me and my {big} dreams

This post may be my most vulnerable yet. 
Because when it is all said and done...this post could leave me looking foolish and silly. 

But I don't think that is where it will end. 
I have been praying for a long time about how to use my blog and talents in a way that is bigger than a way that will allow God to show up and through and over my blog.

What is the point of having God given talents if they are not used for God given glory?
So I prayed.  And prayed.  And prayed.  
And slowly pieces have fallen together.
First the charity...Nothing But Nets. 
Can you imagine not being able to keep disease carrying bugs off of YOUR baby?

Then what to do...what to do...pray, pray, pray. 
 Then one of my favorite customers sent me a link to THIS PATTERN. 

Yes, that will do. 
Then it all started to come together... plan...
To make a quilt. 
Out of entirely donated fabrics and materials.
(Because I really want God to show up here easy would it be to buy it all myself and say "look what I bought!"...but I want to be able to praise God saying "Look what HE provided!".

So once that quilt is made...(with fabric donations that have already started!!!!!)...I plan to hold a can buy a net for $10...each net is an entry...each net is a family safe from malaria, one of the largest killers of children in Africa...and you can enter as many times as you please! 
I am praying for big things...will you pray with me? 
I am praying for God to do bigger things than I can hope for. 
Than I can imagine. 
I want you to help me spread the word about the raffle...when the time comes...will you help me?

I am praying for big things.  Big big things.
This pillow is just my practice for the pattern...this will be in the shop momentarily.

I plan to give you peeks along the share the fabrics as they show you my squares as I make let you be part of the process.  

I am putting this out I can't back out.  
So I don't doubt in the dark what I know God has said in the light. 

And there has already been dark...before the first fabric donation came in I had just enough time to I supposed to do this...should this dumb or worthless?

And then I got an email from my first donor. 
Big. fat. happy tears.  
It was like an email from God saying...yes, dummy, you ARE supposed to be doing this. :) 

So will you get excited with me...and pray and share and buy a net and save some lives? 

please.  and thank you.  I know you and your awesome selves will come through.



carey said...

besides the fact that this is an awesome cause, and the end result of the quilt will probably be beautiful, i am completely inspired by your faith and your courage. thanks.

Tempest Ahoy said...

What a great idea. I just know it will go great for you, and for all those people you will be helping.

Kristin said...

I can't believe I'm the first. wow.

but that's beside the point.
While I was reading your blog and crying. I had an idea. I don't know how big of donated fabrics you need. But as I was admiring the different fabrics, I thought of my daughter's dress. My amazing brilliant, giggly, happy HEALTHY 8 month old daughter. She grows so darn fast she's already outgrown my favorite dress for her. She was amazingly blessed with gifts and hand me downs, but this was the first dress I ever bought her. And I'd like to donate that to help mothers and families protect their precious giggly babies. Would that idea be an option? Are you going to post requirements for the fabric and somewhere we can mail them too.

I love your courage. I love your spunk and your words. Thank you for writing and Thank you for allowing God to shine through you.

Tracy said...

I think this is an AMAZING idea. i wish I had the courage you do!!!

Are you still looking for fabric donations?? If you are, please mention it on your blog or answer here...I know I would love to donate some and I'm sure there are lots of others that would love to help in your crusade as well!

Oh Mandie said...

I would absolutely love to send you some fabric for this! Please email me an address and I'll happily send you out a package of fabric to help!

Always a blessing to see the Lord shine through people and turn everyday projects into Christ centered ones, you're an inspiration :)

email me your address please :)

Unknown said...

Very exciting and awesome!

Unknown said...

I would love to help! Can't wait to buy a net and help you pray! Love this idea Crystal!

Shelly said...

Glad you're going ahead with this!! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you...

Trish said...

i will donate some scraps that are collecting dust, while I "cook" this child in my over ;)

erica said...

This is a great post. Amazing idea, beautiful quilt pattern, and such an important cause. You should never doubt, not for one moment, that this is what you should be doing. This post will never leave you looking silly. God puts these things on our hearts for a reason.

Let us know what kind of fabric you'd like and how much. You will be amazed at what's about to happen.

And, yes, of course, we will all help you get the word out : )

love, erica

Mama Thompson said...

I hope you will always remember what an amazing person you are...of course I will support you...and cheer you on along the way!

sara said...

i've got some fabric for ya! you are doing great things. i hope to be a little part of it with my fabric (& net purchase eventually). take care!

Smilie girl said...

Way to go girl!
Enthusiasm and support coming your way.

Anonymous said...

Great idea. Love how you are using your talent for the glory of God by helping children. I will most surely purchase a net when the time comes.

Nancy said...

way to go girl on going for it. God has something big planned! Fabulous..

Amy Bell said...

i am with you, dear friend. count me in! i have fabric and would love to donate....yeah!

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

Crystal, that's awesome!

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

i think this is wonderful. i love that God spoke to your heart and is using your amazing talents for BIG things. can't wait to buy a net!

nursenicki said...

What a wonderful idea! Our church has raised money for Nothing But Nets as well. It's a great cause.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to seeing how the Lord moves....
all my love,

Andrea said...

I'd love to donate some fabric.

Jen said...

This is such a great, God given, idea. Thanks for being vulnerable on this post and putting yourself out there to be used by HIM.

Jill said...

This is great. I'm so excited, and you have inspired me. I have a heart for India because I have been there and seen the devastation some of the people live in. I have always thought there is no way, I just one person can do anything, but now you have me thinking. Don't give up on this idea. I can't wait to hear more!

Sara said...

I am always 100% behind giving back with your talents. I would love to donate some fabric. Please check out what I'm doing with my etsy store as well. I'd really appreciate it!

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