more messy fun.

I have decided that I like any activity that ends in "just hose them off".
After I posted our last messy fun activity, Morgan suggested that I let them paint with pudding.
So we gave it a go.
I covered their picnic table in wax paper (held in place by tape) and dumped two pudding cups on top.
I'm pretty sure it was love at first taste (they had never had pudding before).
Hoho insisted on using a spoon. :)
I will just have to hope that they don't think this is how you always use/eat pudding.
Then we added more fun to the mix.
At the end of it all...I just hosed them off.  Good as new. :) And for less than $1.
This his hoho...smiling happily for the camera. :)

Now go squeeze some fun out of these last few weeks of summer. :)


Dina said...

Your blog and pictures are just absolutely beautiful. I love your sense of color. Have you ever posted random pics of your home on your blog? I would love to see your ideas with color in your decorating style:-)

Jennifer said...

anything that ends in "just hose them off" --- LOVE it!!!

Tasha said...

Looks like it was happiness to me!!

Morgan said...

Yay! Glad to see that it looks like the boys had a blast. But I mean really, who wouldn't have fun painting with chocolate and then eating it?!

Ky said...

That last photo of Hoho is just gorgeous!
You could eat him with a spoon!
What fun and fabulous photos too.

Holly said...

looks like fun! Unfortuantely school is back in for us! We may have to do this saturday!

Unknown said...

I just love when parents let their kids have fun. My sister-in-law has this adorable picture of her middle daughter in the mud. She put it over her stove in her kitchen. The girl has huge brown eyes and blond hair and her mom printed it in black and white. It's adorable!

Amanda said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! I am going to try it with my 2 year old!

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