he's quirky.

this post could also be called: 
i can't make this stuff up
what a weirdo 
so you think your kid is strange. 

moses is an interesting kid.  
some of his current favorite things include:

band-aid papers.  as in the little tabs that come off the back of a band-aid.  given the choice between the band-aid and the papers...he would choose the papers every time.

soda lids.  give this kid a soda lid when you get a fountain soda and he is in heaven.  probably the equivalent to giving you or i a twenty.

nuts, bolts and screws.  i can't remember the last time my dryer ran a quiet cycle.

junk mail.  he hovers over the daily mail just waiting to get his fix. 

toyotas and hondas. it is not unusual to hear "toyoya" or honda yelled from the back seat on a drive.

the fifty states.
as young as 18 months doug started to quiz moses on state location on a map he has in his room.  within a few weeks he could show you where the majority of the states were located and usually who we knew that lived there. 
he still loves states.  particularly, california and florida.  so i made him a three year old geek love version for him...and included virginia and new jersey.  
i made them for him last night and then took them to his room to show him when i got him up this morning.  he looked at them...said "i can't wait to show grandma and bop-bop" (who live in new jersey)...then said to me "this was so nice of you". 

i love him...in all his quirky uniqueness.

and people often ask me why i don't sell more shirts in my shop...well the truth is i would love to...but i can never find a consistent inexpensive source for shirts...BUT many people send me blank shirts to dress up for a small price.  you can always email me if you are interested. 

thanks for all the emails and thoughts...i don't if i will be able to respond to them all...but i am so thankful for each and everyone of you lovelies who read and respond. :)

have a happy weekend!



Too cute! Love the shirts!

Mama Thompson said...

Those shirts are so great!

...and in all his uniqueness he is polite:) Good job mom!

mommy2luke2008 said...

He's unique and oh so cute!!

SarahRachel said...

He sounds SUPER fun! =) I love the shirt idea (and the geography lessons!).

carey said...

I LOVE those shirts. What a cool idea. :)

forever folding laundry said...

State shirts? Brilliant!! I think my california girl might need a shirt to match.

Love his cute quirkiness!


Abbie @ Little Trailer, Big People said...

Love that he said it was so nice of you. My niece says things like that and it's so great every time. I love the shirts too, just great!

Lace said...

What a sweet boy you have :) Quirks and all... love it! Hope to have one just like him someday!

Katherine said...

He sounds hilarious, and very smart! I love the VA shirt...great idea :)

la belle fille said...

It's the things our children do that remind us of how much we are loved and how much we love!!! He is awesome :-) Enjoy every moment (as I know you really do)!!

Fern said...

I have a similarly quirky son, he also loves junk mail and will announce the make of each car as we drive past it :)

The shirts look awesome!

amy bell said...

hey lady....look at all that therapy...i mean crafting...i love it. what a wonderful mom....stay strong in Him....praying for you this week. my life would be so blah without ya....


Miss G said...

I really like states too and when I was in elementary school asked for a U.S. map to hang above my bed on the ceiling for my birthday. That way I could look at the states and study them as I was falling asleep. :)

Moses might love these U.S. geography games:


They're awfully fun. :) Kelly

sharlyn emily said...

this is just the cutest thing!! i read this a while ago and told my brother about the TOYOTA! and HONDA! thing and now when i see one with him he yells that! and he's 15!! haha. so cute! (:

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