happy birthday moses!


Dear Moses, 
Today you are four!  I know every mom says this...but I can't believe that you are ALREADY four.  I feel like I blinked and the last four years flew by.  You are such a funny and fun loving kid.  You are FULL of energy and downright spunky!  At least a few dozen times a day you tell us all you love us and ask for a hug or a kiss.  You started school this year, two days a week, and you love it.  You enjoy play-doh, coloring and cutting paper in world record tiny pieces.  You love your little brother and you all have really started to play TOGETHER.  
You adore your daddy and are bummed out on the days he has to go to work.  
Your prayers every night before bed have started to have more and more to them...it's like you have really started to think about what you want to pray for.  

I pray daily that your walk will always take you TOWARDS Jesus and never away from Him.  You love your Sunday school classes and your teachers seem to love you being there.  You love your Uncle B too...he comes almost every other week to see you and Hoho and takes you all over town on adventures.  This year you have had a lot of firsts...fishing, riding a horse, having a sleepover, and so much more.  You have grown so much in so many ways over the last year...you really are a big boy now.  I love you so much and I truly love and enjoy watching you grow and learn and become the (little) man that God wants you to be.  It is a JOY to be your mom...you keep my job fun, full, interesting and to the brim with love, pride and joy.  I love you and I can't wait to see all the fun things that four has in store for you.  

Happy Birthday Mighty Mo! 

Love, your mama.  


Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Happy Birthday Moses!!

Anonymous said...

In the last shot I see his dad all over the place :)

Petra said...

Happy Birthday Moses and congrats to you, Crystal!!

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

such a wonderful way to wish him a happy birthday!

happy birthday moses!!

Cherry Tree Lane said...

Precious. Congrats on your sweet baby!

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