are ya'll ready for this?

I am SO excited to be writing this post.  You really have no idea...I am almost day before Christmas excited...but not why you think.  Well maybe...if you know me...if you can beleive it...the finished quilt is not the most exciting part to me.  

It's the fulfillment of a promise that is making me all giddy with excitement.  

You see...a couple of months ago I felt the nudge to do more with my blog than just write and share...I felt like I was being led to use my blog as a catapult for showing God's love...
Honestly, I was like...ok...just what do you mean God?
And I waited...and prayed.  And then things started clicking...I found the quilt pattern over at Film in the Fridge. You can find it HERE.
"YES!" Is what I wanted to scream when I saw it...I knew what I was supposed to do...and how.
And quickly, because I am human and humans both chicken out AND forget easily what God tells them to do...I emailed a small group of women that I trust and love...some who I knew would kindly remind me of what I had shared with them that God told me to do. 

Basically, I told them..."God told me to do this...please call me out on it if I don't".
Then I contacted sweet Jody from Fabric Shoppe...and told her what I was on a mission to do...wouldn't you know it...she is a pastors wife and hopes to adopt from Africa one day.  She almost immediately offered to donate ALL of the fabric I would need to make the quilt.  

Thinking about it...that is a pretty crazy thing.  That is a LOT of fabric to just send to a stranger who promises to make a quilt to benefit a charity.  I cried in the parking lot after getting her email.
Then a good friend offered to pay for the batting and the shipping. 
God is SO good. 
God is responsible for all of this coming together.  God loves all people.  God loves Africa...and all those sweet people who are suffering from something that is SO easily helped...
To me...each piece of fabric in this quilt stands for a family or person...or BABY...that together we can help...and this may sound crazy...but if you are one of the many who have told me of plans to adopt from Africa...the net you buy just may save YOUR future baby.  Crazy cool, right?
Malaria kills over 1 MILLION precious people PER YEAR!!!
In fact, there are 10 new cases of malaria every second. 

Every 30 seconds, a child in Africa dies from a malaria infection.  A child that is no less precious or loved or held dear by his parents than our own children.
By buying ONE net a family of four can sleep under an insecticide-treated bed net, safe from malaria, for four to five years.
The benefits of bed nets extend even further than protecting those sleeping underneath them. The insecticide woven into each net makes entire communities safer – killing and repelling mosquitoes so that they can’t go on to bite others who may not be protected by a net.
Although $10 for a bed net may not sound like much, the cost makes them out of reach for most people at risk of malaria, many of whom survive on less than $1 a day.

Just us $10 is a couple of latte's...a movie...a shirt...a lunch out...a CD...a couple of magazines...any number of frivolous things that we all throw money at...can I challenge us all to give those up for a day...or a week or a month...and give a net or two or three instead?
Can you help me show God's love to people in Africa?  And wait with me for God to show up in a big way?  Each net you buy is ONE entry into the raffle to win this quilt!
It's a beauty...if I do say so myself...considering that I only started sewing a little over two years ago...I feel so BLESSED that God would use me in this way to do something big.
It is approx 51in by 73in.  It would be cute as a twin coverlet...or on a couch...or hanging on a wall.  
And fyi--my home is smoke and pet free. :)
And as a special little help you remember what this quilt represents...I added this cute little tag. :)


And now for the begging...
PLEASE go buy a can click HERE to go to our page.
If only each daily visitor to this blog bought ONE...we would more than double or triple our goal.  So net DOES make a difference!

PLEASE feel free to copy this ENTIRE post and repost it on your will probably have to check the links but feel free to post away....anyway you choose.  I would LOVE nothing more than to go through my reader and see this post over and over and over again!!

We will choose a winner NEXT FRIDAY the 23rd!!  So every net bought by Thursday the 22nd at midnight will count as ONE entry...and I have a totally unbiased judged in mind to do a VIDEO reveal of the winner!!!

 AND there will be other prizes as well.  If you would like to donate a prize PLEASE contact me...I already have several offers and I would like to extend the deadline to donate.

You guys are awesome.  And I love you...truly.  I can't wait to hit "publish" post...I feel like all of this before was like heading up to the highest point of a roller coaster and hitting "publish" will push it over the edge...

Now...pretty, pretty, PLEASE...go BUY A NET...and spread the word!!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I cried as I read this. Thank you for sharing the story with us. Thank you for letting God use you!!! You have already made a difference.

The quilt is beyond beautiful! You and Jody are even more beautiful!!

Mommafo said...

Oooh! Goosebumps and tears!!! I plan to buy a net asap, I will let you know when I do!

Amanda said...

this is really awesome Crystal! just donated! :)

Unknown said...

OK, I'm finally going now to make my donation.
I love the quilt, but I love the intention behind it even more.
Congratulations on your obedience to God, and for carrying out your mission.
It's beautiful:)

Tasha said...

You are amazing. SO Amazing. It is gorgeous. I feel like crying looking at it all. I cannot express how happy this makes me. I love that you have done this. I am off to buy my net. And tomorrow I will start spreading the word on my blog. I can only hope that everyone that looks at my little (much smaller) blog will buy one too. Thank you for listening to what the Lord told you. Amazing things really do happen when we do huh? I love you. Love what you do for all of us. Thank you for your example and for this quilt. Happiness.

Michelle said...

It is beautiful Crystal. Happy for you.

nikihas3 said...

I just re-posted this on my blog. Hopefully it will reach even more people who can donate and help.

Mary Elizabeth said...

I have chills all over when I saw the quilt!!! It is amazing and once again - YOU AMAZE ME!!! One of the reasons I love you!!!

I will blog the quilt later tonight!!

(Am off to my offical first day of work - YIKES!)

Kiss those talented fingers of yours today!!! :)

Beth said...

Do you just click on Make a Gift on your Goal widget on that page?

Very inspiring...
I would love to hold this quilt that was made by God's love to help others.

Jaimie said...

I reposted this on my blog. I have tons of friends that will be happy to donate. I have been watching this quilt come together and it moves me that you would put so much work into it. Makes me really re-evaluate my purpose a little bit.

Taylor C said...

Hi Crystal!

The quilt is amazing!!! I just went and made two $10 donations :)

Thank you for being the vehicle that made this amazing gift come together for African families.

I just know you will reach and exceed your goal!!!

Tasha said...

I just blogged about it. Thank you for this amazing project. You really are amazing.

kathytypestoo said...

awesome idea/awesome cause/awesome God. the children at our church raised enough money through pop can collections and making little magnets to buy 50 bed nets. all of this from kids in mostly low-income homes without much to spare, but they really caught the vision. I matched my donation to them in a donation to you. Blessings!

joyfullness said...


simply beautiful Crystal!!
Happy day!

Anonymous said...

This turned out beautifully, and after reading all your posts about this I finally grabbed my wallet and made a donation.

Now go take a breath and know that you've done some good.

Rachel said...

You, are quite amazing and this quilt is beyond beautiful.

Beth Akins said...

Sweet story shared with me by my sweet friend. A wonderful creation of love-isn't it fun to be a part of something so much bigger than yourself? Good luck reaching you goal!

Unknown said...

oh wow Crystal! The quilt is so gorgeous!! I loved your whole post. So inspiring. Gonna go spread the word!

I want that quilt!!!!


Amy Knopf said...

Commenting just below my mom! How perfect! I just bought 3 nets in your honor. Good luck reaching your goal. I have my fingers crossed that I'll be the lucky winner of that beautiful quilt! :)

MJ said...

Wow this is amazing!!!

NicNacManiac said...

You are an inspiration!! Not to mention oozing with talent!
Happy Monday xOxO

elise said...

this is so perfect.
i love that God has blessed you with talent, generosity and wisdom to see need.
wish i could buy hundreds of nets, but will be content considering the good just one can bring.
can't wait to repost and share on Facebook.
on a less serious note, this quilt is exactly what i was picturing for my baby girl's bed! i may have to talk you in to make another for purchase:O)
thank you!

elise said...

p.s. i bought but then after, noticed the join team little bit funky bit... was i supposed to do that?
dang my non technology brain!

ragamuffinbeauties said...

I referred your link to my SIL who has a tender heart to Africa and she reposted your post :

I hope meet, then exceed your goal....praying!

{} said...

great post. beautiful quilt. amazing cause. thanks for sharing your amazing talents to bring awareness and LOVE to those in need. happy Wednesday!

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