good-bye summer.

so long making rainbows with the hose. 
So long summer curls.
So long endless days.
So long leaving the house without a jacket on.
Adios, clothing optional backyard parties.
See ya next year, recovering in the AC with your best buddy.
At least we still have dress up.
Come back soon, messy outdoor fun.
See ya later flip-flops.  You were good to us.
See ya later, happy outside for hours boys.
Good-bye almost four Moses and 18 month old Aaron.
Next summer these boys will be completely different.  Four and 2 1/2.  :(
We'll begrudgingly welcome Fall...but we will miss homemade popsicles, and sandbox fun, and playing in the hose and sprinkler and pool. 

It's been a good summer.  We are blessed. 


LKP said...

you're right. so many blessings! =)

Tasha said...

It has been a good summer at our house too. Summer to me can be so magical. I love it. Glad yours was so good.

carlisle clan conversation... said...

So fun, what a great send off! I'm sure you will have loads of Fall fun with those cuties! Glad to 'see' you in my reader today!

Shelly said...

Whaddya mean, goodbye?? We keep doin' all that stuff till we have to wear too much clothing to make it fun!!! LOL! Here in Ohio we have warm-ish weather till sometimes the end of October...but not pool weather!

That's part of why we like homeschooling, the flexibility to have "endless" days! We went to the park last night for a picnic at about 7 and didn't come back till after 9! The kids are just sleeping in and it's no big deal...

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