We got just enough snow the other day for the boys to play in...about 3-4in or so.  Uncle B was already here for Moses' preschool Christmas program...which was awesome in more ways than one...for example, Uncle B LIKES to play in the so much. :)
 Hoho as cute as ever.
The boys came in after over an HOUR out in that mess...I mean, snow. :)

Have you gotten snow yet?


Life With the Crazies said...

I wish we could get snow!!...It's supposed to be 70 here today in Phoenix!

Allison said...

Hahaha yes, we have snow. But I'm in MN. The other week we got dumped with 21" in one day. But I love snow, so I'm happy!

ZanBryDesigns said...

We had snow flurries but it didn't stick and I am thankful for that. I do not like snow anymore, but my kids love it. But then it is cute to see my kids play out in it as long as I have power, food, and my husband home. I never learned how to properly drive in snow.

Trish said...

hoho looks cute in his snow gear... pretty much there is snow in MI from Nov to April... and sometimes we get some in May!

Finnskimo said...

Uhm...ahem, our house is buried in snow.

And its on 3 foot stilts, you know, cause of the permafrost.

Our garage is buried too, so we had to dig out four feet of snow in front of our door after throwing the dog out the top of the door to his business. Then dig IN the house...then we dig OUT of the house...then we dig OUT of the garage!

Fun times I tell ya.

Check out my blog, we went for a walk yesterday in the "snow."

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