why {bother} blogging. part 1.

It's always (internally)funny...and awkward and weird for me when having a blog comes up in a conversation with "real" people...as in people I see in the flesh.  

After I explain what my blog is about...and the connections and friends that I have made because of it or why I love it and do it...or sometimes what a blog IS...I get several reactions...either I am weird for having friends on the "internet" or they think that it's nice to have a place where I can write "whatever I want" or they don't get it or they sheepishly admit that actually read my blog...and sometimes they tell me they love it.

I love blogging.  And I feel like a nerd typing that.  And I want to tell you why I love it...but first...

Let's address a thought that drives me the most crazy.  This is NOT a place that I can write "whatever I want".  Yes, I can choose topics and photos and I can choose whatever creative direction that I want to go...I cannot DO whatever I want. 

What I mean...is that this blog has always got to be a reflection of my character and heart and who I REALLY am.  Not just what I want you or others to believe about me.  I share from my heart and learning and life.  Good or bad.  This blog is a reflection of the life of Christ in me...and I try hard to ensure that what I share makes you more curious or drawn to Christ and not led away.  I try to be a real, transparent, sinful and repentant Christian HERE and in REAL life.    

If you have been here long...you know me...once we met "in real life" and broke the ice and really got into our coffee and dessert you would find out that I am the same here as I am in the flesh.  There is no seam.

Do you know how this is possible?  Say hello to my accountability team...aka people who KNOW me in the flesh AND read my blog.  Who have been to my house...and know my phone number.  And who I am pretty sure would call me out...or cause me to be called out if I acted a fool here.  

Firstly there is my husband...who lets me know it if I so much as fail to give him credit on a photo he took.  There are my in laws...and not just random 3rd or 4th cousins (though there are a few of those too) but more like my mother in law, who I talk to nearly daily, my father in law, brother in laws, sister in laws...and in laws of in laws too.  And I see them all pretty regularly, I can't just hope they will forget by Christmas.  There is also my best friend in California...and my friends here in Charlottesville...MOPS girls and I am pretty sure my next door neighbor too.  There are people I go to church with...and people who Doug works with.     

I can't just write "whatever I want".  I have to be thoughtful and sensitive and loving and kind and real.  I have to know what I mean...and mean what I say.  I'm not saying that my accountability team is there to limit what I can say...or that I am writing to please them...but in the end I want to be proud and unashamed of every word.  I have to be able to back up what I say with how I am feeling or why I wrote it.  It really makes me think...or research...or slow down.  I don't want them to be ashamed to claim me. :) 
What I am saying...is that I can't go off on a rant...or fly off the handle or do or say anything that I would be ashamed of.  Because the people I love and respect the most read this...and one day my boys and their kids will read it too.  

Make sense?  What keeps you accountable on your blog?

      why {bother} blogging...to be continued.


Lorie said...

I can't say I am always who I am on my blog, but I am who I want to be.

Not in a "I am making things up" way, but in a think before I speak and try to be a little better...the way I should be" way!

Beth said...

i love this...
my family/friends read all the time, and i have a HUGE family. they tease me sometime that my blog is too much like 'me'. i'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. :) but, either way...it's me. ya know? i love your blog. so, if it's a reflection of you, well, then, i suspect i'd like you, too. blogging...you either get it or you don't!

MJ said...

what keeps me 'accountable' on my blog? the fact that my mother reads it sometimes and i never know when! she doesnt have a pc so needs to visit friends to read it and i never know how far she'll get LOL
Plus i'm a little bit negative sometimes but i really try to blog only about good things or at least in a positive way. so far so good!
Love your blog btw :)

colleen banman said...


My oldest (10 year old) daughter reads my blog...if that isn't enough accountability, I don't know what is!! She will say "mom, we did that last saturday, not on friday" ha ha, she keeps me on my toes but I love that she is keeping an eye on my actions because it is my job to model Godly character for her and it shows that she is watching and paying attention:)

Tasha said...

And you feel real when we read this. We don't know you in person, but we feel like we do. And that is quite simply why I love your blog and come back again and again. You are inspiring by real. Thank you.

Big Yellow Dog said...

What a great post. I'm new to blogging but I love the idea about being able to preserve family memories and this time in my life while having a creative outlet. Thanks for the encouragement!

Oh Mandie! said...

I love this so much Crystal!

I've been a lurker of your blog for some time now (mostly because I get intimidated by some blogs as amazing as yours, but that's another story, lol) But I know exactly what you mean when it comes to being accountable, and I hope that I am accuratly conveying the person that I am on my blog as well.

God Bless!

AForestFrolic said...

Oh my goodness, this is sooo true for me too! ONE TIME, I went on a tangent about something and seconds after I hit publish...my phone started blowing up and throughout the day, I'd get random e-mails or phone calls from people wondering if I was talking about them, hahahah...it was sooo funny! My husband and family would most definitely call me out on anything too. Hilarious! I love how you call them the 'accountability team.'

Jamie :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

No I'm not a blog stalker. I have just really enjoyed finding your blog:) I'm a Christian too and share my faith alot on my blog. I have the same thoughts as you regarding accountability. I've tripped up a few times in some of my posts...just a few. That's the thing...once it's out there it's out there. I upset a family member once or twice too. I guess that just proves that I'm real, human flawed etc... To be sensitive in all areas while spilling my thoughts is a daily challenge. Thanks for sharing yours:)

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