round here.

because I want a nice recap post of this week.
our week started with a visit from my sister in law and her husband.  doug and his sister have a good relationship...for birthdays they tend to send each other odd ball cards and such...the more obscure and unrelated to the holiday the better...since she was going to be here for her birthday we decided she needed to have these mashed potato and gravy cupcakes...all made from sweet things...need a how to?
I bought each boy a bubble blower this awesome way to spend 2.99.
I love this photo...Moses is growing so fast.  It's hard to remember sometimes that he is just three.
And Aaron calls Moses "mimi"...goes well with hoho don't you think?
speaking of hoho...this is what he will do if you ask him where his nose is. 
Aaron had his well baby visit this week...97th % for height.  He has this huge little tummy and these little chicken legs.  He has the only mullet that I have ever loved. :) 
Moses and I made side walk chalk paint this week.  1/4c cornstarch, 1/4c water and a few drops of food coloring.  He loves it and it washes right off with the hose. 
While painting this guy wiggled over.  I thought Moses was going to keel over when he thought he actually touched it.  

A week or two ago we are sitting down to dinner...and Moses says, as serious as ever "Let us pray...". 
Like a little man...he is one funny kid.  I love him...he is so awesome.
Both boys are already on round TWO of summer shoes.
Doug is making good progress on the guitar.  I am so proud of him.  Next week he starts a series of interviews to get him to the next level of his career...will you pray for him if you think of him.  He is a good man and a hard worker...and we are ready to see what is next in this life. :)
A happy new pillow is in the shop...
This weekend I hope to...share with you the first four squares of the Nothing but Net quilt (maybe more by the time I show you!)...and do another why bother blogging segment...and yard sale...and sew...and relax.

Thanks for all your feedback on the last post...lots of great ideas there...and if you sent me an email recently...I am getting there...please be patient with me. :)

Happy almost weekend.


Hannah said...

I love all of your sweet pictures! Those bubbles are so adorable too. Mmmm...just love them. :-)

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

gotta love the baby mullet! we call it the infa-mullet. both of my earth babies have had 'em and it's the only time i ever said "i heart your mullet." haha!

MJ said...

Great update! It's so nice to hear about the crafty lives of others :) Of course I wish Doug all the best with his interviews!


Wishing your hubby the best. Love the bubble pics. And I adore that pillow

Micah said...

I've been following your blog for a month or two... enjoy your creativity..trying to keep this Anyway.. LOVE the new hello design pillow but I was thinking I wouldn't really have a good spot for a pillow and wondered if you ever thought about framing just the front. It would be a precious piece of framed art as well. I wish I had your creative eye!

Farmgirl Paints said...

love the pilla...too cute! and those cupcakes had ME at hello:)

SarahRachel said...

Looks like SUMMER!! Gorgeous pics! I'll definitely say a prayer for Doug! Love the pillow. Someday when we're not semi-poor I will buy so many things from your store! ;-)

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