a homecoming prequel?

 We went home this last weekend...to get family photos taken, see friends and family and to be there for Virginia Tech's homecoming...while there we took the boys to Radford so they could see the campus where mommy went to college.  Above, the boys are sitting on the steps of the library.
 And here they are checking out the (dry) fountain.  It was SO fun to see my boys running around on the campus that I have adored for so long. :) Even if Moses kept asking "When are we going to Blacksburg?"
 My sister in law is a chiropractor at one of the main offices in Blacksburg and her company had a float in the homecoming parade.  All of the nieces and nephews got to don all of their (and some borrowed) Hokie gear and ride on the float!
 My cute son and niece!
 Moses practiced his "job" for days before the parade...you know waving to the crowd and yelling "GO HOKIES!!"
 Aaron had no idea what was going on...but he was ok to go with the flow.
 The boys waiting for the parade to start.
 Cutest Hokies ever!
 Fun with pom-poms...love this photo!

 Moses took his job very seriously and did indeed yell "Go HOKIES!" at everyone who looked at him...all the while waving to his fans.   Moses was adorable and I couldn't get over how great he did and how cute he was doing it!
Aaron got a nice view from the top of the truck...
And did his fair share of waving, too. 

It was a great weekend...full and long and good, all at the same time.  Moses cried when we had to say goodbye...saying over and over "I don't want to leave Blacksburg!"...and all I could think was "Me either!"...praying that this homecoming was a prequel to our real homecoming!



Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

i hope so for you, too!! it looks lovely!

Cherry Tree Lane said...

these pictures are the precise reason I am OVER California :) I love everything about them. you don't find alot of this in So Cal. Sometimes, but rarely...

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