not Christmas card photos.

 I'm just going to warn might find this post really boring unless 1) you are related to me (and it still may bore you) 2) you think my kids are really cute or 3) you just really like me. :)

A few weeks ago when we went to Blacksburg we met up with our personal family photographer, Jeremy.  Jeremy has photographed nearly every important event in my graduation, engagement, marriage, birth of Moses and family portraits.  Then we moved.  And we haven't had a family photo since that didn't involve a tripod.  So nearly a year ago I asked Jeremy if he could work a family session into his busy schedule...busy because Enigma, the photography business he co-owns, was recently voted number one wedding photographer in Virgina by The Knot.  So we went back and forth for a while to get together...between his schedule and was tough.  We finally nailed down a date in October...and I was giddy.  October in Virginia was gorgeous.  Seventy degree days full of sunshine and wonderful Indian summer weather.  Except the day that we had photos taken.  It was cold.  It was rainy.  It was wet.  It was windy.  Pretty much the worst day in October.  

To keep my heart from breaking we all tried to make the best of it while we were there...and have since rescheduled for the Spring or Summer.  Despite the terrible weather Jeremy got some shots that I will surely treasure forever...I'm sharing some of my least the ones that didn't make the cut for Christmas cards. :)  Enjoy!  Family members...if there are some you would like to see in a frame for Christmas just let me know. :)         

You can check out (and HIRE) Jeremy over at his website Enigma.
I promise that you won't find a better all around awesome photographer.

And my favorite part of Enigma...besides Jeremy and that they GIVE you all of your photos...on a print and use AS YOU WISH! :) No more photographers being limited with how many prints and only getting certain ones...they are ALL yours and they are ALL awesome! :)
Simply the best!



Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

they are all so great. the last one though is a must frame. it's just outstanding.

Anonymous said...

I am family and I love them.

Bop Bop

I do not have a Google account


love the photos, he really captured your family. I love the last one, would make a great canvas!!

Jessica said...

Wonderful pictures Crystal. Such a beautiful family. You are so blessed. :)

Ky said...

Great photos!
I DO thing your kids are very cute and I DO love you, but I wish you'd pop in and see me sometimes. I feel like this relationship is very one sided. ;)

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