mantle love.

we are still waiting to hear from the realtor...

so i thought i would distract myself with a totally unrelated blog post...

did you know...we take down our Christmas goodies on the day after Christmas.  I am always so ready to get my house set my focus on spring and forge ahead into the new year with a fresh, clean house.  

here is my new mantle...a la etsy. 
frame prints are from box64 studios...a Christmas gift from my SIL.
hokies sign from go jump in the lake.
pray sign, that i ADORE, is from burley girl designs.
bunting by me.
clock from target ages ago.
jar of shells from Boca.  a place we just bought our tickets to...*swoon*.
paint color is crystal aqua from valspar...someone always asks. :) 

have you started your post holiday decorating?  do show and tell.


Biz said...

I'm loving the GO JUMP IN THE LAKE Etsy page! Thanks for sharing, I'm feeling very inspired!

Simply Sara said...

I have been looking for those silver letters, we need a G though, hehe.....Love the mantle look, and the hokies sign is the best!!

Anonymous said...

I also take down my tree the day after, because I'm ready to be done and have my house back.
I love the color of your walls (and the green one too).

carey said...

thanks for throwing your paint color in there! my hubs just told me he would help me paint my house. i didn't realize how much my mood is affected by seasons until recently and i can't wait to get my house bright and cheery looking to get me through another NW winter!! oh, and i LOVE the owl print. :)

Anonymous said...

we already boxed away Christmas. Yeah!

Waiting in prayer with you, friend. Hoping for the best.
Love you.

Missy said...

Love your mantle! I just changed ours too- but I still must embrace the winter theme since we live in Fargo, ND and we potentially have 3 more months of it left! Here is the link to my mantle redo:

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