in case you haven't seen...
...there is another wreath in the shop!
this one is aqua with a sweet little deer embellishment.
and to answer some questions:
for the blog book:
i used "standard portrait" and did not print the comments.
i did have to go in and check to be sure that all the photos
were positioned correctly and that there were no heads
cut off. the style i used was vivid.
i just ordered my vol. 2 and it was 160 pages and cost about $43.
it will have a yellow cover. :)

and as for the Julia project. yes! if you send me a yard i WILL
send you the finished project. BUT you can't choose the
project BUT you can send me a list of the top five you would
like me to use your yard on.

sound fair?

thanks for all of your wonderful feedback and comments
on both of the previous posts.

i LOVE to hear from you all and do my best to visit
every blogger that stops by.

your comment make my day!



Awesome wreath! And in my favorite color if only I had a place for it..

Megan said...

LOVE the wreath! I loved the first one too!

Have an awesome Friday....

(p.s. Want to know a secret? I like your blog "sound track" so much...I minimize it & listen while I check in on my other blog friends!)

fawnda said...

The Julia project sound like fun! That book looks AWESOME!!

Polka Dot Moon said...

This wreath is fabulous!!

erica said...

I absolutely LOVE shopping for fabric. I would be happy to support your project by sending you a yard of fabric. Just tell me where to send it.

venus said...

Crystal, the wreath looks AWESOME!

Have a wonderful weekend, my friend! :)

Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

This wreath is to die for! I LOVE it so much!!

Jennie said...

I'll send you a yard or three- I should know this, but how do I know where to send it?

My name is Becka said...

You are so inspiring. I feel like I can get so much more done after reading and seeing how much you get done just by working hard at it.

Petra said...

I love your "Julia Project" idea and sending you a yard of fabric is fabulous... It's going to be on my list of things to do!!

I love your blog! It's the first one I check as I'm enjoying my morning coffee.

Your post regarding the trip to Baltimore is my worst fear. We've never had to stay in a hotel with our 16 month old and I don't know how people would do it. She goes to bed at 7pm... how would we share a room with her? Also, she wakes so easily and cries out in the night a lot... ugh - it would be awful. I'm curious about the late calls that came to your room - were those complaints from the hotel?

Jingle said...

Okay...amazing wreath! Love it!

- Thanks for the info on the blog book. I was wondering how you did it.

- If you want to shoot me your address I will totally send you a yard for your project!!! I love that you are doing this project!

Whimsical Creations said...

Beautiful wreath!

Again, thank you for the info on your blog book.

What a fabulous idea with the "Julia Project"!

You are so inspiring!

The Parrotts said...

D'oh (or should I say "doe" for that cute deer)! I missed it again...This one was my favorite.

Also, I'm with Megan...I keep your blog open so I can listen to the entire playlist...my daughter loves dancing to it!

nikihas3 said...

I just watched that movie too. I loved it! I was thinking about how do something like it myself. I'm still trying to figure out what that something is.

Where would we send the yard of fabric?

Sherry said...

I was teasing about yardage:) I will still follow your journey, and can not wait to see the projects!

Jars of Giggles said...

Thanks for the tip on publishing I was just having this conversation with someone and neither of us could figure out how to get it done to look good! Much Thanks!

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