like just this side of the nut house organized.
I do the boring things like cleaning and vacuuming when my kids are awake so that when they are asleep, that time is mine. Lucky for me, Moses loves to clean and we have a good time together. (Don't worry...we do lots of for real fun things too). I plan in my head all day what I am going to work on so that when my free time comes...I know exactly how to make the most of it. Also...my husband is 100% supportive and knows that creative time for me benefits him just as much. :)
where do you buy your felt for the appliques and letter banners?

Joanns. By the yard. :)

where'd you get the sign on your mantle that says
"do what you have to so you can do what you want to"?

From HERE. It was a custom order.
This is our family motto and has gotten me through more than one "have to" so I could get to a few "want to's".

i love the nose ring and have been considering it myself for a few months...so did it hurt?? really hurt?
Nope. On a scale from 1-10...1 being a good toe stubbing and 10 being child birth (without drugs!!)...getting a nose ring is less than one. By time you realize it hurts...you are done. I would do it again before I volunteered to stub my toe.


where in the world?

Dear Virginia,
I officially break up with you.
We used to have a nice, smooth, moderate and comfortable relationship.
Now, I feel like I don't even know you.
A month ago when we had that incident...I thought it was a crazy fluke.
I mean we all have bad days.

Then we made up...you showed me your good side again.
50 and 60 degrees in January? Yes, that is the Virginia I know.

And now this.
I can't believe you. I thought you changed.
But another foot of snow a couple of days ago?
And another few inches last night?

And NOW you are threatening me with up to FOUR feet this weekend?
You disgust me.
I am done with you.
Pack your things and leave.

What we had is gone and can never be replaced.
Unless immediately after this storm you promise to not dip below 50 again until next winter.

But honestly, your promises mean nothing right now.
So it is best if you leave.

Once yours,

20 minute crafter. arm candy.

Hey there funky friends!
Ready for some more quick crafting?
Say hello to sweet Shelly from Lemon Tree Studios.
Some of the best eye candy around.
And be sure to check out her shop too!
Lemon Tree Studio is home to some of
THE cutest and most ORIGINAL
goodies you will ever find on Etsy.

Helloooo...wake up!

It's time for a super easy, mega quick, girly-girl fixer-upper!
This is a mini {do it in 20 minutes} makeover.

All you need is an old shirt or a cheapo from a thrift shop. I am using a black velveteen shirt I got at Goodwill for $1.29. Any plain jane will do! And, any sleeve length will work....my plain jane is a 3/4 sleeve. We are going to add some cuteness to each sleeve........some arm candy! Dig through your fabric scraps and find your favorites. I am going to use one of these from this Owl Love bundle.

You will need 2 pieces that are at least 8 X 5 inches... Next, make a cut right up the middle {opposite the seam} of each sleeve. You can go as high up as you like, I cut up about 4 inches....
Fold your 2 fabrics in half and press, then fold under about 1/2 inch on both ends, press again. Sew down to the end.

You should now have a nice 'n neat little "square" of fabric that is double sided and has clean seams. You are going to take that and place it under the slit you made in the sleeve. Say that 3 times, fast! Now.....pin, pin, pin!

{Of course, you want to open the slit so that the cute fabric can shine through!}

Now......sew, sew, sew!
Almost done!
Flip that sleeve inside out and trim around the "triangle". I used a pinking shears to help with fraying, but no worries if you don't have one, just use your regular scissors.....nothin' wrong with a little fraying {it can be quite cute, actually}! Wha-la! You're done pimping the sleeves......super simple. All under 20 minutes......pimp a few more sleeves and you'll see how much quicker it becomes. Once you become obsessed with it, don't stop, use your imagination! Add ruffles, add pleats, extend the sleeves as far as you want, sew on some buttons, add lace.....it's your sleeve, do what you want with it!

If you are really ambitious and want to go another 10 minutes....you can add on a little "apron".

Pick out two more fabrics.... Use something round {I used a plate} to make the corners curved.....And I "layered" my fabrics..... Fold the tops under about a half inch and press.....
OPTIONAL STEP: Add a zig-zag {or other decorative} stitch around the bottom edges.....
Sew it on. Done!

Now you can dress & take your little nugget out to buy more fabric {because you need it, right?}....and she can look cute doing so!

That's all there is to it.....have fun!

this is not a repost.

I know these scenes look familiar.
It's because I (feel like) just posted about getting a ton of snow.
And this past weekend we got ANOTHER FOOT!
It makes me ill.
I told Doug that I just want to close the curtains because the sight of it makes me throw up.
This is NOT my (pretty much moderate weather) Virginia!
Where is Al Gore and his "global warming" when I am shoveling snow again this year?
Good things did come of it though...
I got to wear my cute green hat.
Yes, that is a nose ring.
Would you have guessed?
And no, I don't wear make-up.
Ever. I can think of a million things I would rather spend money on.
Moses loved the snow. Of Course.
That made it worth the hassle.
In this photo he is wearing the same gloves that Doug did when he was little.
We (I)grilled out. After we (I) dug out the grill.
The meal tasted like summer.
And that made me happy.
There was a lot of this.
If Aaron finds even the smallest bit of fuzzy material he does this.
I made color version two of the alphabet banner.
Soon there will be a ready to ship listing in the shop.
I worked on my Valentines/Christmas thank yous.
I added the stitching.
It's not too late to get yours from Sara.
She really is the best. And the fastest.
She worked on my logo a little more for me.
I have been working on my shop brand...and figuring out direction and such.
Part of the brand I am working on is including a little goody bag in each order.
I wanted these cute little kraft bags but the prices I found on Etsy were crazy.
For the same price I could get 125 on Etsy...I got 1000 elsewhere.
So I will be listing some in the shop.

Be sure to leave your questions HERE
And I will answer them later this week.

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