20 minute crafter. {photo ornament}

Hooray!! At long last I have another 20 minutes crafter for you!!
Now this one is a Christmas one...and I know it's August.  But if you *really* want to make things to give as gifts...*this* is the time to start...and not in mid-December.
So here is what we are making...cute little photo ornaments for your tree!
Or to give to grandma...or teachers or anyone who would just LOVE a photo of your child...or pet...or you! :)
Here is what you need:
one 4 1/2in by 6 1/2in white piece of white or light colored fabric
one 4 1/2in by 6 1/2in piece of patterned fabric
approx 9in of ribbon
a 2 by 3in piece of vinyl
(i get it from Joann's...i don't know the gauge...but get something in the middle range...not too thick and not too thin)
either a set of letter stamps and ink pad
fabric pen
Step one...stamp the name you would like on your fabric...practice on paper first to get a good feel for how hard to press and make sure everything is spelled correctly.  If you are using a fabric pen...practice first! :) You can lay the vinyl in the middle of the fabric to get an idea of where to stamp. 
Step two...using a zig-zag stitch go around the bottom three sides of the vinyl.  
Step three...fold your ribbon in half and pin it in the top middle of the piece you just sewed.
Step four...lay your patterned fabric on top of what you just did...right sides together and sew around the perimeter leaving a two inch or so opening.
Step five...clip the corners.
Step six...turn right side out and stitch around the edge...leaving the opening.
Step seven...stuff and sew closed...either by hand or with your machine.
Yes, this photo is sideways...sorry.
Add a photo and you are done! :)

Enjoy and have fun!
I'll answer any questions in the comments!


Simona Walters said...

Woo to the double Hooo!I can't wait to get started on this too! Thanks!
Oh and I really love the pillow! Don't know if I mentioned that earlier!
First need to fix machine, but then I'll be a sewing machine thanks to you!

Terri-Lynn said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

this is great! love it!!

Sa-Sea said...

I LOVE this!!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

Tam. said...

that's wicked cute. I hope to make a few of those for grandparents :) thanks for the great idea!

Amy M. said...

Such a great tutorial Crystal! I'm sending other people over to your blog today to check it out!!!

Crafting by Candlelight

emily said...

So excited! THANK YOU SO MUCH :) I just did a quick one (while bees swarmed around me), to get the feel of it and have everything cut out to do put these as/with Christmas gift tags!

carey said...

oh, i love this! i'm always trying to think of new and meaningful gifts for the grandparents. thanks!

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh what a fun creation.
I have just come over from Amy's - Crafting by Candlelight - love your blog

Smilie girl said...

Thanks for the tutorial. Great idea!

Biz said...

This idea is great! I've cut all the fabric but I am having a trouble feeding the vinyl through my machine. Any insight on this?

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