on being a good blogger. aka blogging etiquette.

(this photo has nothing to do with this post...but this is what hoho does every times he sees me trying to photograph a product...naturally he assumes that i want him in the photo).

Some time ago I asked for your input on what makes a good blogger...otherwise known as blogging etiquette.  I got tons of great feedback...via comments and emails.  
And the basic theme I saw time and time again was...don't do online what you would never do to someones face. 

For example...would you scream at someone who is standing three feet from you? 
Then don't type in CAPS.  It baffles me to that some people still don't know that ALL CAPS equals SCREAMING.

Would you walk up to a complete stranger and tell them how much they suck/how much you hate their hair/clothes/religion/decor? 
No? Then don't go to someones blog and leave a nasty comment...especially if you must to do it anonymously.  You know...if you can't say something nice...then don't say it anonymously.  

Would you send follow a friend around waving a letter at them that they HAD to read? 
No?  Then don't forward every blog post to your contact list.  Let Google reader do it's job.  
I was amazed at both how many times this came up AND how many people don't know what Google Reader is. Google it.  Thank me later. 
 Include photos.  People like to see things.  It's true. :) I for one, am far less likely to read too far in a blog with no photos...I'm a visual kind of person...maybe it's because I still have kids who read picture books? But photos, like the photo above...which also has nothing to do with this post...provide interest and get you to smile a little...right?

As a blog reader...I think the thing to remember...is that behind every blog there is a person.  
With feelings and friends and family.  Each and every one of us has good days and bad ones.  We all have highs and lows in life and I, for one like to share them all.  Others don't. That is ok.
As a blog writer I think it is even more simple...write as though you remember that God can see what you are writing.  Would you read it out loud to Him? 
I share it all because I think that is the way to do the most good with my blog.  I know that if I read a blog that puts up a perfect appearance...without a flaw or bad day or pile of laundry...then somehow I can make that reflect bad on me...not being together enough or efficient enough or good enough.  The truth is that I don't read those blogs for long...if I am taking the time to read it...I want it to feed my soul and mind.   

If I know that other blogs make it harder for me to like me, which I realize is part of my own mess...then I want to do everything I can to make sure that my blog doesn't contribute to those feelings in others...though I know I can only control that to an extent.

I share because I want to find like fibers in our humanness...because I believe that finding common ground is the starting off point to all sorts of healing.  Being real does that.  Putting up a pretty front doesn't.  But the point of your blog may be different than mine...I can appreciate that. 
My goal is to do my part in uniting women as a team...as cliche' as that sounds...I want to contribute to a beautiful Godly force to be reckoned with.  And I am not talking about feminism.  Sorry.

But I am talking about something like this...
"The temptations in your life are no different from what others experience. And God is faithful."
1 Corinthians 10:13

And lest you think that I am too, anything, here are my kids, eating a dinner of frozen waffles, in a bowl mind you, while watching veggie tales.

And PLEASE go buy a net!! We are over $2000 so far!! WOO HOO!


Ky said...

...and they are doing it on a very light coloured carpet! I applaud you for letting your beautiful boys eat without a towel under them!

Great blog by the way! Love readint your stuff. x

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Great suggestions! I love the pictures, even if they don't fit the topic :) If I see a long post that isn't broken up by pictures I usually don't read it.

sassypackrat said...

Great post. I think it really does come down simply to good manners. Unfortunately a lot of people do not have any and that's what comment moderation is for...to block out the bad mannered. ;0)

Alex and Jill said...

Loved this.

May I use the "How can I be more like the mother God wants me to be" button that is on your blog? I wanted to put it on my page, but wanted to ask first.

Big Yellow Dog said...

Great post!

Debra said...

Well said! Love this post and the pictures along with it!

Tasha said...

Yep. Totally agree. Love the last one of your boys eatting dinner infront of VeggieTales. Happiness.

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

such a good post! your humor and authenticity rock my world. have a happy day.

kristen said...

I love this post! I think every blogger should read it. Can you do a post on how to get your blog noticed now? :)

Brook said...

I guess I missed the post where you asked for input. I would have said, visit the blogs of those who leave you comments and leave one in return.

Jandi said...

Thanks for this post! I try to always include pictures in my posts but I think I am going to start putting random (but cute) snaps in even if they have nothing to do with the post. I just started blogging last year and have yet to get the infamous mean comment. *knock on wood*

Lauren said...

Hey! I was just looking thru my Google Reader... no, just kidding, it was in that scrolly thingy on my dashboard... and I'm looking for a tutorial on how to make those triangle pointy circus banners like you have on that blue pillow there! But bigger. I think it's just the thing I need. I'd google them but I don't know what they are called! Can you (a.) point me in the right direction? or (b.) tell me the proper name for that thing so I can conduct a proper search for a tutorial? I know I can figure it out for myself but gosh I like reading up on everybody's short-cuts.
Thanks you're a peach! PS: your boys are adorable, every bit as adorable as mine!

anneoverbeek.blogspot.com said...

Love your blog and thank you for the giggle I got from your photo's. My son also thinks he should be in every photo and honestly, I love it that way. The purity and innocense at this age is amazing...wouldn't it be great if we could live our adult lives with the self esteem of children?

Love the new pillow and love that you have your son included...so cute!

Keep blogging you're listed as one of my inspirations on my blog and I'm glad I stumbled across you last week. Blessings!

cindy said...

Great post! I really like your suggestions. I will follow your suggestions for sure! Thanks for the share.

Sara said...

Hi there...came on over from joy's hope, and I certainly will be back to visit again. Great blog!

Had to chuckle as I read your post, couldn't agree more.

Also, I'd like to mention your quilt post on my blog, though I don't think I have many readers...still LOVE your idea and applaud you for following through with what you felt in your heart to do!

Cappy said...

I came across your blog recently and I have to say it is wonderful. Every post insightful and honest and your modesty is refreshing. Your words are very inspiring.

oh and your kids are so cute :)

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