Oh my...I am bubbly at the moment...sometimes an idea just hits me and I KNOW that I know that I am supposed to do it...and I really feel like this is one of those ideas.

I've mentioned before that I love words.  That's kind of an understatement...I really LOVE communication.  Simple, pure communication.  My favorite people on this Earth are those that I can communicate freely with...good and bad...and they love me enough to see me through it.  They communicate back and we go back and forth and share and ponder until we get to the place that is right with our words.  I firmly believe that communication could save the world.  I have seen firsthand how communication can save relationships.  There have been conversations that moments beforehand have literally had me shaking having anxiety attacks...but the fruit of HAVING those conversations has been more than I could have ever hoped for.   

On the other biggest pet peeve is the LACK of communication.  It makes me crazy to hear people saying things to everyone but the ONE person they should or when they don't ever communicate anything.  It's not that I need to know everything or that everyone should...its that you only know YOU and what you are thinking.  You can only ASSUME what another is thinking or feeling.  And it works the other way too.  As much as we would love it...people don't know what you are thinking or feeling or how your experiences have affected you unless you TELL them.  

Now with all of that being said...I realize that there needs to be safety in a conversation.  You have to feel like you can be vulnerable without being attacked.  I know that most likely you, like me, have some things you just can't talk about on your blog because of who reads it.  Even if you do want to talk about just don't know how.  Well I hope I have figured out how...or at least one avenue. 

I am praying and starting a new series that I think I will call "What I wish I could tell you".  Now I have seen other blogs do similar things...but never anonymously.  Usually they link back to the blog and author and that is all well and good.  But maybe that doesn't work for your story.  Maybe you are not ready to sign your name to your story and maybe this route will help you get there...maybe knowing you have to sign your name to it keeps you from pouring your story out.  That doesn't mean you shouldn't communicate it.      

Basically it will work like have a story you want to write it out and get it just email it to me...and I post it here for the series.  I will be the only one who knows who you are and as God as my witness your story is safe with me.  No names will be published.  I want to provide you with a place you can share safely.  

About anything you wish you could tell someone but can't.  

What would you tell someone if you could? Would you talk about how surviving (alcoholism, rape, abortion, abuse, etc)has formed who you are?  Do you want to talk about you never felt love growing up?  Do you want to share your feelings about your fears, your hopes, your dreams?  Do you want to talk about your regrets in life? 

Maybe seeing you here will give you the strength to share in real life.  Maybe it will help you to move on.  Maybe you will forward that someone a link to your article.  I don't know but I do know that getting it out there DOES help. 

Does that make sense to you?  Does it sound as good as I hope it does?  Do you have a story you wish you could tell? Even if your story isn't written yet can you email (ricracandpompoms at let me know you want to participate? I would love for this to be a launching point for good in your life and mine...who knows the limits of getting it all out there...who knows the healing that can happen unless you start somewhere...even if you're shaking at the thought...

What do you think?


Heather at A "Love"ly Mess said...

Genius and divinely inspired. I will be anxious to see all of the good that will come from this journey. God will be ever so present in this one, I can just feel it :)

Terri @ said...

First of all: I love your blog
Second: I also love words and am also working on communicating directly because I have developed a bad habit of stuffing instead of talking when I have something that I figure the recipient might be less than happy receiving.
Third: I think your forum is an interesting plan. I might even send you something... but I can't seem to access your e-mail. Every time I click a contact it says that my computer does not support that option. Am I missing your email address on your page?

sotheywillalwaysremember said...

I love this post... I am always, always telling my family that they need to communicate more, meanwhile I think they are thinking 'umm, you might "communicate" too much!'
I found your blog through Julie at Joy's Hope, I wrote to her asking her if she knew any bloggers in Virginia and she gave me your name...and I am so glad she did! I love your blog. I love the layout, the colors and your writing.
Anyway, in 26 short days I will be making the move (with my kids, my husband is already there) from California to Virginia and I was hoping to be able to chat with some Virignia folks. We will be living in Northern Virginia in Warrenton.
Oh by the way my name is Nina, I guess I should have probably lead with that!
Maybe you can share some Virginian information with me, I have never been there so when I get off the plane it will literally be my first time ever even being anywhere near there. Scary, crazy and exciting all at the same time.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea. Looking forward to reading this!

Emilie said...

As much as I like this idea, are you planning on posting the stories to The Little Bit Funky site, or creating a new one? I think a sister site would be a better idea for a few reasons: the stories will most likely be a bit dark, and that doesn't quite fit your business, kids, etc. Having the option to follow a link would be an easier transition from cheery/crafty/business to a story about rape/addiction/abortion.

I do think offering an outlet and a listening ear is a fabulous idea though...I'll be watching for it!

My name is Becka said...

This is a very good idea, thank you for offering up your services. You serve so many people, you truly are inspiring.

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