birthday goodness.

This birthday was lovely.  All grown up and fit for a mom. :) 

My week started with this lovely arriving in the mail for me.  I LOVE it.  
I got it from *The Noisy Cricket*.  
Her shipping was fast and her prices are wonderful!
The workmanship on the necklace that I got is some of the best I have seen on Etsy...perfectly done...and comes so sweetly packaged. 
My favorite that when I am wearing it, the two charms make a sweet little noise, like a soft little jangle...from the first time I put it on, every time I hear that noise I am reminded that these two sweet boys are the reasons for my days...the reason I get up and work hard and do my best. 

I am pleased to have her as a new sponsor.  Hop on over to *The Noisy Cricket* for a super sweet gift.
And my BIG birthday gift came from Uncle B last week.  What kind of gift comes from an Uncle B? 
Why...a practical one of the form of a load of gravel and a driveway redo!
Here's a before and after...*before* hadn't seen nary a gravel in years...*after* was edged out and filled in with fresh gravel.  We spent the whole day tilling it up, leveling it out, putting in the edgers and spreading the gravel.  The result is a perfectly respectable driveway where a couple of strips of mud once were. :)
Moses was perfectly pleased with the whole event.  This photo is of him at the end of a day FULL of playing in the dirt and digging in the rocks.  The highlight of the day was when a "real live dump truck" came to our house to dump the gravel.  To say he was dirty is an understatement.
It's all so neat and cleaned up.  This photo is at the top of the the right will be filled in with stones and some sort of creeping plants in the spring.
Then the couple of days before my birthday Aaron came down with a high fever and a bit of nasty ick. 
He's a pitiful lump of baby when he is sick...because all he wants to do is see and play with "mimi" (that is Moses in hoho language).   These last couple of photos were from the last time he was under the weather...he came down from a nap and then promptly fell back to sleep on Doug for over an hour.

So that's why I said my birthday was all grown up and fit for a mom...driveway redo's, sick babies and all.  

BUT.  I made it another year.  I have another chance to do make myself better.  I have a fresh new start to a new year of me to make changes, improve areas and put more junk behind me. 

And I am SO thankful for the life that I have.  I have been saved from myself through Christ.  I have THE worlds best husband.  I have two wonderful, healthy boys and a great set of in-laws that surround me.  If I had no other blessing in my life ever, those things would be enough Joy in themselves to carry me for the rest of my life.  I am blessed and fully aware and thankful for it. 

And thank you ALL for all of your lovely wishes...I am so thankful for each and every comment and email I received. :) You are each a treasure for sure.

Happy day to you!


The Thiessens said...

Well Happy Birthday to you! Sorry you've got a little one under the fun for them! My kiddos always got so quiet and cuddly when they were feeling bad.
I love how you summed things up in the end...OK, not the very end, but the part about being saved and blessed :) and...thankful!

carlisle clan conversation... said...

Sorry your little was not feeling so well! Love your thankful heart and willingness to see the glass half full...great encouragement!!!

My name is Becka said...

Happy Birthday! What a beautiful necklace!

Rachel said...

I still can't believe you're 31! You look like you're 26 or 27 or something!

Hope Aaron is feeling much better and back to normal now!

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