nothing but net quilt {and a visit}

thank you SO much for your response to my nothing but net quilt raffle idea!! :)

it thrills me to pieces to have you all behind me and supporting this idea!
I am super excited to share with you that ALL of the fabric has been donated!!!
All of it...I can't believe it.  God is SO AWESOME! :)
I hope to be able to get to work on the quilt in couple of weeks...I will show you all of the fabrics as soon as I get them!!

And...for those of you who offered to donate some fabrics...I am still praying and brainstorming about just HOW to utilize your wonderful and unexpected generous donations.
I have not emailed any of you yet because before I knew original contributor offered to supply it ALL! 

So some ideas I am toying around do a another quilt some time in the fall? 
To make pillows and offer them up after the quilt raffle (this would require some pillow insert donations as well)?

Anyone out there have any ideas?  I am open to your suggestions and I would LOVE to give anyone who wants an opportunity to contribute to do so.

As for the quilt...the only things I need at this point...will be batting and shipping costs to the winner. :)

I can't wait to get started!!!

This weekend we had a visit from Doug's brother and his wife.  Moses was beyond thrilled. 
Both Moses and Uncle Eric enjoyed some scooter time.

Aaron soaked up some Aunt Jen time...and Aunt Jen took the boys on countless trips around the block.
The boys slept great that night...and Moses said that his favorite part of the day was simply "Uncle Eric".  
They say that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach...I think the way to a woman's heart is to love on her kids.  There is little that brings me greater joy. 



carey said...

So cute! Your baby looks like such a big boy with a baseball cap on!!

Katie said...

Congrats on the donations! That's so wonderful! And I agree 100%! The sure fire way to my heart is to love on my little Noah. It's the sweetest thing!

Shelly said...

Oh I know, I love it when my friends love on my kids, too!

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