baby Jesus envy.

 Today's craft is brought to you today by my baby Jesus envy. 
Several of my friends on facebook have children that go to the same preschool as Moses but have different teachers.  All of their children got to make these adorable baby Jesus' in class...and I was totally jealous.  Until I realized that we could make our own.  
We started by reading a story about baby Jesus.   
 Here is how we did it...first I used some heavy muslin fabric and sewed a simple peg shape (rectangle with a rounded top...I left the bottom open, turned it right side up and let the boys stuff their babies with filling.  Then I sewed the bottom closed.
 I think the ones at the preschool were made by using a pantyhose filled and tied off...but for some reason the idea of using a pantyhose completely weirded me out.  But you could do it that way if you are more normal than I am and don't want to sew a stitch.

 Then I let Moses draw a face and some hair on his.  Be sure to check on a scrap of fabric to see if your marker will bleed...I used sharpies and had no problem.
Then cover a small box with brown paper...make sure your Jesus can fit inside.
 Then we shredded some yellow construction paper for hay.
 Then cut a square out of can use any fabric you wrap Him up in.
 The boys REALLY loved doing this craft.
Neither Hoho nor baby Jesus have ever been so cute.



Bumbles and Fairy-Tales said...

What sweet lil boys! and what adorable Baby Jesus' - I adore this project and hope I can find the materials for them before Christmas!
Thanks SO much for sharing :)
hugs, margie

1 Funky Woman said...

Oh my goodness how precious! I love how the boys are making them, just darling!


Phyllis said...

These are so sweet.

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

How VERY VERY adorable... Love this idea!

Kristen said...


i am going to have to add this idea to our advent activities... if not this year then for sure next year.

my kids would love this activity - even my 11 year old.

Judy said...

Oh, my!

Sooooo cute.

But then, everything here always is!

Especially those boys of yours.

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

this is so sweet!
we have a preschool made baby jesus created out of a clothes pin that i adore, but this one is so much more snuggly. :)

Amber said...

We made these today. Parker and Ava both LOVE them! So cute!

Renee Davis Meyer said...

We made these today too - and they came out so super cute!

Thanks for the inspiration! And I love your blog :).

mama j said...

I teach PS and think I may do this next week-if I can accumulate enough boxes--I'd use a sock-no sew--and faster w/ a bunch of kiddos-and you're right-something about a "panty hose baby Jesus" to snuggle with just seems WRONG!

and I'm TOTALLY adding the snowman handprint ornaments to my agenda for next year....I'm a HUGE fan on sending my students home w/ a BOX FULL of handmade ornaments for their parents, after 3 weeks of fun in class-that will be a HUGE hit!

Thanks for the great ideas!

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