$1 fun.

I'll keep this simple.  $1.  Lots of fun.
I put it on a baking sheet...all of it out of the can.  And said...go for it.
They looked at me like I had a third eye.  Then they got over it.
It was a good, quiet, messy, fun 45minutes to an hour.
It smelled good. 
It wasn't long before they started to cover themselves...
Every so often they looked at me like "are you sure this is ok?"
And hoho only tried to eat it once.  That was enough.
After they were done...Moses spent another chunk of time painting everything in the backyard with it. 
And when we were completely done we hosed everything down. 
Good as new. 

Thanks for the idea Meg



Tempest Ahoy said...

SUCH a good idea. I bet they loved every minute.

Hannah Nicole said...

Aw! What a cute idea! Love the pictures of them--so darling! <3 XOXO

Morgan said...

My mom used to squirt it into muffin tins and add a little food coloring to each one, just to give it a little tint. Popsicle sticks are also fun to use to smear it on and scrape it off.

Another fun one is a bucket of water, and inexpensive paint brushes (the large ones like you would use for wall paint). You can add a little color element by drawing with chalk, and then painting over it with water.

I also remember throughly enjoying finger painting with pudding on parchment paper. Hoho would probably like it because he could lick his fingers.

Vinyl Rocks My World said...

Great idea! Cheap and easy, and it looks like they had a blast :)

sara luke said...

We do this with our day campers and they L-O-V-E it.

Jennifer said...

LOVE this!! Such a fun momma you are! :)

Shelly said...

You can also use the shaving cream to teach letter writing; just smooth it on a flat surface (cookie tray, etc) and let them trace their letters in it. It's great for building fine motor skills (when they get a bit older!!)

Terri-Lynn said...

My kids had a similar reaction when I took out the shaving cream and cookie sheets when we were practicing spelling words : mom are you sure this is OK? Yes, it's fabulous!

Ky said...


meg duerksen said...

we had ours this year and it just couldn't compare to the shock they had last year of actually getting to do that.
this year they wanted to go straight for the fight. which led to crying and shaving cream on my camera.

it was fun but nothing like the first time. it was so cool.
hope you are not as hot as kansas is!

Meg B. said...

It is fun to see how this idea is hitting blogs from all over the country. We share a certain Ms. Kristin with Meg. It's definately hours of good, cheap fun.
Meg B.

Sabrina said...

We do this in the bathtub at night as a special treat. The kids love to "paint" on the glass doors of the tub enclosure. When they are all done, they have to "wash the window" with their washcloths. Darn it if the glass doesn't sparkle when they are done! Added bonus.


Unknown said...

I used to pick a few kids from my classroom to clean the tables with shaving lotion. This is a special job everyone wanted. Old teacher's trick, like Sabrina said it makes a great cleaner.

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