20 minute crafter. arm candy.

Hey there funky friends!
Ready for some more quick crafting?
Say hello to sweet Shelly from Lemon Tree Studios.
Some of the best eye candy around.
And be sure to check out her shop too!
Lemon Tree Studio is home to some of
THE cutest and most ORIGINAL
goodies you will ever find on Etsy.

Helloooo...wake up!

It's time for a super easy, mega quick, girly-girl fixer-upper!
This is a mini {do it in 20 minutes} makeover.

All you need is an old shirt or a cheapo from a thrift shop. I am using a black velveteen shirt I got at Goodwill for $1.29. Any plain jane will do! And, any sleeve length will work....my plain jane is a 3/4 sleeve. We are going to add some cuteness to each sleeve........some arm candy! Dig through your fabric scraps and find your favorites. I am going to use one of these from this Owl Love bundle.

You will need 2 pieces that are at least 8 X 5 inches... Next, make a cut right up the middle {opposite the seam} of each sleeve. You can go as high up as you like, I cut up about 4 inches....
Fold your 2 fabrics in half and press, then fold under about 1/2 inch on both ends, press again. Sew down to the end.

You should now have a nice 'n neat little "square" of fabric that is double sided and has clean seams. You are going to take that and place it under the slit you made in the sleeve. Say that 3 times, fast! Now.....pin, pin, pin!

{Of course, you want to open the slit so that the cute fabric can shine through!}

Now......sew, sew, sew!
Almost done!
Flip that sleeve inside out and trim around the "triangle". I used a pinking shears to help with fraying, but no worries if you don't have one, just use your regular scissors.....nothin' wrong with a little fraying {it can be quite cute, actually}! Wha-la! You're done pimping the sleeves......super simple. All under 20 minutes......pimp a few more sleeves and you'll see how much quicker it becomes. Once you become obsessed with it, don't stop, use your imagination! Add ruffles, add pleats, extend the sleeves as far as you want, sew on some buttons, add lace.....it's your sleeve, do what you want with it!

If you are really ambitious and want to go another 10 minutes....you can add on a little "apron".

Pick out two more fabrics.... Use something round {I used a plate} to make the corners curved.....And I "layered" my fabrics..... Fold the tops under about a half inch and press.....
OPTIONAL STEP: Add a zig-zag {or other decorative} stitch around the bottom edges.....
Sew it on. Done!

Now you can dress & take your little nugget out to buy more fabric {because you need it, right?}....and she can look cute doing so!

That's all there is to it.....have fun!

this is not a repost.

I know these scenes look familiar.
It's because I (feel like) just posted about getting a ton of snow.
And this past weekend we got ANOTHER FOOT!
It makes me ill.
I told Doug that I just want to close the curtains because the sight of it makes me throw up.
This is NOT my (pretty much moderate weather) Virginia!
Where is Al Gore and his "global warming" when I am shoveling snow again this year?
Good things did come of it though...
I got to wear my cute green hat.
Yes, that is a nose ring.
Would you have guessed?
And no, I don't wear make-up.
Ever. I can think of a million things I would rather spend money on.
Moses loved the snow. Of Course.
That made it worth the hassle.
In this photo he is wearing the same gloves that Doug did when he was little.
We (I)grilled out. After we (I) dug out the grill.
The meal tasted like summer.
And that made me happy.
There was a lot of this.
If Aaron finds even the smallest bit of fuzzy material he does this.
I made color version two of the alphabet banner.
Soon there will be a ready to ship listing in the shop.
I worked on my Valentines/Christmas thank yous.
I added the stitching.
It's not too late to get yours from Sara.
She really is the best. And the fastest.
She worked on my logo a little more for me.
I have been working on my shop brand...and figuring out direction and such.
Part of the brand I am working on is including a little goody bag in each order.
I wanted these cute little kraft bags but the prices I found on Etsy were crazy.
For the same price I could get 125 on Etsy...I got 1000 elsewhere.
So I will be listing some in the shop.

Be sure to leave your questions HERE
And I will answer them later this week.



I finished my fourth quilt yesterday!
It is for a friend I have never met in real life.
But somehow she found my blog...
and we have since discovered that we went to the same college.
(YAY for Radford University)
And that our husbands work for the same company.
And that our husbands KNOW each other...have worked together, etc.
How crazy is that?
I promised her a baby gift before her newest little baby turned one...I am proud to say I am a good 8 months or so ahead of schedule. :)
And even though it is just a bitty little thing...perfect sized for the stroller or car seat...I am pleased that I did all of it myself...quilting, binding and all.

The hardest part about "quilting" a quilt on a regular sewing machine is getting the stitches to flow...you want them to be "winding country road" like and not "learning how to drive a stick shift" like. The latter will just ruin the whole quilt.
And with that I am ready for my next quilt...it's due by April...and it won't be this small.

I better get on that.

if i had to be a cookie...

and being chocolate chip was taken...
...i would be these...
sunshine in cookie form.
and we NEED sunshine here.
there is about a foot of snow outside...NEW snow...and it is still falling!
these were SUPER simple to make.
you use a food processor!
they are tasty too...like a slightly strawberry flavored shortbread...
you can find the recipe HERE.

enjoy the cookie sunshine!

things i'm lovin.

I'm loving my new pin cushion from Happy Find.
I can't wait to see it in person!
I love when Aaron sits like this to play.
Is it possible for paint color to make a house actually happy?
I think so.
I love fresh bread but yeast does not like me.
So...I love Rhodes...perfect fresh bread (or rolls or cinnamon buns) every time.
Take that finicky yeast.
I love my mantle.
It is my favorite canvas.
I love my paint color. Crystal Aqua from Valspar.
It feels fresh and happy even when it is January.
I don't love that it is January.
I'm loving my custom orders. :)
I'm loving that my sewing machine now hums instead of clangs.
Who knew that lint could make that much difference?

My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:8

I am loving this scripture.
I can't quite articulate it at the moment...but soon maybe.

I love your questions.
I think it is time for another question and answer.

So if you have a question you have been dying to know...leave it in the comments.
You might want to click on FAQ over in the labels section on the right, too, to see if it has been asked in the past.

I don't love that it is supposed to snow this Saturday.


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