public service announcement...

It's that time of year where I ruin the surprise of all those on my Christmas card list to gush about the creator of my Christmas cards.  Sara has made my cards for the last four Christmases...on top of other card designs here and there.  To say that she is AMAZING is a huge understatement.  
Her service is superior.  She is patient and talented and completely lovely to work with.  And she doesn't ask me to do this for her...but every year I am SO totally blown away by how GREAT my cards are and how much I love them...that I can't help but tell you all about them and how much you are missing out if you don't get your Christmas cards from her.  Honestly, if it wasn't for Sara I wouldn't do photo Christmas cards.  Mostly because I don't like sending something that I know someone else will be sending...and because I always get duplicates of Christmas cards from different families.  And I don't want to be a duplicate.  Snobby of me, I know.       
I don't know about you but I can hardly STAND how cute these Christmas cards are!!

And the best part...if you order from her right will most likely get a proof of your card within about 24hours.  She is super fast!  She fixes it up and sends you a file to print off as much as you would like!!!  OR you can have her print them for you with all sorts of add-on's like front and back(like ours will be) or rounded corners or matte or glossy.   And great prices all around.

Either way getting your cards will be the easiest thing to get done on your list. 
And you will love Sara.  Go visit her at Less Ordinary Designs. 
I promise.

And like I said, she doesn't ask me to do this for her, I just love her that much, but she IS sponsoring a giveaway tomorrow...come back for that then.  :)

P.S.  "God Jul" is Merry Christmas in Norwegian. :)


Katie said...

So funny that you mention her shop today. I happened to be looking for printable cards on etsy and saved a few of hers as possibilities. Glad to hear you were happy with the product!!

carey said...

those are fantastic! i love the colors.

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