on the agenda.

This week is going to be Busy.  With a capital "B".  I don't plan on sleeping much. We are going on a much needed vacation soon and I know I will enjoy myself all the more if I can get certain things done over the next several days. 

First things first.  There will be a SHOP UPDATE TONIGHT! :) 
I will be listing several unclaimed hoho's.  And since vacation is coming up this may be the last batch until the end of September.  I am going to try to squeeze in another batch before we go but I can't promise it will happen.

So SHOP UPDATE TONIGHT at 8pm! :) (est). 
I am also working on a pattern for the shop for my "What's in a name pillows".  
I hope to get this done this week...
I also have a 20 minute crafter ready to go in the next day or so...maybe tomorrow? 
I am also working on some more quilt squares...a thrift store find remake...and lots of other stuff.  So if my blog is lacking good posts...just hang in there...I will be back. :) 

Happy Sunday to you.  :)

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Beth said...

your black & whites are looking so great, lately!

ps i may be commissioning some quilt block pillows. we bought a new house and i'm thinking they would be great for what i have planned! i'll keep in touch!

tracy said...

so excited for all that life has in store for you! and I LOVE HoHo's shirt!!!!

Ellen said...

Haha I want that raisin shirt for my dad. He hates raisins. Wonder if it comes in XXL.

ME said...

Have a great vacation

April@ Natural Nester said...

Oh, yippee skippy!!! I ordered a hoho for my daughter and I cannot wait for it to arrive! I have been wanting one for a long time, but I always seem to miss them in the shop. BTW, I'm planning to order a custom keepsake one for her 1st birthday, too. We may end up with these all over our house...they're SO much cuter than anything you buy in a store. :)

Mao said...

Great Tee!

Lisa said...

Oh, I love love love Aaron's shirt. I don't like raisins in my cookies either. ;)

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