good news bad news.

good news-there will still be a shop update today!
bad news- i did not get the wreaths done.
good news-when i DO get the wreaths done there will be
two of them...a medium and a small!
good news-these cute new towels WILL be in the update!
good news-i had enough leftover lovey materials to make a couple for the shop!
bad news-i have A LOT to get done before we can
head to Baltimore tomorrow!
good news-all these cute new belts will be there!

bad news-i didn't get done nearly as much as i wanted to this week...i must
have confused my schedule with someone else's.

shop update will be around 8pm or so Virginia time!
See you there!



ooh love the goodies.. I've got my eye on that polka dot belt.

venus said...

MORE good than bad!

Your goodies looks great (as always!).

Have fun in Baltimore!!!

the thrifty ba said...

love the towels!

Megan said...

Have a great trip!

sandandstarfish said...

ooo ooo ooo! look at you! love the belts. love looooove them :) happy moving/updating!

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