Just wanted to share my current favorite item...coming soon in NON-Christmas's a hand towel and there are a couple available in the shop...custom orders and color requests welcome...
 There are also a couple of my houses in a row towels in the of my all time best sellers...they make a sweet little gift for a teacher or your mom....or anyone you love enough to buy handmade for. :)
 And I am dying to buy some of this ribbon...
...and this one.  But it is only available in 25 yard spools for $31 each...if you would like to share a spool with me...even if we split it several ways that would be awesome.  
Email me at if you are interested and we can work out the details. 

And I have a couple of sponsorship spots open...I try to keep the slots limited in number to keep the exposure high for each of my lovely sponsors.  If you are interested in a spot for a GREAT rate...just email me. :) 
Happy Friday to you! :)
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christy said...

Hi! I just found your blog :) I love love those sweet towels! Love all the colors! What fun fabric.

Janna said...

Oooh I love the top ribbon of just the scissors! I'd totally go like 5 yards on that if you find anyone else to go in on it! I absolutely LOVE those towels, ok i actually love pretty much everything you make;) Thanks for the lovely ideas!

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