arm candy. aka 2x the wardrobe.

 You might remember THIS DEBATE from some time was about whether or not baby legs were for boys or girls.  I won because not only did Aaron wear them...but when he was done, Moses took them over and used them as sleeves under his short sleeved shirts. 
 It instantly turned his summer shirts into winter shirts. 
Plus it gave him a way to express his Moses self.
 So...this Fall, I sought out some new ones to add to his collection...
 ...and found "mama runs with scissors".  
The cutest sleeves/leggings I have seen anywhere.  
 I chose a few and they came quick in the mail.  
To say Moses was excited to see them come in the mail is a huge understatement.  He was thrilled to now own some with gnomes, monkeys, bikes and more. :) 
So thrilled that he quickly agreed to a quick modeling session.  
Go check them out...mama runs with scissors.  
Excellent quality, great price and quick shipping. 
Fun for boys and girls. :)


Cyndi Browning said...

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that my HoHo Monster came in the mail yesterday!! It's absolutely the best thing ever!! My little man will LOVE this!! Thanks so much! (Cyndi Browning)

SarahinSC said...

Seriously cute pics!

Kristen @ said...

those are precious!!

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

that is such a great idea!
i heart that last picture. :)

gina said...

My 2 year old wears baby legs too! He's ALL boy! =)
They are great under shorts too when the mornings are cool but the afternoons are warm =)

carey said...

Love your photos! I just checked out that shop, thanks for pointing me in that direction. I think a few pairs of arm warmers might find their way into my kids' stockings. :)

Anonymous said...

do they really stay up well? this would be a great idea but I can't figure out how they stay up over the arm in an active kid. Let us know--she sure does have some adorable listings!!

Stephanie said...

So cute!!! He looks adorable, as always. Gonna go check them out.

Ky said...

They are a great idea. I've never seen them before.
Moses is a great li'l model too!

Julie W said...

That last pic of Moses is hilarious!

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