snowman pops.

I found today's craft on Flexible Dreams. 
I thought they would be a good treat for Moses to take as a gift for his friends at school...and who doesn't like to play with food?
 You will need:
large marshmallows
wooden skewers
black frosting or brown 
(in a tube with a tip-I had wanted to use an edible pen but couldn't find just one)
oreos minus the cream
orange tic tac or orange icing for nose
fruit tape
stick pretzels
 Moses' job was to skewer the marshmallows...three on a stick.
then...using the frosting as "glue"...stick an oreo lid on top of the snowman
...then "glue" a rolo on top of that
...stick pretzels in for arms
...cut a 6-7in piece of fruit tape in half lengthwise and wrap around as a scarf
...add eyes, mouth and buttons on...add nose.  and done.
 A little tip for order to let things dry standing up, I taped two empty cereal boxes together and poked holes all the way through with a knife, then stuck a skewer in each hole.
I think these would be super cute for a kids Christmas party...or birthday party. :)

Cute, happy, fun and easy. 



Ky said...

Oh man they look yummo! I'm not sure any of the bits would last long enough in this house to actually transform them into a snowman.

VERY cute though!


I'm going to try to do these tomorrow for my daughter's kindergarten Christmas Party. I worry a little bit about transporting them. I have some cellophane bags, we'll see.

Samantha said...

I L-O-V-E these! I always make sweets for my husband to take to work and he usually finds them taking the left overs home for the kids this would be perfrect for my next sweets to work day!


I got the stuff to make these today for my daughter's class party. I couldn't find any orange gel icing so I got orange tic tacs. I'm wondering how to stick them on or in?

amy@flexibledreams said...

Great pics!! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. How did tube icing turn out? I will be doing this again with my son's kindergarten class and I need to figure out a better way to do the faces.

pinksarahh said...

I made these last night! They are not as cute as yours but they were fun and the kids loved them!!

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