my first marathon.

You didn't think I meant running did you?
Ha!  There is no chance you would catch me RUNNING...let alone a marathon.  I mean, the only sure way to get me to run is convince me that you are two seconds from killing me. 
And I mean convince.  
Not like when you are driving down the road and a cop turns on his lights behind you and your knees turn to water and you have convinced yourself that three miles over the speed limit IS too much...and then he pulls around you but more like you have the ginormous ticket in your hand.
I would need proof. 
And I don't buy that "runners high" they talk about.  Or the pushing through the pain to get to the good part...they tried to convince me that was how childbirth would be too...big. fat. lie.  Unless running comes with an epidural you won't catch me doing it.  

No...I mean the making a quilt in three days kind of marathon.  A triathlon if you will.  Sewing, quilting and binding.  I bought the fabric in September.  Cut the squares in February.  And then didn't touch it again until the weekend before the recipients birthday. 
I'm awesome like in awesome at procrastination.

Day one: I sewed all my 5in squares together. 
Day two: I ironed...I got every crease and fold perfect.  The top was SO flat when I was done ironing.  I tried to get Doug excited about it...but it didn't really work. :)  I made the back of it on day two as well.  I also pinned like the dickens. 100's of them through the front back and middle. 

Day three: I quilted it...I ran a stitch on either side of my sewn together strips.  To the left is the undone the right is the finished side.  I rolled it up as I moved onto the next row...this method worked pretty well.  

This method worked perfectly for this quilt...all the way to the end.
Day three:  I also made my very own binding.  When I have hours more in my day I am going to open a shop that sells just designer fabric binding.  I got this sweet little tool at Joanns...and it could not have been easier.  I think it cost about $7 or so.
I had yards of binding...within MINUTES.  So I did the binding on day three as well.
Then I washed it...and paced the floor to see what wonders the dryer would do to it. 
I love it.  AND I should be able to get it to the birthday girl in time for her birthday.
Which, sadly, will not discourage me from procrastinating in the future.
I think it is my best work yet.
I am still pretty shocked that I got the pattern perfectly...I am usually so easily tripped up by patterns. 

I also had a few squares I made her a matching doll quilt. :)

So even though I didn't run...this definitely counts as a marathon. 
And I have heard childbirth compared to running a this would make marathon #3.

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I love it! Awesome job. I've had my squares done for some time. Scared to do the next step.

sassypackrat said...

Wonderful job! Looks like a marathon to me and something I don't think I could ever do...well maybe under the threat of death...but not as well as you!

Beth said...

awesome! just awesome, and VERY inspiring!

Kristi @ Creative Kristi said...

Really. there is a runner's high. But you need to train/run for awhile to achieve it. & I've given birth too but that is painful lol there is no "birthing high" haha! But the runner's one is achieveable...I just gave it up after high school cross country ;)
Love the quilt! :)

Rachel said...

It's gorgeous! I love the red with the yummy aqua tones!!!!

Amanda said...

This is something that can be kelp for many year and is very useful.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful quilt.


Amy said...

Wow. What a lucky friend you have. It looks great!!!

Crafting by Candlelight

Lace said...

It is gorgeous! My boyfriend's mom is a serious quilter... her quilts are like art. Quilting totally amazes me! I'm hoping things work out with The Mr. and I purely for my benefit of being able to learn to quilt like a pro! HAHA :) & I guess because he's a pretty great guy too... but ya know, mostly for the quilts ;)

the thrifty ba said...

love this! and hey did you know my birthday is next tuesday?!

Ben and Taryn said...

I love it Crystal! I really want to make a quilt like that one day.

sara luke said...

Impressed isn't a strong enough word . . . I'm blown away by your self-taught sewing skills.

ArtGirlBlue said...

You go girl! :)

Mandy said...

I passed along a blog award to you because you blog brings sunshine - great job on the squares!

Miss G said...

I love the colors and fabrics in this one so much! Great job running your marathon! :) Kelly

Amanda said...

I would love a tutorial on binding. You make it look so easy in those few pictures, yet I was completely baffled by it when I made my husband a t-shirt quilt. So, if you're bored one day, ya know, with your two kiddos running around and all and are up for a tutorial...I would love it! :)

Meyers Family said...

wOw fabulous love it!!!! very nice work - i would love to ATTEMPT something like this :) procrastination is how i roll as well :)

Anonymous said...

Really lovely.

Reminds me of my quilt story. When I was a newlywed, 25 plus years ago, I took a quilt-making class and started a log cabin quilt. I made great strides on it while I took the 7 or 8 week class. I did not finish it but was determined to. Fast forward many years later, and I finished it to give it to middle son for his high school graduation. Unlike you, I did not really enjoy the process of making the quilt--I only enjoyed the final product.

erica said...

The quilt is beautiful. You've inspired me to make some binding!

Julianna said...

Tell me more about that binding tool!!!!!!

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Great job, Crystal!! It looks awesome - and I know the birthday girl will be so honored to have such a treasure. I wish I was the birthday girl :)

Mandy [Mandy's Yellow Corner] said...

I love the quilt! It's beautiful. . . makes me want to try to tackle quilting [which currently scares me more than most things :]

The Mangerchine's said...

Wow, it's beautiful!!!! I love the fabric!

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