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The last of the hoho's are in the shop! :) There are just a couple left...and that will be all for a few weeks. :)
and speaking of hoho's...I have been meaning to show you how crazy fast Aaron healed from that nasty goose egg he got some time back.  I took the photo on the right exactly ONE week later!!  It is crazy how fast his little body healed right up...the lump and abrasion were both 100% GONE!  Now all you can see is a pink circle where the cut was...God made bodies amazingly awesome!

AND he has also recovered fully from his fever...today his appetite was back to normal by dinner...thanks for the prayers and well wishes! He is back to his spunky, climbing little self.

(moses is responsible for this scene...i just love when you get a little glimpse in their brains)

I am ALMOST caught up with emails...and about a third of the way through all the links on the previous posts.  :) 

I am also trying to decide which Julia project to do next. :)

And I am also in the beginning stages of doing something BIG. :) Or rather, having the honor of letting God do something big through me.  I'll just leave it at that...more to come. :)

And...after my editor approved it...my pattern is in the shop! :) It's a pdf and I will get it to you in a jiffy once you purchase...it a an EASY beginner project. :) If you can sew a straight line you CAN do this!

The other day Moses informed us that "There is music playing in my head".  This explains a lot about Moses...now, just how do we get it out?

Told you this was random...

Happy day to you!


Susie said...

OUCH! That goose egg is truly an egg. Glad he's healed up quick. Love the Hoho's they are adorable.

Ellen said...

I really really really want the pattern for the skirt but I live in Sweden. Are you planning on e-mailing the pattern? If so, I'll give Etsy an American address. Thanks, Ellen

Kat said...

Amazing healing action, there! I'm going to have to make that skirt!

Mandy said...

cute cute skirt!!

Molly said...

I am in love with your Julia projects! I loved that movie!! I had thought about doing something similar to what she did in the movie, maybe expanding my cooking skills. Hopefully later this summer you can join one of my swaps, it will be fun! I am tempted to buy a Hoho for some kids at church that I know would love them badly! Hope your having a fabulous week!!
~Molly P

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