fitting response.

First to say thanks to each and every one of you lovely lovely folks.  I had no idea the response that my musings in the previous post would bring...I was just documenting my thoughts for future reading purposes.  It is hard to remember that we each have our own story, that we each struggle in some area(s).  I treasure each and every comment and LOVE that there is a place like this that we CAN share and relate and take comfort in knowing that we are NOT in it alone...whatever "it" is.  

Which leads to me to something else...I received tons of emails in response to the previous post (in addition to the comments)...and I HOPE that I can reply to each personally but there were a few themes that I thought I could just address here...cause maybe you were wondering too. :)

First is, why share? So many of you wondered HOW I could share something so personal on a blog? How could I be so vulnerable and put myself out there like that?  The thing is...I don't think much of it...for a couple of is...I think we define "personal" differently.  I see personal as my social security card numbers...things between my husband and I, secrets between friends,  my bank account...all personal.  Things concerning the condition of being human?  My feelings, my struggles, my emotions and shortcomings...Not so personal.  I share sometimes with the hope of making a link to someone else who is "there" too.  There is so much comfort in knowing that you are not alone...that there is no "unique" human experience.  We are all messy and in need of salvation.  I feel like were are here to help each other hold each other relate and move forward together.  I share to relate.  I share to be transparent.  I don't want to be a person or a blog that puts up a happy front...that acts like all is perfect...and be secretly in pain on the inside.  Pain is more painful when it is concentrated within...sharing it diffuses it...makes it easier to bear.  
You know...bear each others burdens and all. :)   
I don't know about you...but I love finding a blog I can relate to waaaay more than I love finding a blog that is perfect.  

Another set of you were concerned about my emotional well being...about whether or not I may be depressed.  I am certain that I can safely say that the answer is no.  Hormonal at times? Yes.  Depressed, no.  :)  With my social work background I am well aware of signs and signals that I should be looking are sweet to worry for me but I think I am good in that department. :)

I hope I didn't make you think I was trying to be "poor me" cause that really wasn't my point.  I was just sharing a struggle in my life...for whatever reason (and I think that some of the emails I got were why) that subject was on my heart.  I DO have friends that I love and adore.  I AM richly blessed in my relationships.  I DO love who God made me AND I love who He is sharpening me to be.  

Does any of that make sense?

Thanks for your support and sweet words.  :)  



MomBE said...

I really love the paragraph about why you share. Beautifully written! Many of the things you wrote are my feelings about sharing on my blog, but I can't express them as clearly as you have. Thank you

Janel said...

Hi Crystal! I totally "got" your post. You were just sharing a struggle in your life. We all have them. I think some folks just aren't as comfortable sharing feelings or don't know how to say it out loud. Therefore they look for something to be wrong. Not necessarily in a bad or negative way, but they just assume honesty means failure. No one should shame another or live with shame for that matter. Shame does not define a person. At least I don't think so.

You are brave. You are stong. You are honest. You are so many wonderful things, such an awesome woman! I like you just the way you are.

Yes, I. like. you. a. lot. :)

Susie said...

Well said girl. :) Anytime I post about anything personal in regards to having a bad day or week or just posting my feelings I inevitably get comments or calls or e-mails asking if I'm depressed and need to talk. It's sweet but sometimes it really annoys. I use my blog as a journal as a place to vent to the universe. Some people think it's a cry for help. :)
Dumb question...How do you add the little "you might also like" post things at the end of your posts? Boy I worded that weird. Hopefully you get it. :)

Carrie said...

Your playlist is awesome!

Beth said...

very well said! very!!

Parrotts said...

Wait a minute, I just got done reading "fitting."! But I will comment here...first...since high school, I have always been a "busybody" and involved in all different projects/activities/causes...this led to lots of friends, but no really close friends. I have a few close friends now, but I definitely related to what you said. Especially in my career, I struggle for recognition for the hard work I do to go above & beyond...I feel like that "forgettable" person. Thank you so much for being a sharer...if that's a word. :)

Second, to me, you are a blogging ROCKSTAR! I started blogging mostly to update friends and family about our pregnancy and baby, but after finding blogs like yours, I'm hooked! And inspired! And moved! And excited! Really, Crystal (can I call you Crystal?), when you commented on one of my blog posts once, I think last fall, I was jumping up & down! I couldn't believe that someone with over 500 followers had time to look @ my puny blog. I hope this hasn't sounded stalkerish, and yes, Michigan is far away, but perhaps over the blogosphere, we can be friends...since I flocked to you! You are...a blessing in a blog. :)

ellen said...

I know everyone has insecurities, but it is truly the strong people who are willing to admit them :o)

Megan said...

Crystal, I totally got that post, I meant to comment but my little one woke up from her nap, anyways, I feel the same way you do! It is hard for me to "fit in" with people my age because I am 21 and married with a baby and that is definately not the norm for my age group. I have joined local mommy's groups but I still feel like I am looked at as the "really young mom" I am sure that this not true all of the time but it is just how I feel and it makes me really self conscious. I have been trying hard to work on this stuff we will see how it goes.
I just wanted to say thank you for your post because it let me know that I am not alone in the whole friend making situation.

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