a lot of firsts.

We've had a lot of firsts here lately.  And I just don't think my heart can take another... 

 Today was Moses' first day of preschool.  We just got back from vacation yesterday afternoon so maybe it's the exhaustion of travel that has kept my heart in my throat all morning? Yes, I think I will blame that.  Surely it has nothing to do with the fact that for the first time ever someone else will be taking care of my first baby...twice a week until next May.  I am positive that does not have a thing to do with it.  I am sure, also, that it has nothing to do with the fact that he marched into school without a single tear or that for the first time, what I have taught him at home will be put to the test while he is not under my wing.   
I am also quite convinced that I am not mourning the loss of the schedule-less days.  From here on out for the next 18 years my life will be dictated by school schedules...sigh...we no longer can choose to stay home on rainy days...or cuddle up for a movie on the extra cold days.  

 I am definitely NOT struggling with letting the Lord take Him under his wing...not only on the preschool days but always...leaving me is the illusion that I have anything to do with Moses ultimate safety...we are ALL in His hands...and that includes my first born.  

 No, my friends...we are all just fine and dandy here.  No moping mother or heart heavy parent in this house...just an almost four year old's first day of school.  
And just in case I wasn't sure of his readiness for his future...here are some more firsts from the last month...
First trip to the dentist...where he went back all by himself and had a perfect visit.
First time fishing and catching a fish.  In case you don't know what pure joy looks like...see the photo above.
First time on and driving a motor boat.  Does he looked pleased or what?
First time on a horse...which he surprised us all with by not even flinching.  He was so proud.
First time going on a sleepover.  While in NJ he got to have an over-nighter with his cousin.  Once again without looking back...just a quick hug for mom and he was off. 

I can't believe he has grown this fast...but he has grown to be such a great kid.  So funny and smart...lovable and sweet...crazy and wild and brave...and all boy.  I wouldn't change a thing about him...except how fast he is growing.  I sure love that kid.

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carlisle clan conversation... said...

Your poor heart, those are a ton of firsts! And what a trooper your big boy is...I'm sure that will be a great trait later when he isn't so little!

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

you know all the confidence comes from the fact that he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is loved, and that my friend is because of you.

p.s. joy looks good on him!

Heather at A "Love"ly Mess said...

What a c-u-t-i-e pie :) Congrats on all of the wonderful firsts.

Trish said...

i hear you loud and clear on the dictated scheduling. i am so at peace when we get to stay home on our homeschooling days! so nice and less stressful. but on the positive side of things getting out forces me to get around for the day. and when i have a newborn. i am not a fan of getting out of my pj's! :)

Meyers Family said...

oh, my word, my thoughts exactly with my boys, though i have one in second grade and one in kindergarten...........reality is starting to set in that i can't keep them under my wing forever (sniff, sniff) :( yes, all you can do is pray that what you've taught them sticks and they can be a light in this world. all us moms are in this together (if that makes it any easier :)

Anonymous said...

Ha! My daughter sees Dr. Stone too. Wait till he gets a phone call on his birthday where they sing him Happy Birthday. Their office is awesome! I loved his "joy" face with the fish.


Ky said...

He is just beautiful! You've done a fabulous job with him Crystal. He will go far in life, that one.

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