There's a lot of awesome in the air today...

Here's the first one...and email in response to a "What I wish" segment...

July Fourth of this last year was probably the happiest I’ve ever been. The boy of my dreams and I ran the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta with my family and then drove up to the North Georgia Mountains to spend the rest of the day with his family. We were watching the sun on the hills and fields when he suddenly turned to me and said, “This is where I want to marry you.” My heart sang. We’d talked about marriage before but this moment was so clear and so perfect that it felt like the first time.

     The next day everything changed. My dear boy, my honey bear, told me that he “didn’t want to be in love anymore” and to just forget everything he’d ever said.  My heart was absolutely broken. I hope you won’t judge me, but we’d switched colleges together and moved in together and waking up next to him every day was something that made me believe in God. We used to have all these silly rituals to make even doing laundry and dishes something fun and it blew my mind that he couldn't see how stupidly happy we were.

     I just read “The Truth About Singleness: A Letter to God from a Longing Heart” and actually burst in to tears in the middle of the library. I’ve watched the boy I was supposed to marry start dealing drugs and having sex with cheap girls with fake blonde hair and fake tans who are nothing but ugly on the inside and it’s made me, at times, literally unable to get out of my bed. It’s been so hard waking up to an empty room and not having those goodnight kisses or random midday laughs. For two years I constantly had his love and trying to live without it has been excruciating. This letter really gave me hope that I’ll find something even better than that love and I’m so appreciative that you posted it. If it’s possible could you pass this along to whomever originally posted it? I think people should know when they’ve changed a stranger’s life. For the first time in a long time I think tomorrow will be a better day.

Thank you!

Totally awesome...and encouraging.  By awesome I great to face a day with hope for the first time in so long?
I love to hear from you...especially emails like this.
More awesome things... 
 ...a new chalkboard...waiting to set and be broken in...
...laundry is caught up...dishes are caught to be printed, caught up!...
 ...sewing and custom orders...caught up!  
...bathrooms clean...
(thus another post today). :) 
 ...while it is still my hope and prayer to move HOME...I have at least moved out of the despair of being utterly homesick...I'm still homesick...but at least I haven't cried about it in a few days. husband makes my coffee every morning...
 I'm going to be thankful this can particiapte, too...
Go visit No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane to find out more.
...all of my meals for the week are planned and shopped for!  This week I choose recipes from some of my favorite bloggers...last night was Meg's Potato soup!!

You have to make's tasty, easy, warming and awesome!
Perfect for Fall!

Here's the recipe, with my changes. 
12 hash brown patties 
(I could only find packs of ten so I had to get two...but 
you could totally get away with just ten if you have the same problem)
2 cans of chicken broth
1 stick of butter
1c shredded cheese
1 tsp dry onion
1 tsp powdered garlic
2c sour cream
2c milk
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper

Put patties and broth in large pot over medium heat.
Cook until patties fall apart. 
Put in stick of butter until melted.
Add all other ingredients.
Heat for 20 minutes until hot...don't let it boil.

Top with shredded cheese and crumbled bacon.
I served it with a nice green salad...but bread would be good too!


OK...I know that's a lot to take I'll stop at that much awesome.
I hope you're week is just as awesome. 



angela said...

Prayers for your emailer - my heart breaks for her. I'm so glad she sees a light ahead now. It's so great how God works.

Now that potato soup looks amazing! But I am positive that I would eat a majority of it all by myself - I'm like that with soup - and a whole stick of butter and all that other yumminess would not be good for me :)

Ky said...

I am sad to read that there is so much pain and lonliness in this world. Thank God for God who heals broken hearts.

The rest of your post is great! So much colour in your home. You are such an organised person. I just can never seem to get it together enough to plan meals for a whole week.
I always plan to become a very organised person, but, sadly, I never seem to follow through with the plan.
You're blessed Crystal, even though I know you don't like where you are living. It WILL work out for you.

Janna said...

OK Will you PLEASE come to my house;) I want to be done with laundry and bathroom cleans and MEALS PLANNED and shopped for ...I want!! How awesome!! I'm more like the Ky above - I want to be and try to be organized and plan meals and it never sticks:(

Also feel so sad for the emailer - may she find someone so much better that that to be her prince. How terrible and heart breaking:( We all need to pray for her ex the most I think - what a terrible, lonely, sad and sinful life.

April@gingerbreadgirl said...

I love that sign..did you make it?? Soup looks yummy..I have seen it on her blog but never tried it....LOVE those really!!!!

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