it's a funk, it's a funk, it's a funk funk funk.

ugh...i was going along...ideas flowing and was just getting my sewing machine warmed up.  then i nearly trimmed the end of my pinky finger off with my rotary cutter.  
ouch.  it was a nasty deep cut.  
and apparently it let my mojo out.

because I can not get in gear. :)

i have managed to get the things done that i had started...and I am plugging away on custom orders.  but new things are at a halt.
this is my third attempt at a new design for a composition book covers.  i can't bring myself to show you the first two...they have a date with the seam ripper.  :)
i did add some cute new totes to the shop...
...and a sweet set of hoops. :)

And I have a guest post over at "In Your Words". 

And a sweet post about me here at "It's a Good Day".  

And there are others too...but my brain is not cooperating with me at the moment. 

I have several posts written in my head...hopefully I can get them out soon. :)


Melanie said...

You are seriously good with color. I have color envy :)
btw what color is your blue wall(s)? I have a dresser that needs that color plus some bright red knobs.

Anonymous said...

Crystal, I really love the first bag. Would you add your awesome flower embellishment to it and let me buy it?

Mao Mao said...

Nice... You have been working hard!

Big Yellow Dog said...

I love the bags. I wish I had the patience and steady hand for embroidery work. It's so gorgeous.

Nicki said...

love you blog, just found you via Kim 'todays Creative Blog" your her feature today......YOU are so clever, LOVE, LOVE, LOve you stuff.
Hugs Nicki

janimal said...

A lady in my sewing group recently bought a work glove from Home Depot to use with her rotary cutter. It's still flexible, but has a thick rubber coating on half of it for protection. She says she is now WAY more confident using her cutter and it hasn't slowed her down. I haven't tried it but it seems like a good idea. Watch out pinkies!

Princesa said...

Here's a great tutorial for the composition books. Plus it's a great cause.
You have a great eye for color. Thanks for sharing. And congrats on getting your craft on.

Anonymous said...

I feel like I have come home when I read your blog. And this was the first time. Thanks for sharing your testimony and for revealing the Love of God is so real, merciful and lacking man's judgement. Keeps getting sweeter everyday. Love your art and vibrant colors! God bless, Beth

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