we lived to tell about it.

we lived, we lived!
here is a photo from the set up where i wrote this post.
aaron ended up taking a two hour nap...which
meant a two hour recuperation time for me.
the trip to the aquarium went pretty well considering that
both boys ended up with symptoms of sickness...
Moses loved seeing the sharks and enjoyed
pointing out all of the characters from Nemo.
the next night, while much improved, was still mostly bad.
aaron's fever spiked pretty high and he cried off
and on through the night...though mercifully moses
slept through it all...even ANOTHER late night call to our hotel room.

in the end though,
the hassle and nightmarish nights were worth
it for the few precious hours we got to see
our family.
i came away from this weekend with two blaring thoughts:
1) i am SO thankful that my boys can each have their own rooms. i don't know how we would do if i had to worry about them waking each other up every night...though i assume they would eventually get used to it...i am thankful that for now, at this age, we don't have to worry about it.

2) i have NO IDEA how anyone can survive having a family bed...you know, where everyone in the family sleeps in the same bed. i need my sleep and space...on the second night we brought aaron into the bed with us in order to get the few minutes of sleep that we could. he was SO wiggly and squirming and SO demanding of space for a guy so little. more than once i woke up to a kick in the ribs or a tiny bum in my face.
since we are still getting our act together, there will be no 20 minute crafter post.
so sorry...we will resume next tuesday. :)


SarahRachel said...

YAY for surviving! =) And hopefully for some good memories. I totally concur with both of your thoughts. When we have company, Jackson sleeps in his toddler bed and shares a room with Chase and it makes me so tense because I just know one of them will wake the other up at some point. And the family bed? UGH! What amazes me is how my co-sleeping friends keep getting pregnant WHILE sharing the family bed. HOW!?!?

Katie said...

This is so funny! I feel the same about sharing a bed, I NEED my space! But on nights when my Noah is sick or scared, we share the bed and I too, end up with a kick in the gut and/or a little bum in my face. Although occasionally I wake up to him playing gently with my hair or stroking my arm. And then it makes it ok.

Tiffany said...

Wow, sounds kind of rough but glad you got to spend some time with family.

I am with you on the bed thing. It's not happening in this family. To each kid his own bed and not ours!!! : )

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