some days.

some days I just sit and read while the boys play in the back yard.  
currently I am the last person reading "The Shack". 
there are eight other books on my pile...I'll share those in another post.
some days dinners here are less than awesome.
doug and I ate pizza.  moses had cereal (in his bike helmet and rain boots) and aaron had waffle.
but we were eating together.  and that is the most important part to me.
some days I see a recipe that I HAVE to make immediately.  
this is one.  and I will have to make it again, soon.

strawberry tomato salsa
a pint and a half of strawberries coarsely chopped.
an equal share of tomatoes coarsely chopped.
(i used what was on sale)
a heaping tablespoon of chopped cilantro
2 tbl sugar
6 tbl olive oil
3tbl balsalmic vinegar (i used a pomagranate infused one)
1/2tsp salt
8 green onions finely chopped

mix together all ingredients.  chill and serve with chips. 
i ate it for lunch three days in a row.  and Doug liked it. :) 

 some days you come up with a design that is finally shop worthy. :)

some days you stay up way too late watching the finale of your favorite show ever...LOST. 
thankfully your darling husband gets the coffee pot ready for you faithfully each day so all you have to do is push the button.  

and some wake up to find out that you were featured on one of your all time favorite blogs...

and I nearly did pee my pants.  What a great way to start a week...
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Amy Bell said...

Crystal! Celebrating with you today! Oh I am so proud. Tell Doug to bring home the Starbucks! Love you!

Fern Valley Farm said...

Congratulations on being featured on Today's Creative Blog! It's my first time visiting your blog, and I am enjoying browsing through all your great projects. Such great ideas!
Have a great week.

CourtneyKeb said...

I'm currently reading The Shack too, if you want to call it that.
It's on my nightstand, and I'm too afraid to pick it back up and resume since I left it full of tears.

PS. I love the little notebook! Perfect fabric choices!

Nancy said...

My youngest loves to wear her bike helmet all of the time. sometimes, she is just rocking out in her helmet. Love that carefree spirit. You are not the last person to read the Shack. I have not; but i want to. Congrats on TCB. That is FABULOUS!

erica said...

LOVED The Shack. I was actually going to recommend it to you after I read your recent church post. Can't wait to hear what you think. Congrats on Today's Creative Blog. That's makes you kind of a big deal : )

janimal said...

Found you from your feature on Today's Creative Blog - and I'm so glad! Your blog is a treasure. Very cool you were featured.

Big Yellow Dog said...

Oh, girl, we were up way too late watching LOST and then even later watching the Jimmy Kimmel LOST special. That salsa looks delish! I think I'm going to have to try it immediately. I've seen sweet strawberry based salsas with mint and chopped blueberries, but not mixed with tomato.Yum

*katie said...

So many fun things on here! I too came from Today's Creative Blog...another blog for me to bookmark!

.jimaie.marie. said...

Mmm, I'll have to try this salsa!! Sounds SO yummy!!

Tiff @ Making The World Cuter said...

Congrats! Your blog is adorable-so deserving!

Ruthanne said...

you SHOULD be featured! your stuff is awesome!!! congratulations! :)

A Forest Frolic said...

You have an adorable blog and shop! So I'm thinking you can now take the 'one day' off your TCB button over there...yay for being featured today giiiiirl...wooo hooooooo!

Jamie :)

Bree said...

I LOVE your blog! Especially your 20 Minute Crafts. I'm a follower now! I came from Today's Creative Blog.

Elz said...

Found you through Today's creative Blog and your blog is full of great things. Congrats on being featured!

Amber said...

It's about time you were featured on Today's Creative Blog! :) Yours is truly my favorite. I just got a sewing machine for Mother's Day so I'm excited to jump in and get started. I'm inspired by your self-taught sewing skills. Have a great week!

Heather at All A Flutter said...

congratulations!! i can't believe you hadn't been featured yet. that's just nutty. p.s. i haven't read the shack yet either. have the book just haven't wanted to start it yet. hope you love it.

Dana said...

I'm loving your blog! I saw you at Today's Creative.

Anonymous said...

Just arrived from TCB. I think I'm going to be here all week studying all your fantastic projects!

Parrotts said...

I was SOSOSOSO happy (hap"pee"?) to see you on TCB!!! That was LONG overdue! Thanks for sharing the recipe...I never would have thought of that combination. Oh, and you're not the last person to read The Shack...I started it over the holidays, then stopped when my classes started. Maybe this Christmas I'll finish?

Again, congratulations :)

Miss G said...

My husband made up this strawberry tomato salsa to take to a barbecue we went to with some church friends last night. It was sooo good and a couple people asked me for the recipe. I sent them a link. :) I'm so glad I saved it in my recipes folder back when you posted it. Yum! Thanks for sharing! Kelly

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