julia project num. 4

Looooved this one.  I definitely will be doing this one again sometime.  
I think this project was called "mitered square blanket".  
I tried to choose a fabric that I thought would be a little more forgiving cause I just knew that I would never be able to line up the lines just right.  That is just not me and I knew it. :) I DID iron iron...a lot.  A lot a lot.  And it wasn't hard...just a lot of work.  Lots of steps and lots and ironing. And technically it used more than a yard...almost two.

But I love the result...and the fabric I used.  Wouldn't this be a cute April baby gift?  You know...with the rain drop pattern and the whole "April showers" thing. :)  The other side is a cozy, sunshiney yellow flannel.  It will be (or is already) in the shop. :) 

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Mary Elizabeth said...

AWESOME!!! That turned out so cute!!! How cute would that be with several different fabrics? Hmmm?

Did I tell you my MIL sent me the Julie and Julia book for my bday? I also looked at your book when I ran in Barnes and Noble the other day - on my "to buy" list .. lots of cute stuff.

So what has been your fav project so far of the 4?

Whimsical Creations said...

Turned out cute!


So cute!

Jingle said...

That looks great!

ArtGirlBlue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nikihas3 said...

Love it!

Julianna said...

What is a Julia project?

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