Well, we've been back from vacation for a few days now...and I am spent. 
I feel more tired and worn out now than I did before vacation...not sure what that is about. 
I am feeling lazy and unmotivated.  

And seriously lonely.  Doug had to go back to work today...his first real day since September 7th.
I feel like I am in this weird transitional time of life.  
Though I am not sure what I am transitioning to and from.
Maybe it's just a little funk. 
Maybe it's living in a city that I don't really care for.  Who knows?
I am feeling ill equipped.  Unable and lacking in skill at the moment.  Which is keeping me from a ton of projects that I want to do.  Like spray painting a half a dozen things I have in mind to paint.  And working on Moses' pirate birthday party.  And trying the half dozen patterns that I have bought.  
The only things I am certain of at the moment are my boys and my husband and my Jesus.  Most everything else feels shifty and uncertain.
 So I am in need of some motivation and encouragement.  
And I am off to find it this morning.  
Before Monday takes hold and sets the tone for the whole week. 



Micah said...

You got the "back from a getaway" blues. bluck. I'm havin' a low mornin' myself. Just keep puttin' one foot in front of the other and talkin' to Jesus. I think He may enjoy those lows because we aren't so wrapped up in projects and life. I am praying right now that you'll get a fresh wind this morning. (just realizing I don't even know your name so I am just calling you "little bit funky" in my prayer)

anna said...

You can be encouraged in the following:

1- your perspective & funk are temporary. your future is eternal.

2- you have friends who love you & miss you

3- you currently - like right this minute - are an inspiration to many, you are allowed a day off from creativity.

4- My girl hearts m.

Terri @ em-belle-ish.blogspot.com said...

I had a similar "funk" after we got back from vacation last month. I just blogged about it yesterday morning. Maybe you can check it out.

Thanks for being real here in blogland. I pray that God has restored hope to you and that you are feeling better today.

angela said...

{Big Mom Hug}for you. A little of the funk is probably what I call - post vacation depression.....just generally unmotivated by the everyday. It seems to take me a good two weeks to recover!

For me, the start of the nice, cool fall is waking me up! An end of the summer funk seems to be hanging over a good portion of the crafting world. Here's to fall!

angela said...

It looks like all four of us above were typing at about the same time.

I myself am a bit encouraged to see others mention that post-vacation funk. I thought I was the only one!

{Prayer} for you

Kristin said...

I just started reading your blog awhile ago, but just wanted to say that I'm sorry you're feeling down, but just know that your creativity and style inspires me SO much as I try to figure out what direction I should go with my business!

KMonti said...

What are the odds your pregnant?

SarahinSC said...

I really appreciate your truthfulness. I get tired of people always portraying an "I always have it all together" attitude. Life IS hard and not always fun. I've lived in a city I really didn't like and it is just plain hard! My sympathies to you!

thula by jessica said...

beautiful blog & beautiful children!

Crystal said...

I know how you feel. I just moved to Hawaii five months ago. (Yeah, I know it's beautiful here, and I'm lucky to be here, blah, blah) I am not happy here. We are having trouble finding me a job, and I'm kind of in a funk from being so far away from everyone I know and love, and not having any friends here. :(

I hope you feel better about where you are soon, and I really hope you find some friendly people. I know that can make all the difference.

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