a gift for great pa.

We'll be celebrating Doug's grandpa's birthday while we are on vacation. 
He came here from Norway when he was just 14...with almost nothing.  
Since that day many many years ago, he has built a great life for his family through his hard work and started a successful contracting business after retiring.  After having a daughter that was blind and multiply impaired and seeing a need for residential housing and care for this category of God's people he helped to start and fund AMIB.  The agency now has several houses and programs that help people who may otherwise not have access to the care they need.  
 Needless to say...we love great pa (as the boys call him) and we are so proud to have him as a head of our family.  We are excited to see him next week.
And I hope he loves our little tribute to his roots. :)  



Mommafo said...

What a great present for a "great pa!"

Rachel said...

You guys are Norwegian? Rock on! I hardly EVER meet someone else that has some Scandinavian blood in them!

PS Have you ever attempted fattigman bakelse? I have a recipe for them, but have never tried them yet. If so, are they something worth the time to fry?

Melanie said...

Sweet! My great-grandpa came from Norway when he was about that age, with nothing in his pockets either. We love honoring his legacy

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