making Christmas.

 I don't know what it says about me to be well into making Christmas crafts this early in November...but I will assume that it's good things.  There is nothing like Christmas time to get me digging into craft supplies that are non fabric...fimo among them. 
 These sugary sweet snowmen took on a life of their own as I made them...each has it's own little personality and charm...lots of glitter and sparkly and tinsel.
 They are all nestled in the shop...waiting for a new home.  And they are one of those things that you make and kinda hope no one buys...because then they could all live on my tree. 
 I'll be making a few more...but not many so if you really, really want one...I would grab one soon.  You pay for the priority shipping on the first one and the rest ship free.   
 I also made up a handful of one of my best all time sellers...just slip your own photo into the vinyl pocket and you have your very own personalized keepsake. 
These make great gifts for grandma's, teachers, moms...anyone who love to see your cuties face. 
And for just a bit more you can order some that are personalized with the name of your choice...I will be taking a limited number of orders for if you know you would like one contact me soon!

You can find all of these goodies over at the SHOP! 

I've also posted the KIX winner!  Click over on "Free Stuff Here" to find out if it's you!


he calls me wifey said...

OH MY GOODNESS. These are SO adorable. You are one talented lady!!

Megan said...

Crystal, Those ornaments are to die for! :)

Hope you are well ...and perfect timing for Etsy ... not too early!

Have an awesome weekend!

Megan Luckey said...

I attempted to make your photo ornaments using your tutorial and failed miserably! Is there some top secret trick to sewing the vinyl?
Thanks for any help you can offer.

Hollie said...

I love the snowmen ornaments! They are so cute and look very well made. And the photo ornaments are adorable!

April@gingerbreadgirl said...

Those ornament are super cute!!! i have started Christmas shopping..thats how crazy I am!! :)

Terri @ said...

Love the picture ornament. I saw it earlier and it inspired me to go out and buy a date stamp. :) Thanks for sharing.

Shell in your Pocket said...

I love those snowmen faces..they are so very cute-

sandy toe

Anne said...

Those ornaments are beautiful - are they made of clay? Did you paint all of the features on? Nice Job !

Ana Princesa said...

Loved it!


(from Portugal!)

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