thankful num 2.

Today's T.O.P recipient is...

Holly.  Holly I. is one of the first customers on Etsy that I remember forming a longstanding relationship with.  If you have an etsy shop you should be hoping and praying for customers just like Holly.  And I am not only thankful for her because she is such a long standing and faithful customer...but she goes so far above and beyond when it comes to praising and loving my work and she does just the same in being my friend.  

I'm thankful for all she does beyond being a great patron.  She has a knack for sending me a text or note in the mail or email or Facebook message at just the right time that I need a little encouragement.  She is a super cheerleader.  Everyone needs a friend like Holly.  She makes me want to be a better her and all my friends.   

I truly believe that I have her to thank for so much of the success I have had on Etsy...she gives great feedback on products...inspires ideas and has helped me fix an oops here and there in way that makes me not feel like an idiot.  She is patient and understanding about deadlines.  She communicates thoroughly.  She is a dream patron.  She makes me want to run my business even better.
So Holly...thank you for being lovely.  For being patient and kind and ever so sweet.  I am thankful for your encouragement and for believing in me. :) If I have no other reason to be thankful for starting a business...I can at least be thankful that it brought you into my life. :) 

You make me lovelier just by being you. :)


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Ky said...

Such a beautiful tribute to your friend.

Lindsey said...

What a fun letter. Good for you for chosing a customer who means so much!

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