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Just some boy things going on around here lately...Moses *needed* a new backpack for his two day a week preschool.  Somehow preschool does not play into the "to homeschool or not" debate.  He is going to one of the best in town and Uncle B wanted to pay to send him.  And Moses is thrilled.  And this is a great way to "test the waters" so to speak...
...oh, and of course hoho needed his own monogrammed back pack to match. :) 
I love these wonderful boys.  Moses and his "I hate loud noises but I am the loudest noise ever".  And Aaron and his insistence on feeding himself...and doing a better job most times than his older brother.
We learned this summer that the boys love frozen things.  In this case I just froze some water in plastic cups.  Free entertainment for an hour.  Mommy loves.
We also did this again this this summer...several times.  Tiny toys, frozen in a bowl.  Hours of entertainment as they use water squirters, a small screwdriver and toy hammer to pry the toys out of the ice.  More free fun.
Hoho loves to help with the hoho making process.  He's in charge of cuddle quality control. You can tell he takes his job seriously by all the squeals and giggles that he exudes. 
I walked out one morning to see that Moses had lined all these little guys up on the fence...I'd love to know what scenario sparked this formation. :)
And in other things I have made...I have a new favorite quilt pattern...the wonky star.  This one is for a group project I am working on...
And this one is on a pillow going in the shop. :) I LOVE it.  The center was begging for a little doodle embroidery. 
And this is another set of squares for the same project...another I am sure to use again. 
CJC-What do you think of this pattern for your table runners?
And if you are not a Facebook fan you may not have seen these...these are a pair of "keepsake hoho's" I made for my last batch of hoho's.  These are made from baby clothes given to me to use by the customer...wouldn't you love a hoho made from your sweet bundles baby clothes? 


Well...that's life in a nutshell lately...bits of this and that all over the place. :)


Amanda said...

I love the keepsake Hoho's! So beautiful!

venus said...

Oh my! The hohos are darling!!! And I LOVE the quilt you are working on. Yellow and gray combo is one of my favorites. So many cute projects!!!

Unknown said...

CJC here...i LOVE that for the table runner, i think it's super fun :)

so i can't thank you enough for introducing me to google reader, its' radically changed my life - hugs to you d, m and a :)


Tasha said...

You are seriously amazing. Look at all this loveliness and keeping your kids happy and enterained too. Happy weekend to you.

Jennifer said...

Hey, something in our town that many of my friends seem to be going crazy over is our local charter school. Ours is greatly appealing to the christian and earth mama crowds (I know those can overlap, I'm just speaking generalities here). It might be something worth looking into. I love love triple love my local elementary school but my son has two boys in his class whose families chose to transfer over to the charter school. I wouldn't leave even if they paid me, but everyone has to find the best fit for them and it's not going to be the same for everyone.

There are good public schools and not-so-good ones in every district. It might be worth it to check out your specific school to help with your decision. I know our principal and teachers allow parents to come in and observe, even if your child is not a student yet.

And there are several options of homeschool too. From all the way "home", to homeschool co-ops, to joining the public school for pe, music, even math...

I'm sure I'm not saying anything you haven't thought of a million times, I simply encourage you to go with what it best for you guys. Us mamas always seem to second guess ourselves, but go for what you think is best and if turns out not quite like you thought, you can always change it! You know best!

April@MySacredSojourn said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE those keepsake hohos! How much would it be to have one made? I have several little outfits I've saved from my little one and I can just imagine a "first year" keepsake hoho. :)

Tam. said...

You've been busy. I love the pillow. both of my boys have LL Bean back packs, I LOVE them! no, like seriously LOVE LOVE them. QB, who is going into 4th grade, got a new pack last year, only because his was the smaller, pre-k size. They wash wonderfully and are LONG lasting.

Angela Nash said...

Your embroidered star is wonderful!

I did the frozen creatures thing this summer and it was a huge hit here, too! Many times the free things are the most fun - I have to keep that in mind.

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